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Travel Guide for Romania

Here you will find travel information and insider tips about Romania that has been cooperatively contributed by other friendly Hospitality Club members. Please become active as well, and share your vast budget travel and backpacking knowledge with other members and the internet community - it is very easy to edit any information here (more info in the Help File). We hope that these Travel Guides will quickly become a great and fun resource. If you want to print this guide out to take with you, we have prepared this Printer Friendly Travel Guide for you. Enjoy!
For Introduction, Top Things to See and Do, Neighboring Countries, Who is coming?, Want more guests!, Hospitality Club Meetings and the geographic navigation please see the main Romania Page.

Basic Facts

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Official Country Name: Romania Capital: Bucharest Population: 22.3 mil.(2003) Telephone Code: +40 Time Zone: GMT+2 (winter), GMT+3(summer) Area: 237500 sq km Language(s): romanian Ethnic Groups: romanian (90%), hungarian (7%) Highest Mountain: Fagaras (Moldoveanu Peak 2544m) President/Head of State: Traian Basescu Government: republic Currency: Leu(sg.) - Lei(pl.), RON (international) Exchange Rate: US$1=2.96 Lei; EURO1=4,2 Lei Health Risks: - Electricity: 220V Weights & Measure ... more

Attractions and Things to See and Do

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The Black Sea coast has numerous resorts, some very crowded and some more laid back. If you prefer the first category, you should check out Mamaia, Neptun, Olimp, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mangalia, Eforie. The second category includes the very young and bohemian Vama Veche, 2 Mai, Vadul. The Danube Delta is Romania's youngest and lowest piece of land. The best preserved delta in Europe is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. The landscape consists of channels, lakes and low sandy pie ... more


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Some Romanian maps Here you can include references to maps that are somewhere on the internet. Two conditions apply: they cannot be protected by copyright, (or you have to make sure that we are allowed to use them), and you have to make sure that it is ok if we call them up from here. If that is a problem, you can also send us the image file and we will upload it to our server.

Off the Beaten Path and Insider Tips

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Suggested Itineraries

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1 Day, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month ...


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Getting there and away, Getting around by Air, Train, Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Hitchhiking, Bicycle ...
International Airport Bucharest Henri Coandă
Trains Timetable
Romanian Bus Timetable & Bus Hire


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If you do not want to stay with other HC members, or noone is available, here is what other members suggest.
Hostels in Bucharest- Vila Gabriela(
Funky Chicken Hostel
Hotels Camping Other Options

Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

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Street Food

McDonalds Ramnicu Valcea Cozia
Str. Regina Maria, nr.1, bl. I, parter
Telefon fix +40250 702 960
Mobil +40372 700 352
Fax +40250 738 927
Program Luni - Duminica: 08.00 - 23.00
Program McDrive -

McDonalds Ramnicu Valcea River Plaza
Bulevardul Calea lui Traian, Nr. 125
Telefon fix +40350419704
Mobil +40372700353
Fax +40250738927
Program L ... more

Money and Costs

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Currency Leu - ROL (Romanian Leu), Exchanging Money Credit Cards where announced Tipping not allowed, but beloved (10%), Bargaining, Costs The South of the country is cheaper, large cities have higher costs, especially Bucharest...

Visa and Documents and Embassies

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Who needs a visa? How to get it? Embassies & Consulates, of the country abroad and in the country
General information
Aliens who travel to Romania have the prior obligation to apply for a visa at a diplomatic mission or consular office, except those citizens arriving from countries with which Romania concluded agreements on abolition of visa requirements or has renounced unilaterally at the visa requirement (see annex 1, 2, 3).
Annex 1 - The list of the countries whose nati ... more

Borders and Customs

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Post and Communications and Internet

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Internet Access

Questions and Answers or Forum

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Here anything goes, you can post questions you have, and other members will answer you. If you do answer, please send the reply directly to the asking member as well, and try to integrate the information into the categories above. If too difficult to do, just answer right here and a volunteer will integrate in the future. Also, you can put thanks notes in here. Add new questions on top so they show up on the Travel Guide page. Please post messages not related to traveling or the aim of the Hospi ... more

Hospitality Club Meetings

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Use this section to add more info if you organize meetings and events (you can add a short note on the main country page). You can also invite other members to parties, sports events, whenever you would like to meet up with someone.


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Have you written a story about a trip to this country? Just paste your text in here and share your experience with other members.


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Here you can include photos that are hosted somewhere on the internet. As with maps, you have to make sure that it is ok for us to use the photos here (so they should be either your photos, or you should ask the owner), and that it is allright to call them up from here.

Activities and Sports

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Nightlife and Entertainment

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Bars, Cafes, Discos, Cinemas...

Population and People

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Romania's climate is transitional between temperate and continental with four seasons. The average annual temperature is 10° C, reaching higher values in the south and lower in the north. The warmest month is July and the coldest is January. According to the Romanian Official Travel and Tourism Information website the best time to visit is during the spring months (March, April, May), when days are warm and evenings and mornings cool and refreshing. The Romanian summers (June to August) have b ... more

Culture and Conduct or Local Customs

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Language and Useful Phrases

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Events and Holidays

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Festivals, Sports, Concerts, Public Holidays...

Climate and When to Go

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Environment and Flora and Fauna

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Dangers and Warnings

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Tourist Traps

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Government and Politics

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GDP, GDP per head, Annual growth, inflation, Major Industries, Major trading partners...


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Music, Literature, Theater, Movies ...


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Newspapers, Radio and TV, Magazines ...


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Volunteer Opportunities and Work

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Organized Tours

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What to Bring or Packing List

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Books and Further Reading

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Guidebooks, Travel, History and Politics
Please enter Amazon links to the books - we will put info on how to do this here shortly. This way we hope to get a bit of funding for the running of the club, if someone buys the books you recommend.

Other Information

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Could not fit it into any of the categories above? Put it here...:-)

External Links

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Official Country Website:

good links: (L)

Only add really valuable resources here. Also, please ask the webmaster of the site you link here to add a link back to the Hospitality Club. If the link exists, please add (L) behind the URL of the link.

Offtopic Messages

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Here you can add messages that are not exactly related to the aims of the Hospitality Club (but related to the country). Do you need a visa invitation? Looking for an internship, job or a flat to rent? Just add this here, and if you are lucky other members will read it and contact you. Remember: do not send messages like this directly to members - after giving you this space here, we will fight spam even more strictly!
Disclaimer: The Hospitality Club has no control over the information above and accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone using this website. Please correct false information or send us feedback about it.
Copyright: Feel free to use the text on your website as long as you notify us and include a clearly visible link to above the text.

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