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Basic Facts

Country Characteristics At a Glance The Republic of Uganda is a land locked country in the East African region. It is bordered by Sudan in the North, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, Kenya in the East, and Rwanda and Tanzania to the South. Head of state:His excellency,Yoweri.Kaguta.museveni. Area: 241,000 sq. km (of which 44,000 sq. km. are covered by freshwater bodies) Population: 22.1 million; Density 105/sq. km. Official Language: English Religion: 89% Christian, 11% Muslim Time Zone: GMT +3 Largest Cities: Kampala 770,000 ; Jinja 65,000; Mbale 54,000; Masaka 50,000 Currency: Uganda Shillings Telephone code:+256 Weights & measures:Kilograms.

Attractions and Things to See and Do

There are a number of reasons as to why Uganda is called "the pearl of Africa." Most significant is the fact that it is blessed with a wide range of attractions in just a small geographical confine. The contry is generalkly beautiful with natural sceneries. From the North to the South and East to West, the country is interesting with various tourist attractions. Outstanding are Murchison falls on the Nile; the impenetrable Bwindi forest where an extremely rare and endangered species of mountain gorilla lives; the large concentrations of primates in Kibale forest, the enormous schools of hippos on lakes Edward and George; the many species of birds that inhabit Semuliki forest where the pygmies live, the Rwenzori range "the mountains of the moon" with their alpine vegetation and impressive snow - Capped peaks. Lake Victoria is the largest of all fresh water lakes in Africa. Just an hours drive from the capital city "Kampala". To the east of the country, you find the source of the Nile. You can enjoy the cool breeze of the river while relaxing under a tree, playing golf or just camping. Significant of Uganda's tourist attractions is the source of the Nile,the longest river in the world. Its about 4.145 miles long. The Nile begins its long journey to the Mediterranean Sea from lake Victoria particularly Ripon Falls. A 15 minute drive from here, you find the Bujagali falls; a breath taking sight of seven massive rapids making it the most interesting of all the falls on the Nile. For rafters, the river has the most interesting white water rafting at this section. It is also home to the "Bujagali swimmers", locals who for a fee will swim down the falls holding onto a mere jerry can. Camping facilities are available and the place also provides ice cold drinks, whole grilled tilapia and fresh fish. As the river proceeds North you find the Karuma falls another interesting section on the river. Hereafter you meet the Murchison falls, where the river forcefully penetrates through a narrow crack. This section as well possesses interesting white water rafting. Murchison falls National Park is the largest park in Uganda covering 5072 km. The Victoria Nile bisects the park and its waters, forced through a rock cleft, give birth to the spectacular Murchison falls with a 43m drop. Animals to be found include Buffalo's, Kobs, lions, chimpanzees, leopards, hippos and giraffes. Birds include about 350 species. Queen Elizabeth National Park located on both sides of the equatorial line in the western rift valley. It includes Lakes Edward and George as well as the Kazinga Channel, 34km long, that links them. The main found of the park include; buffalo, elephants, hippopotamuses, kobs, water bucks, antelopes, warthogs, giant forest hogs, leopards; and most outstanding the Kigezi tree - climbing lions. Some 543 bird species have been classified. The park is also a Biosphere Reserve for Humanity under UNESCO auspices. Gorilla tracking is a major tourist attraction in Bwindi impenetrable national park.The park is located in south western Uganda and is shared by three districts ie;Rukungiri,Kabale and Kisoro.The park is about 331square kilometers and boasts of having 120 species of mammals and about 360 species of birds and over 200 species of butterflies. Gorilla groups are available to be visited and one can also take hiking trails to see and learn about primates,birds,trees and butterflies.There are also cultural performances. In the East, you find mountain Elgon the second highest in the country and fourth highest in East Africa, the mountain is known as "Masaba" by the people in the region with its highest peak above sea level. Most interesting is the mountains oval shaped caldera which measures about 8 kilometers. Make it a point to climb to the peak because unlike other mountains you require no technical skills to get to Wagagai. In October 1993 mountain Elgon was gazetted into a national park where you can spot various animals and bird life. Ssese Islands is also one of Uganda's great attractions they contain varied bird and animal life on the collection of 84 Islands. The Islands are located about 55 km South of Entebbe and boast of relatively undisturbed nature since most of them are inhabited by small fishing communities. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary established in 1998. Its aim is to care for orphaned confiscated chimpanzees and Ngamba Island environment. It provides ideal educational experience for tourists. Transport to and from the Islands is mainly by engine powered boats, ferries and dugout canoes. Kidepo Valley National Park located in North East Uganda and covers 1,344 Main attractions include the Cheetah, the striped hyena, leopard, lion, elephant, the Uganda Kob, buffalo and over 200 bird species. Lake Mburo National Park located 215 km from Kampala and situated between the towns of Masaka and Mbarara. At the center lies the lake Mburo. Animals in the park include Impala, eland, Rockhyrax, Zebra, Buffalo and the Hippopotamus in swampy areas. There are also 357 species of birds including the Narina trogen and marabou stock. Kasese District, located in the far western part of the country is remarkably known for the Rwenzori Mountains, popularly known as "the mountains of the moon", they are the highest in Uganda and third highest in Africa with the highest peak Margarita at 5110 meters above sea level. The peaks are snow capped and only skilled tourists may attempt to climb. At the footsteps of the mountain, are dense forests. Animals to be found in the mountains include; chimpanzee, hyrax and the blue money including a wide range of bird species like the olive pigeon. The Uganda Wildlife Education Center is another exciting place to visit. Situated in Entebbe just 7 minutes from the Airport and 45, minutes from Kampala, the place has a collection of all the animals in Uganda. You learn how they live, eat, play and communicate so take your time. You also get to meet other people as you stroll through UWEC's 1000 meter forest walk, have a picnic in the gardens and stroll on the beach. Other National parks you have to visit include; Kibale Forest National Park, Zoka game reserve and many others. PLACES OF CULTURAL INTEREST. Buganda Kingdom which was the strongest of all Kingdoms in the country is another important historical attraction. The Kingdom had strong Kings. "Kabakas" and was very organized socially, economically and militarily. It was headed by the Kabaka whose word was final. All the land belonged to him and so did the women. He had all rights to any woman he admired. Naggalabi Buddo Coronation site is also the official Coronation site where all the Kabakas are crowned including the current reigning King. Kasubi Tombs: Houses the tombs of the "Kabakas", located 5 km north of Kampala. In a large hut tended by female caretakers, you see four groups of Insignia which include copper, brass and iron spears belonging to the "Kabakas" " or Kings who ruled Buganda Kingdom. Other buildings surround it housing the widows and some tombs of members of the royal family. Tanda a village in Mityana which is about 3 hours drive from Kampala is also significant in Bugandas history. There is a collection of so many holes which are large and deep. Walumbe "death" who was a brother-in-law to the first Muganda "Kintu" is believed to have disappeared into these holes after a battle between the two. Then on to Ssezibwa falls where the river waters violently flow over rocks into a pool below. A traditional healer performs ceremonies for those seeking love, children, a successful business deal or a good harvest. All these places, sites and many others offer a glimpse in the "life" of the Kabaka's and Buganda Kingdom through activities like music, dance, crafts, spiritual healing and a guided tour with story telling. Uganda National Museum: Three kilometres from the center of Kampala. The Museum houses materials, archaeological artifacts, natural history specimens and collection of Uganda musical instruments; that all reflect history or Uganda's historical memory. Namugongo Shrines: Located off the road from Kampala to Jinja;known throughout the world because the shrine commemorates the martyrdom of 22 men who were burned alive by "Kabaka" Mwanga in 1886. National Theatre: Located in the capital Kampala. This is the main center for activities in drama, music and dance. Performances are mainly done in English and sometimes French. Next to the theater is a crafts village selling drums, carvings and traditional clothing's. Parliament Building: The home of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial bodies; also the seat of the Government, where most or all of Uganda's laws are passed. On the metallic doors are; the emblems of the different districts of Uganda which reflect their respective ways of life. Makerere University: The highest educational Institution in Uganda. Makerere is the pioneer University in East Africa where many African leaders were educated. Independence Monument: It is a cement sculpture of a woman lifting a child in her arms and it commemorates the day Uganda got her Independence on October 9th 1962. just come and look at all the above.


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Entebbe international airport is the main gateway to Uganda; one only has to book with the variety of airline companies that operate in the country with at least three flights to and fro. These include; British Airways, Emirates Airlines, SouthAfrican Airways, Gulf Air and so many others. The road network especially on the main routes has been improved thus finding your way within Uganda is easy. To cover short distances, one can board a "matatu"(minibus) for a small fee or opt for a "bodaboda"(moped), which charges a slightly higher fee. Car hire services are also provided in the major towns and the capital city. When Visiting tourist sights, a 4wd vehicle is recommended. Drivers may be an asset in case Of a breakdown. There are a number of airstrips scattered around the country and a range of charter companies to choose from which provide internal flights. To get to the islands, small engine powered boats are available for a small fee or you may contact your tour operator. However,while in the uganda,you can move around in a bus,a car,motorcylce ,use water or air.


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Who needs a visa? How to get it? to get a visa to Uganda,please visit the Uganda embassy or consulate in your country or the neghbouring times,visas are issued at the port of entry.For general information,visit the Uganda ministry of foreign affirs Embassies & Consulates, of Uganda abroad. BELGIUM - BRUSSELS Embassy of the Republic of Uganda and Permanent Mission to the European Communities Avenue De Tervuren 317,1150 Brussels Tel. No. -3-22-7925825 Fax: -3-22-7630438 Telex: 62814 UGAMEC E-mail: CANADA - OTTAWA The High Commission of the Republic of Uganda 231, Cobourg Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Kin 8J2 Tel. Nos. 1-613-789-7797/ 789-0110/7890133 Fax: 1-613-789-8909 Telex: 53446 UGACOM E-mail Address: Website: PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA - BEIJING Embassy of the Republic of Uganda 5, Sanlitun Dong Jie, Beijing 100600 People's Republic of China Tel Nos. 00-86-10-65321708/65321645/ 65322370 Fax: 00-86-10-65322242 Website: DENMARK - COPENHAGEN Embassy of the Republic of Uganda Sofievej 15, DK-2900, Hellerup, Denmark Tel: 000-45-39-620966 Fax: 000-45-39-610148 Email: Website: EGYPT - CAIRO Embassy of the Republic of Uganda 66 Road 10 Maadi, Cairo Tel: -0020-2-3802514/7485544/7486070 Fax: -0020-2-3802504 Email: ETHIOPIA - ADDIS ABABA Embassy of the Republic of Uganda Africa Avenue, H-18, K-36,N-31, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tel: -25-11-513114/5 Fax:-25-11-514355 INDIA - NEW DELHI The High Commission of the Republic of Uganda B-3/26,Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110-057, India Tel: -91-11-6145817/6144413 Fax:-91-11-6144405 ITALY - ROME Embassy of the Republic of Uganda Via Ennio Quirin Visconti 8, 00193, Rome Tel: 00-39-06-3225220/ 3207232 Fax: 00-39-06-3213688 Email: JAPAN - TOKYO Embassy of the Republic of Uganda 4-10-1,Himonya, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0003 Japan Tel: -81-3-37151097 Fax: -81-3-5725-3720 E-mail: KENYA - NAIROBI The High Commission of the Republic of Uganda Riverside Paddock, off Riverside Drive P O Box 60853 Nairobi Tel:00-5-2- 4449096/ 4445420 H/C Direct Line: 4444973 D/A's 4449386 Fax: 4443772 LIBYA - TRIPOLI Embassy of the Republic of Uganda Bin Ashura Jaraba Street, Tuqsiim Andiir Plot No. 1 The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Tripoli P O Box 80215 Tel: 00-218-21-604471/4832362 Fax: 00-218-21-4832362 Email: ABUJA - NIGERIA The High Commission of the Republic of Uganda Plot 414 Ontario Crescent, Off Mississippi Street Ministers' Hill Maitama, Abuja Postal Address: P.M.B. 223 Abuja Tel: 234-9-4138069 Fax: 234-9-4138070 RWANDA - KIGALI Embassy of the Republic of Uganda 19, Akagera Avenue B.P. 656, Kigali, Rwanda Tel: 00-250-76854 Fax: 00-250-576854 SAUDI ARABIA- RIYADH Embassy of the Republic of Uganda West of Salahddin Hotel Al-Waroud Quarter, No. 11, Hassan Bin Anuman Street P O Box 94344 Riyadh Tel: 00-966-1-4544910 11693 K.S.A Fax: 00-966-1-4549264 Email: SUDAN - KHARTOUM Embassy of the Republic of Uganda P O Box 2676 Tel: 797869,797867 Fax: 797868 Email: SOUTH AFRICA - PRETORIA The High Commissioner of the Republic of Uganda Trafalgar Court, Apartment 35B 634 Park Street, Arcadia 0083 Pretoria Tel: -27-12-3426031/34 Fax: -27-12-3426206 Email: TANZANIA - DAR ES SALAAM The High Commission of the Republic of Uganda Extelcom Building, Floor 7, Samora Avenue, Dar-es-Salaam P O Box 6237, Dar-es-Salaam Tel: -7-222-667391 Fax: -7-222-667224 UNITED KINGDOM - LONDON The High Commission of the Republic of Uganda Uganda House, 58 - 59, Trafalgar Square WD2N 5DX Tel: 44-207-8395783 Fax:-44-207-8398925 UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATIONS - NEW YORK Permanent Mission of the Republic of Uganda to the United Nations Uganda House, 336 East, 45th Street, New York, NY 10017 Tel: +1-212-949-0110 Fax: +1-212-6874517 Email: UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATIONS - GENEVA Permanent Mission of the Republic of Uganda to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations, Geneva Rue Antoine Carteret 6 Bis 1202 Geneva Switzerland Tel: 00-41-22-3398810/12/13 Fax: +41-22-3407030 Email: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - WASHINGTON D.C Embassy of the Republic of Uganda 5911,16th Street, N.W. Washington D.C. 20011 Tel: + 1-202-726-0416 Fax: +1-202-7261727 Email:

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