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Basic Facts

Official Country Name: The Republic of Malta
Travel Guide For Malta: A Guide For Malta
Capital: Valletta
Population: 390,000
Telephone Code: +356
Time Zone: CET
Area: 316 sq km
National Language: Maltese
Official Languages: Matese and English
President/Head of State: Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami
Government: Nationalist Party
Currency: Maltese Lira (Lm)
Exchange Rate: US$1= Lm0.33
Electricity: 240V
Country Name in other languages: Malta, Malte

Attractions and Things to See and Do

Megalithic Temples (Hagar Qim, Imnajdra and Ggantija); Hypogeum; Mdina - the ancient capital; The Three Cities; The Mosta Church (and the archipelago's 365 chruches); VALLETTA (the capital and a World Heritage City); The Bastions; The Grandmasters' Palace; St. John's Cathedral; The Auberge de Castille; The Manoel theatre; The Sacra Infermeria; The Grand Harbour and the Harbours of Valletta; The Blue Grotto; The fishing village of Marsaxlokk; The diving sites of Gozo and Commino; The Azure Window in Gozo; The Blue Lagoon in Comino; The beaches to the North of Malta; St. George's Bay, Paceville, Sliema, St. Julians, Bugibba, Qawra(centres of night-life); The Gardens of San Anton and Buskett; Maltese Festas (in summer); Fort St. Elmo; Auberge de Provence (National Museum of Archeology); Palace Square; St. James Cavallier Art centre; Fine Arts Museum; Caravaggio's only signed work - the beheading of St. John; International Airshow (in summer); Fireworks Festival (April); St. Paul's and St. Agatha's Catacombs; Dinlgi and Ta' Cenc Cliffs; Calypso's Cave; Citadel; Roman Villa; Roman Baths; Maratime Museum; Ghar Dalam; numerous other beaches and bays round all the 365km coast. For the more adventurous people - one can also try all kinds of water and other outer sports: ex. jet-skis, water skiing, paragliding, banana boating, sailing, wind surfing, canoeing, speedboats, yacthting etc ... and all sort of beach activities like beach volley, bbqs and beach parties. Boat activities such as boat parties, boat trips and cruises round the islands are frequent and easy to find too. For mor info visit


For a map of Malta visit Malta Map

Off the Beaten Path and Insider Tips

Suggested Itineraries

1 Day, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month ...


Travelling by Air:
The Maltese Islands are only a few hours away from major European cities by air. The national airline, Air Malta, operates flights to and from all the major airports in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf States. More information can be found online at Obvously other international carriers operate regular scheduled flights so its better to check all possibilities first. Some low cost airlines operate on regular basis too (ex. BritishJet, Sky Travel, ThomasCook, First Choice etc.). Charter flights from various cities in Europe are also available

Travelling by Sea:
A regular ferrrry and catarmaran service links several Italian and Sicilian ports to Valletta.

Public transport:
The only type of public transport is BUS. It is quite efficient and reasonably priced yet it can be uncomforatable and bumpy due to some bad roads :-) The main bus terminus is near VALLETTA GATE. From here, buses go to practically every corner of the island. The average length of a bus trip is 20 to 30 minutes while the longest trip takes 50 minutes.

Going to Gozo (the second largest island):
A regular ferry service carries passengers and cars between Malta and Gozo. The trip takes about 25 to 30 minutes. In Gozo the Bus service is similar to Malta's but is less efficient. Yet taxis there are cheaper too.

Going to Comino (the smallest inhabited island):
There is no traffic on Comino and only one hotel can be found. Regular trips to and from Malta and Gozo are available.

Car hire:
Most international car hire companies have a branch in Malta. Local companies, too, offer this service, with or without a chauffer. National or International driving licences are accepted. It is very important yet to keep in mind that in Malta, driving is on the left side of the road!


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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

Lots of good restaurants with a variety of all sorts of food both Maltese and International, most popular being Italian and Chinese.

Money and Costs

Currency: Maltese Lira (Lm1 = Eur 2.4)
Exchanging Money: airport, valletta and many other exchange bureaus and bank branches all over the islands
currenci is Euros nowadays

Visa and Documents and Embassies

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Borders and Customs

Post and Communications and Internet

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Activities and Sports

Nightlife and Entertainment

100's of good bars, cafes, pubs and discos round the islands most of them situated in Paceville and Bugibba. Cinemas. 3D IMAX theatre. Bowling Arena. Casinos. Restaurants all over the islands. Maltese Festas in summer.

Population and People

Culture and Conduct or Local Customs

Language and Useful Phrases

Events and Holidays

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Climate and When to Go


Environment and Flora and Fauna

Dangers and Warnings

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Government and Politics


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Music, Literature, Theater, Movies ...


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Volunteer Opportunities and Work

Organized Tours

What to Bring or Packing List


Books and Further Reading

Guidebooks, Travel, History and Politics
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Other Information

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External Links

Official Country Website:

Malta Travel Guide

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malta

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