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Basic Facts

Official Country Name: Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
Capital: Dhaka
Population: 138,448,210
Telephone Code: 880
Time Zone: +6
Area: 143,998 sq km
Language: Bengali,English
Ethnic Groups: 87%Muslim,12%Hindu,0.5%Buddhist,0.3%Christian
State: constitutional republic

Reading the world's press you could be forgiven for thinking that Bangladesh is a disaster zone rather than a travel destination. But hiding behind these images of cyclones and floods is a strikingly lush and beautiful land with a rich history and a variety of attractions unusual for a country this size. For a start, you can visit archaeological sites dating back over 2000 years, check out the longest beach and the largest littoral mangrove forest in the world, and see decaying ' gone with the wind' mansions of 19th-century maharajas. Now a days Bangladesh is the third largest ready made Garments exporter in the whole world.

Despite being the world's most crowded country, rural Bangladesh feels relaxed, spacious and friendly. Travelers from India have been agreeably surprised to find border officials offering them cups of tea rather than reams of forms to fill in.

Facilities are not limited. There are many big cities now with all international facilities as European standard but if u have an independent streak, it is definitely worth avoiding the crowds heading to India and Nepal and following the old slogan of Bangladesh's tourist body. 'Come to Bangladesh before the tourists'.

Attractions and Things to See and Do

Here u will find information about Bangladesh:----

Dhaka:----the capital city of Bangladesh.

If u arrive from Delhi the capital of India, Kolkata capital of West Bengal in India or Kathmandu,you are sure to notice the relatively clean air. If you have flown from Calcutta (Kolkata) you might find it clean & orderly. If u have come overland through rural bangladesh, it will seem like babylon and you will never forget the memory from the hospitality of man and women. This mordern and fast developing city will attract you with local love and effection. You will find all here like European Standard with Green shake by locals. The night bazar, foods, big markets will attract you. You will enjoy real traveling mood around.

The oldest section of the city runs along the north bank of the waterfront & was developed when Dhaka was a significant Moghul trading centre. A must see in the old city is the area between the two main water transport terminals, Sadarghat & Badam Tole where the panorama of river life on the Buriganga is particularly fascinating. Dhakas premier attractions are Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort, a couple of attractive mosques, including Hussaini Dalan . It has fascinating displays of Bangladesh's Hindu, Buddhist& Moghul pasts & an extensive collection of fine folk art and hadicrafts.

Chittagong: ----the second largest city in Bangladesh

It sits on the bank of the Karnapuli River. The Shahi Jame-e-masjid & Qadam Mubarak mosques are two impressive buildings in the city. Other places to visit are the Court building, the Shrine of Bayazid Bostami, Chandanpura Mosque, World War 2 cemetery, Museum

The main atraction of Chittagong city is Patenga Beach.. It is a natural sandy beach & a nice place for spending an evening. Another attraction is the Foys Lake set amidst panoramic surroundings.

Khulna:----- a divisional headquarter in southwestern Bangladesh.

Here u find the biggest mangrove forest in the world named Sundarban. Really nice place for travelling. If you are lucky u may also see the famous Royal Bengal Tiger in this forest.


Bandarban, Khagrachadi, Kaptai are all are hilltract areas. U find here natural scenery, panaromic view of lakes, deep forest. Bamboo furniture is also very famous here.

Coxs Bazar: - sea beach

Pprobably longest natural sandy beach in the world. I think few people know about it. It has a Burmese Buddhist flavour & few amenities to service the visitor attracted by its enormous expanse of shark free beach. The road from Chittagong to Coxs Bazar is really fine & one of the best in Bangladesh. A lot of tourists gather here thorughout the whole year.


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Off the Beaten Path and Insider Tips

Suggested Itineraries

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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties


Markets for groceries : Most people still buy their daily household food requirments from markets located in their neighbourhood. There are fish markets, meat markets, vegetable, fruit markets and small shops selling other grocery items. They are all close to each other. ar, quite close to each other. Fish and vegetables are also sold by travelling vendors who come to your door step. Near the market there are general stores where you can buy refirgerated materials like milk, drinks etc. In the markets one has to bargain the price.

Bangladesh has always been famous throughout the subcontinent for its sweets. In the olden days there were some famous names like Maranchand and Kalachand sweets. Now their next generations are carrying on the business as Maranchand and sons and Maranchand and grand sons etc. There are some new sweet shops now which are popular like Alauddin (Green Road), Muslim sweets (Shegun Bagicha and Shanti nagar), Ambala (Dhanmondi R/A) etc. They all sell the standard sweets like raw-shoh-gohl-la, shawn-desh, chawm chawm, kaalo jaam, raw-shoh maalaai, mishti doi, praan hara, jilebi etc. For all these sweets the main ingredients are milk and sugar. In some new upmarket shops in Gulshan area in Dhaka they have started experimenting and developing modified versions of these sweets to suit the modern palate, who are used to western sweets

Street Food - snack
Bangladesh is also famous for its street food though foreigners should be careful becasue of the hygiene maintained by these street vendors. It is easy to get upset stomach and diarrhoea if you are not used to spicy food. People have also been known to have come back from Bangladesh with typhoid or jaundice because of having taken street food. When trying out street food ensure the following:
(a) the place is clean
(b) the food is prepared in front of you (dont take pre-prepared food)
(c) the person preparing the food is wearing clean clothes and his body and hands look clean. Watch him for sometime and observe him - how he handles his food, where he wipes his hand, what else he does while preparing the food etc.
(d) how the food is served
(e) what type of water is used for cleaning utensils and oil for fying

Shingara is the most common snack. It is made from ruff puff pastry filled with vegetables or meat and deep fried, called samosa in the west. Tasty and filling
Daal-puriSmall saucer sized pancake with lentil stuffing and deep fried
Paw-raa-thaaMedium sized, either round or square shaped bread made from ruff puff pastry and deep fried. Called roti paratha in the west.
Mugh-laai paw-raa-thaaParatha with stuffing like eggs or minced meat
Nim-keeSmall triangular shaped flat bread made from ruff puff pastry
Loo-chiSmall saucer sized pancake with hollow inside - eaten with fried potatoes (alu bhaji), omelette or other cooked dishes
Chawt-poh-teeChick peas mixed with different spices
Phuch-kaaSmall pancakes (about 1.5 inch diameter) with hollow inside. A hole is made on top middle to pour spiced chawt-paw-tee mix and turmetic juice. Put in mouth one by one. BANGLADESHI LOCAL CAKES ARE FAMOUS IN WHOLE SOUTH EAST ASIA

Money and Costs

Currency Is Called Bangladesh Taka, Exchanging Money Rate Is 1USD = 69.40BDT., Credit Cards, Tipping, Bargaining, Costs, PLEASE CONTACT EDEN BENGAL TRAVEL SERVICE AND FOR LATEST INFORMATION AND HELP...

Visa and Documents and Embassies

Who needs a visa? How to get it? Embassies & Consulates, of the country abroad and in the country. You Can Contact EDEN BENGAL TRAVEL SERVICE FOR GETING VISA TO BANGLADESH. PLEASE OR YOU CAN WRITE

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We Spent 25days In Bangladesh And We Found Far Better Than Other Countries In South East Asia. People Are Nice To Co-Operate On Traveling. Hotels, Foods, Transports Are Cheap. Weather Condition Is Comfortable. This Is A Fine Green Land Of Beauty To Visit. Streets Are With All And You Will Find Smiling Girls & Ladies Around – By Henry Tomas And Terry Tomas From USA. I loved visiting Bangladesh. I had a fantastic traveling experience with locals for ten days. Everythings are cheap. The People are nice indeed - Tanja Maria from Germany. I visited: and I got all the informatioin from EDEN BENGAL TRAVEL SERVICE.


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Bengalis love music, songs in particular. There are many genres of songs popular in Bengali. Some of them are:
Classical music Tagore music songs composed by Bengali nobel laureate.
Nazrul geeti songs composed by national poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam. Folk music Bhaa- tee-aalee - boat songs, Bhaa-wa-iya - love losongs from north Bengal, philosophical songs of Hason Raza of Sylhet, Laa-lohn gee-tee - devtional songs from Kushtia and surrounding regions
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