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Basic Facts

Official Country Name: Capital: Population:"3,000,000 people, 1,500,000 live in MONTEVIDEO,,,,,,,,,, Telephone Code:598 Time Zone:1 hour before new york,,,,,,,,, Area: sq km Language(s) SPANISH: Ethnic Groups:MOSTLY EUROPEAN DECENDENTS Highest Mountain: President/Head of State: Government: Currency: Exchange Rate: US$1=250 Health Risks:SOME Electricity: Weights & Measures: Country Name in other languages:URUGUAY DON'T FORGET TO VISIT THIS WONDERFUL COUNTRY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, URUGUAY IS WONDERFUL WITH FULL OF FRIENDLY PEOPLE,,,,,,,,,,,, I WAS THERE FOR 4 MONTHS AROUND MONTEVIDEO AND ATLANTIDA,,, IT IS SUMMERTIME FROM OCTOBER TO FEBRUARY OR LATER? THE WATER ON THE URUGUAY RIVER IS WONDERFUL, IT IS THE FIRST TIME I HAD FUN WITH WAVES THIS IS THE ADVISE OF A YOUNG LADY 70 YEARS OLD, IWENT THERE TO INVESTIGATE ON AN ADVENTURE,,,,,,,,,,, for info contact? jayjaylink,,,,,,,,

Attractions and Things to See and Do

there are lots of atractions, hotels only cost 30 dollars at the IBIS HOTEL AT THE BEACH,,,,,,,,,,,, THE ALL COUNTRY IS THERE TO BE DISCOVER, AND AND IF YOU HAVE MONEY THERE IS PUNTA DE L'ESTE CITY 140 KMS EAST OF MONTEVIDEO,,,,,,,,,,, A CITY THAT DOES NOT SLEEP WITH STORES OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY, money to burn, private jet abond there, AND YATCHS HAVE FUN,,,,,,,,,,


Here you can find any address on the main cities of Uruguay.

Off the Beaten Path and Insider Tips

Suggested Itineraries

1 Day, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month ...


Getting there and away, Getting around by Air, Train, Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Hitchhiking, Bicycle ...


From Argentina

By ferry:

Florida 520 1º piso of. 113
tel: (+5411) 4393 6100 / 4394 5520
Is the cheapest way. Buses and trains go out from Estación Retiro up to El Tigre where you take a motorboat to Carmelo in Uruguay and then another bus to Montevideo. The whole trip takes 7 1/2 hours.

Terminal Dársena Norte (Puerto Madero)
Av. Antártida Argentina 821
tel: (+5411) 4316 6500 / 4316 6550
Here you have different rates to Colonia or Montevideo, slow or fast, direct or through Colonia. You have to ask.

By Bus:
The trip from Buenos Aires takes 8 hours and they live from Estación Retiro.

Antártida Argentina y Calle 10
tel: (+5411) 4314 6999 / 4314 4880

Antártida Argentina y Calle 10
tel: (+5411) 4313 1700

By plane:
The trip by plane takes 30 min. and take off from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery

tel. 0800 222volar

tel: (+5411) 4320 2585

From Colonia (Uruguay)
You can take a bus that takes 2:15 hs.

tel: 409 4999

tel: 1990

From Brazil

By bus:

From Florianópolis, Río de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre y Curitiba.


By plane:



BY Car, Motorcycle,Bicycle..


If you do not want to stay with other HC members, or noone is available, here is what other members suggest. Hostels Hotels Camping Other Options

ciudad vieja hostel
ituzaingó 1436 (ciudad vieja)
tel. (+5982) 9156192 / 9153683

red hostel
san josé 1406 (centro)
tel. (+5982) 9088514 / 9088516

hostel schirrmann munker
canelones 935 (centro)
tel. (+5982) 9081324

che lagarto hostel
plaza independencia 713 (ciudad vieja)
tel. (+5982) 9030175

Palermo Art Hostel
Gaboto 1010 (Palermo)
tel. (+5982) 410 6519 / 099 171272
posada al sur
pérez castellano 1424 (ciudad vieja)
tel. (+5982) 9165287

Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

Restaurants, Supermarkets, Street Food, Local Specialties ...

La Ronda Café Ciudadela 1182 (Ciudad Vieja) It's a nice place near the "rambla" to have a drink, listen to good music and try the speciality of the house: "masticable".

Money and Costs

The official currency is the Uruguayan Peso U$. The exchange rate in 2005 is approximately 1US$=25 Peso, 1€=33 Peso. The US Dollar is also acepted as legal tender. "Cambios" to change money can be found in every city.

Currency, Exchanging Money, Credit Cards, Tipping, Bargaining, Costs...

Visa and Documents and Embassies

Who needs a visa? How to get it? Embassies & Consulates, of the country abroad and in the country NO VISA NEEDED FOR NORTH AMERCA RESIDENTS
Paises exonerados de visa/no visa for this country residents * ALEMANIA * ARGENTINA * AUSTRALIA * AUSTRIA * BAHAMAS * BARBADOS * BELGICA * BELICEBOLIVIA * BRASIL * CANADA * COLOMBIA * COREA DEL SUR * COSTA RICA * CROACIA * CHILE * CHIPRE * DINAMARCA * ECUADOR * EL SALVADOR * ESLOVAQUIA * ESLOVENIA * ESPAÑA * ESTADOS UNIDOS * FINLANDIA * FRANCIA * GRAN BRETAÑA * GRECIA * GUATEMALA * HOLANDA * HONDURAS * HUNGRIA * IRLANDA * ISLANDIA * ISRAEL * ITALIA * JAMAICA * JAPON * LETONIA * LICHTENSTEIN * LITUANIA * LUXEMBURGO * MALASIA * MALTA * MEXICO * MONACO * NICARAGUA * NORUEGA * NUEVA ZELANDIA * PANAMA * PARAGUAY * PERU * POLONIA * PORTUGAL * REPUBLICA DE BULGARIA * REPUBLICA CHECA * REPUBLICA DOMINICANA * RUMANIA * SUDAFRICA * SEYCHELLES * SUECIA * SUIZA * TRINIDAD TOBAGO * TURQUIA * VENEZUELA * LAISSEZ PASSER COMISION EUROPEA * PASAPORTES OEA * PASAPORTES ONU (Únicamente para Australia - : Por R.P.E. 332/07 de fecha 27/08/2007 se prorrogó hasta el 29/07/2009 la exoneración de Visa a ciudadanos Australianos portadores de pasaportes comunes de ese país que viajen a Uruguay con propósitos Comerciales, Turísticos o Culturales por un período máximo de 3 meses. Es una decisión unilateral de nuestro Gobierno. No existe reciprocidad, los Uruguayos necesitan Visa para entrar en Australia) Requirements/ Requisitos Migratorios Países limítrofes: documento de identidad REST OF THE WORLD: Passport

Borders and Customs

Post and Communications and Internet

Post, Telephone, Fax, Internet Access ...

Questions and Answers or Forum

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Activities and Sports

The main sport in Uruguay is football. You can go to a football match at the Centenario Stadium built in 1930 for the first FIFA World Cup where Uruguay was the winner. It is listed by FIFA as one of the world's classic football venues along with Maracanã, Wembley Stadium, San Siro, and Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and declared in 1983 Historical Monument of the World Football. It has a capacity of 65.000 people. The origin of the name become from the celebration of the 100 years of the Constitution in 1930. Inside it there's the Football Museum which you can visit.

All the sports can be practice by the city in public spaces such like squares, parks or beach. You can find football, basket and volley fields. Another famous thing are the Football Field 5 which you can rent and play a football match with your friends.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Bars, Cafes, Discos, Cinemas...

La Ronda Café
Ciudadela 1182 (Ciudad Vieja)
This is my favorite. It's a nice place in front of the "rambla" and near Ciudad Vieja to have a drink, listen to good music and try the speciality of the house: "masticable".

Cheesecake Records
Ciudadela 1188 (Ciudad Vieja)
This is a mix-store that sells cd's, lp's, books, cheesecake, milkshakes, brownies, waffles and coffee and have a cabin where it's record the radio program "Segundo Intento" from Uraban FM 92.5. It's the best place for melomaniacs.

Population and People

Culture and Conduct or Local Customs

Language and Useful Phrases

The oficial language is spanish but many people speak english.

good morning/evening/night = buen día/buenas tardes/noches
goodbye = adiós/chau
thank you = gracias
sorry = disculpe
I (don't) understand = (no) entiendo
help! = socorro/auxilio!
how much is it? = cuánto cuesta?
where is ...? = dónde queda ...?
could you help me? = podría ayudarme?
at what time? = a qué hora?
do you speak english? = habla inglés?
I don't speak spanish = no hablo español
what time is it? = qué hora es?

Events and Holidays

Festivals, Sports, Concerts, Public Holidays... Carnival
Thoroghout 40 days,spectacles brimming with color and merriment unfold in street parades and on stages. The warm February nights are the sepecial nights of Carnival. The groups that perform during this time represent different artistic generes, of with the best known and most characteristic are Candombe and Murga.
Carnival begins in late January with the opening parade alond 18 de Julio Avenue, Montevideo's main downton thoroghfare. The performers are accompainded by colorful floats and gaint puppets

Climate and When to Go


Environment and Flora and Fauna

Dangers and Warnings

Tourist Traps



The first incursions. Hernandarias describes about his reconnoiter trip the land on the eastern side of the Río de la Plata in an official report for Philip III of Spain. In which he could not hide his fascination with the seductive landscape, envisioning a prosperous future in every corner of the country, ... "land in wich big quantities of cattle can be raised.. coasts where big ships can be loaded with all the animal hides and other fruits of the earth yielded in abundance..."
In 1611, Hernandarias himself introduced the first units of cattle which populated the lannd.
The Apple of Discord.
Between 1680 and 1777, the Portuguese as well as Spaniards were responsible for transforming the "Banda Oriental" in an apple of discord (a bone of contention).The Portuguese under Don Manuel de Lobo were the first to found a colony nemed later "Nova Colonia do Sacramento", as a point of entrance into the Americas.

Government and Politics


GDP, GDP per head, Annual growth, inflation, Major Industries, Major trading partners...


Music, Literature, Theater, Movies ... Music
Murga, A murga is a group of performers with a flamboyant presence and a unique bond with the hearts of Uruguyans. Murga expresses their everyday feelings and emotions. Although its origins can be traced to Spain, the composition of a Murga as we know it today is a local reinvention form the 20th century
Its composition is mixed; to the rhythm of the bass drum, snare drum and cymbals, men and women with painted faces, dressed in colourful costumes, perform on the streets and tablados (neighborhood stages).
Since the beginnig; Murga has served as a medium for social and political commentary, humorously expressed durinf preformances in the form of parody and stire
Info typed by: fatimandrake


Newspapers, Radio and TV, Magazines ...


Volunteer Opportunities and Work

Organized Tours

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Books and Further Reading

Guidebooks, Travel, History and Politics
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Other Information

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