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Basic Facts

Krefeld is sited on the left bank of the River Rhine. It has about 230.000 inhabitants. Altitude is about 12 meter. Telefone code 02151. Time zone CET (GMT +1).

Attractions and Things to See and Do

Burg Linn A former castle sited in the historical part of the City, Linn. You can reach it with tram line 044 direction "Rheinhafen" from the central station. Whitsun there is a big middle ages market with artisans and craftsmen performing the old-fashioned way to produce their things. There's also a historical museum at the Burg where you can see findings dating back to the Roman Empire.
Haus Sollbrüggen A former residence of one of the "silk barons", rich merchants that dealt with and produced silk. Located in a newly renewed park it was built in the 19th century. Today the local music school is located there. You can reach it with tram line 043 or 043 direction "Elfrath" or "Uerdingen", station Haus Sollbrüggen. There are more of those old residences:
Haus Schönhausen which is 5 minutes by foot from Haus Sollbrüggen and also belongs to the music school.
Haus Greifenhorst It's somewhere in Linn, not very far from the Castle.
Haus Neuenhofen It's not that far from Haus Sollbrüggen and Haus Schönhausen and it's located in a park as well. One could make a walk starting in the Schönhausen Park, crossing the Sollbrüggen park and then walk a short way through the streets ending in front of Haus Neuenhofen. Such walk would take about 30-45 minutes.
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Museum Located in the southern part of the central city, containing changing exhibtions and works by Krefeld-born artist Joseph Beuys.
Museum Haus Lange and Haus Esters A museum of contemporary art in a house built by well-known dutch architect Mies van der Rohe. Bus station "Haus Lange, Haus Esters" with bus line 057. Adress: Wilhelmshofallee 91 - 97 open: Di-So; 11 - 17 Uhr, closed on Mondays
Grotenburg Stadion Once home of Premier League football, today you can see a crumbling football club. Maybe interesting for football fans.
KönigArena Brand new multi function arena, home of the DEL-hockey club Krefeld Pinguine.
Deutsches Textilmuseum Having been one of the most important producers of fabrics in Germany, Krefeld pays tribute to its history. You can see the different forms of textiles and their history.
Krefelder Zoo Rather small but nice zoo with elephant and seal shows once or twice a day and a big tropical house. Fine for children. You can get there with tram line 042 and 043.
Stadtwald In the 19th century somebody had the great idea to plant a forest of about 2x2km very close to the city centre. It has a lake in its centre which is very nice to see. There's a big beergarden open until 23h from May til September and it's really cool to stay there in summer. Galopprennbahn There's a horse race course in the Stadtwald park. In summer there are often races. The stands are very beautiful, so if you like horse races...
Stadttheater Lots of theatre plays and concerts.
Unfortunately most of the historical buildings in the city centre have been destroyed in World War 2. But in the quarters Linn, Hüls and Uerdingen you can find many very old houses.


The site provides you with maps of all bigger german cities.

Off the Beaten Path and Insider Tips

Though Krefeld is quite nice, it's more an industrial town than a big tourist attraction. So there's not so much to see except for what I wrote in the other columns.
But for its quite central location, you could stay there and explore the Ruhr Area, Köln/Cologne (40min. by train), Bonn (90min. by train), Düsseldorf (25min. by train), the lower rhine area (bicycle tours are said to be beautiful). You can also go to the Netherlands quite easy. Don't know about the trains, but the border's not very far, reachable even by bike on a day trip.

Suggested Itineraries and Walking Tours

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From Düsseldorf, Cologne and Duisburg there are trains to Krefeld HBf every hour.
Krefeld itself has a profound public transportation system.


There are hotels in the city centre, like the Etap Hotel at central station. I don't think Krefeld has a youth hostel.

Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

As most german towns, Krefeld has a local brewery. It's called Gleumes and the brewery has a bar in the northern city centre. Rather expensive, but very tasty.
There's a big italian community in Krefeld, so you can find Pizzerias everywhere throughout the city.

Money and Costs

Living costs are quite high in Germany. For your travel provisions try to find a Lidl, Aldi or Plus supermarket rather than a small liquor store or the expensive supermarkets like Kaiser's or Rewe.

Post and Communications and Internet

There are quite a few Internetcafes and Callshops in the inner city. Usually the callshops are close to the internetcafes, so just ask a pedestrian to tell you where the nearest one is. And of course don't ask anyone above 50, because they are unlikely to know about it.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Directly located at the central station there's the club "Meilenstein" , they play house, techno & r'n'b. Quite good, though quite expensive as well.

At Dießemer Straße you find two clubs, "Schlachthof" and "Kulturfabrik" which have moderate prices and moderate alternative pop/rock music, depending on the day you get there. At Kulturfabrik (KuFa) you can also see gigs by bands of many genres.

In the city centre you can find Jazzkeller , providing Jam Sessions, Jazz concerts or just parties.
There are many teenager clubs as well, but I don't think they are of any interest for HC members who usually are older than 20.
You can find many bars throughout the city centre, I can recommend Anjuna Bar at Anne-Frank-Platz.

Hospitals and Doctors

It won't be a problem to get medical care in Krefeld. You'll find doctors esp. in the centre. Quite a good hospital is the Maria-Hilf-Krankenhaus located in the southern central city. It's said to be better than the others.

Visa and Documents and Embassies

We don't have any embassies in Krefeld and you don't need any special visa. I'm not sure if you need a visa for the Netherlands which are close by, but there are no custom guards at the border.

Questions and Answers or Forum

there is a private website on Krefeld, but it is only in german, but anyway if you want to take a look:

Hospitality Club Meetings

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Activities and Sports

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Culture and Local Customs

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Events and Holidays

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Dangers and Warnings

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Tourist Traps

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Volunteer Opportunities and Work

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Organized Tours

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there is a long shopping area in downtown Krefeld. If you arrive by train you just go through the hansa-zentrum and you are right on it. It is not nearly as spectacular as Cologne or Düsseldorf but its "ours" if you know what I mean.

Books and Further Reading

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Other Information

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External Links

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Offtopic Messages

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