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Basic Facts

Population: 5 million. Capital: Tbilisi. Major languages: Georgian, Russian. Major religion: Christianity. Monetary unit: 1 lari = 100 tetri. Main exports: Scrap metal, wine, fruit. International dialling code: +995.

Attractions and Things to See and Do

TBILISI: Red-roofed, low-rise and higgledy-piggledy, Tbilisi has a distinctly cosmopolitan feel. With a population of about 1.5 million, it is a major economic and cultural centre. Tbilisi is famous for its historical monuments and gorgeous architecture, which include the Sioni Cathedral Church that dates from the 5th century and the ancient Narikhala fortress . Visitors can also take in the local theatre scene. Three of the city's most famous and long-established theatres are situated in Rustaveli Avenue, including the Paliashvili Opera House , founded in 1851. BATUMI: Batumi is an exotic-looking subtropical city on the Black Sea ( Pontus Euxinus or Hospitable Sea, as it was called 2500 years ago by the descendants of the legendary Argonauts). Palms, cypresses, magnolias, oleanders, lemon and orange trees, thuja and box trees grow flowering and fragrant in this thriving border town. Batumi is an industrial city and an old trading port. It has a variety of entertainment facilities, and a dolphinarium , of which the locals are extremely proud. Nearby are the botanical gardens , which are a genuine highlight. In the far southwest of Georgia, Batumi is a good point of entry if you're coming from Turkey, but mind the border guards if they're stroppy, and don't pay customs a single lari. By air, Batumi is just over an hour from Tbilisi. KAKHETI: Kakheti (also known as Kahetia) is a striking region of rich, fertile soil surrounding the town of Telavi. Consequently, it has become the major vine-growing region of the country. According to locals, this tradition of wine-making stretches back some 8000 years. Today you can see vineyards stretching to the horizon along the Main Kakhetian Highway. A Georgian scholar recently described grape vines as 'the living principle which innervated the economy, daily life, vision and character of the Georgian people.' Kakhetian vine-growers cultivate some two dozen types of grape, and many offer tastings and cellar-door sales. Easily accessible by train or bus, Kakheti is about 50km (30mi) north east of Tbilisi.


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Off the Beaten Path and Insider Tips

Suggested Itineraries

Classical route to main sights - 8 days:,

Day 1. Tbilisi & Mzkheta Tour: Saint Trinity Church, Metekhi church, abanotubani (sulphur baths), Narikala fortress, Sioni Cathedral, basilica Anchiskhati, Treasury of Art Museum, historic and architectural complex of Jvari, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Samtavro Convent. Day 2. North Georgia - Military Georgian Road across the Caucasus: historical and architectural ensemble Ananuri, alpine ski resort Gudauri, Jvari crossing (2,395 m. alt.), village of Kazbegi, Gergeti Trinity church, beautiful view of Kazbegi mountain peak. Day 3. East Georgia: Kakheti – the land of wine and wine-growing: museum in Tsinandali, Telavi - King Erekle II castle, historical complex of Ikalto Academy, architectural complex of Alaverdi, the fortified medieval citadel of Gremi, the monastery complex of Nekresi. Day 4. West Georgia: on the way to Kutaisi – the house-museum of Stalin in Gori, Uplistsikhe, Ateni Sioni church; Kutaisi Tour: Bagrati Temple, historic and architectural complex Gelati. Day 5. Batumi (Adjara region): Museum of History and Architecture, Botanical garden, Gonio Fortress, a walk in the seaside park. Day 6. Balneological resort Borjomi: the Royal Residence Palace of the Romanoffs, tasting of Borjomi mineral spring water and national park of Borjomi-Kharagauli. Day 7. Cave city and monastery ensemble Vardzia – 13-storey city cut in the solid rock. back in Tbilisi. Day 8. Shida Kartli region: Bolnisi Sioni and Dmanisi ruins (proclaimed as “the birthplace of the first Europeans”).

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If you choose to rent a car, or a car with driver, you can expect to pay approximately $50 per day plus gasoline. Call car rental company Info-Tbilisi Travel +9953218-22-44


1) Western standard four-star hotel in Tbilisi is the Metekhi Palace Hotel: The room rate for an Embassy visitor (minus the VAT) is $164 per night. The regular rate is $204 (plus 18% VAT) per night, including breakfast and full use of the Health Club.
2) Georgian House: 38 Vakhtang VI st, room rates: Single $40, Double $50 including breakfast and VAT. Hotel is owned by travel company EXOTOUR: Tel/fax: (+99532) 791919, e-mail:, web: 3) Villa Berika 9 Dzotsenidze St., (995) 8832 933563 or 304438 Satellite tel/fax: +49 5151 12013 ext. 933562 +1 908 888 9698 ext. 123 President Berika International Ltd. - Natasha Chikvaidze. The room rates are $110-140 per night, including breakfast and dinner.
4) Betsy 55/21 Belinski St., Tel: (995) 8832 983551, 982937 E-mail: Manager: Donald Jenkins The room rate is $80 per night, including breakfast and dinner.
5) Lux 47 Nutsubidze St., Tel: (995) 8832 397194,394787 E-mail: Manager: Laura Shanidze The room rate is $90 per night, including breakfast and dinner.
6) Art Rcheulishvili St., building 4 Fax/Tel: (995) 8832 294443 TLX: 212990 Manager: Mamuka The room rate is $ 110 per night, including breakfast and dinner.

Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

Georgian Restaurant TAMADA, with old Tbilisi interior and items of traditional culture: "tone” (bread baker), "factory” for destillating chacha, stone fireplace, traditional drinks and cuisine (khinkali, shashliki, khachapuri, saczivi, phkhali, skmeruli). Furthermore you can order additional Exotic menu, where you can take part in the process of vodka distillation, preparation of churchxela, tasting hot bread from "tone”, tea from cattle with the wine Saperavi. Live music every day: national children dancers assembly and polyphonic Georgian folk singers. You will have the unique possibility of hearing sounds of an old street organ from Odessa.
37 Orbeliani St. Tbilisi, Tel/fax: (+99532) 913191, 923280; e-mail:, web:
Restaurant is owned by travel company EXOTOUR:

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The visa acquiring process for foreign visitors has been very simplified since the new governmnet came into power. Since attracting as many tourists as possible is our main desire, government made visas available right in teh airport. So the foreign visitors don't need to worry about visas before they come or after they come. Visa can be acquired right in the building of the airport, as soon as you get in the airport. It takes probably several minutes. So wish you all luck and hope to see you in georgia.

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