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Basic Facts

Official Country Name:democratic popular republic of algeria, Capital: Algiers, Population:32.277.942 hab. Telephone Code:00213 Time Zone:GMT+1 Area: sq 2.382.000 km2 km Language(s):arabic ,french, Ethnic Groups: Highest Mountain:hoggar tahat : 2918 m en plein désert President/Head of State:Abdelaziz Bouteflika Government:Abdelaziz Belkhadem, Currency:Dinar algérien(DA) Exchange Rate: US$1=71,96 Health Risks:nothing special Electricity:220 kws Weights & Measures:kg and meter Country Name in other languages: Eldjazaïr , Algerie

Attractions and Things to See and Do

Further places can visited : - la grande mosquée d'Alger - Musee du Bardo - Musee du Moudjahid - Castle of Dey - La Basilique Notre-Dame d'Afrique - la place de l'émir Abdelkader - la Grande Poste - le jardin d'essai: where the first film of Tarzan with johnny wesmuler was turned. - la citadelle - Roman ruins at Tipaza - Heart of Algiers - le Front de mer - Many Beaches - Maquam Echahid where you can do a shopping and have many entertainment - Casbah of Algiers which built by turkish - out of algiers from east to west big cities: ANNABA, CONSTANTINE with suspended bridges and vestiges of Cirta, BATNA and its Roman ruins "TIMGAD", BISKRA and the dunes, EL OUED city of the oasis.BOUGIE and the old city, TIZI OUZOU djurdjura mountains,wild beaches in MOTAGANEM. night life in ORAN, sites of the Moslem civilsation in TLEMCEN. Djeddars berbers ruins of TIARET. city of emir AEK MASCARA. The Algerian south is more than 1.5 million km2 and offers sights in postcards "the summer is very hot" the sites of the TASSILI.main southern cities GHARDAIA, BECHAR , ADRAR , TAMENRASET.


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Off the Beaten Path and Insider Tips

Suggested Itineraries

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ALGIERS : there are Three tarain Stations : El-harrach , Agha , Terminus from these stations you can take trains to any place to the east or the west of ALGERIA . Bus : there is a public company on which you can go through Algiers and Private Bus on which you can go around Algiers. There are also many buses that you can use to travel through Algeria. Plane : many companies to go in, out and through Algeria. and planes from algiers airport.


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Food and Drinks and Local Specialties

Many restaurants but its are expensive , the best you can do is to eat in the middle restaurant where one meal can cost 2 US§. You can find them in the heart of Algiers. If you want to eat fishes the best place is Bou haroun which is far of 15 kms from algiers , but it easy to go. There are also many Supermarkets and several retailers where you can do your daily shopping. All algerian food for Asean,european and american is a speciality like a couscous , Thakthoukha, Mtaouem, mechoui of lamb, etc. and many others dishes, there also many types of bread which are making by hands, .Anyway in this matter, I think that the visitor will not be desappointed.

Money and Costs

1 US § = 71,96 DA , 1 DZD = 0.00993480 EUR 1 EUR = 100.656 DZD Exchanging Money : Only in the bank Credit Cards : yes,Tipping : no , Bargaining:it's necessary and you have to do , Costs:it depends what you want to buy, there are many opportunies specially for remembering things which prices can attract you. Algeria's economy has suffered somewhat from the ravages of war, so getting around can be a bit cumbersome. Travel in Algeria takes place mostly in the form of car and bus and the country can either be accessed by road or by air. Figuring out which method of transport to choose can be quite bothersome but car hire definitely gives you more room though it also makes you a bit of a target as it could lead to you getting lost or heading into dangerous territory unwittingly. However finding a place to stay is generally a whole lot easier since there are a reasonable number of hotels that dot the more tourist-friendly parts of the country. HuntER_UX

Visa and Documents and Embassies

Who needs a visa? Algerian state implements the reciprocity rule : if visiting your country needs visa , automaticly you need visa to enter in Algiers. How to get it? by consulate in your country and Algeria has embassies around all the world.

Borders and Customs

Post and Communications and Internet

Communications and Internet of Algeria Communications is a vital part of every country's infrastructure. It is vital to draw people to the country for trade and for development. Tourists make extensive use of communications and Internet access in Algeria when planning their vacations and to keep in contact with people back home. As with most developing countries, Algeria's communications systems are somewhat underdeveloped, but continuous efforts are being made to improve the situation and provide greater access to telephones, the Internet and so on. Visitors to Algeria will certainly have few problems communicating with family and friends. TELEPHONES Algeria's telephone density is quite low with certain statistics placing the numbers at five telephones for every 100 persons. Main telephone lines in use as of 2004 were 2.288 million. Unfortunately, the systems tend to be outdated. The best telephone service is found in the north of Algeria which is the main tourist region. Algeria has a domestic satellite system making use of 12 earth stations, with more soon to be established. Five submarine cables as well as satellite earth stations provide international telephone communication. Microwave radio is used to connect to Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and France. Mobile cellular phone users amounted to 5 million in 2005. Roaming is available in Algeria but coverage exists mostly in the larger towns. Read more about Cellular phones in Algeria on's "Algeria SMS" page. Algeria's country dialing code is +213. Postal System You can post letters and packages from any of the post offices in Algeria's major cities on the coast. Post takes about four days to arrive in Europe and can take longer to other destinations. Hours of operation for the post offices are: Saturdays to Wednesdays from 08:00 to 17:00; Thursdays from 08:00 to 12:00. Algiers’ main post office is however open for 24 hours a day. Internet Access Algeria's main cities benefit from a relatively good telecommunications network and have satisfactory local Internet access. As of 2005 there were some 1 175 Internet hosts in Algeria and 845 000 users. Internet cafes can be found in Algiers, Oran and Constantine. At such venues you can surf the Internet, check your email, print documents and perform other tasks. Internet access is also provided at some of the luxury hotels in Algeria. Whilst Arabic is the main language of Algeria, most of the country's websites can be viewed in English or French. Algeria's Internet country code is .dz. Algeria's Internet access continues to increase as it is being developed in the country, so future visitors can look forward to improved Internet services. Mass Media Mass Media is an important form of communication as it reaches large numbers of the population, providing them with up-to-date information and news. For more information on mass media in Algeria check out the following pages on - Algeria TV; Algeria Radio; Newspapers

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Tourist Traps

Visitors are drawn to Algeria by the natural beauty, rich culture, fascinating history and warm hospitality offered by this North African country, and Algeria is becoming increasingly popular as an international tourist destination. With the knowledge that tourism has the potential to contribute significantly on an ongoing basis to the economy of Algeria, authorities place emphasis on the development of the country’s infrastructure and tourism facilities. Rising oil prices have had a positive effect on the growth of Algeria’s economy, and it is anticipated that this will result in significant returns in the hospitality and tourism sectors, as well as influencing residential development. A growing population that is dominated by youth, strong government support of development, and rising numbers of tourists, are viewed as supporting factors for economic growth. Algerian tourism has the goal of attracting 3 million tourists by 2013. To ensure that this large number of tourists are given a warm welcome, authorities have been encouraging investments in the development of hotels, as well as improving roads and transportation. The Public Works Authority of Algeria has earmarked $8.2 billion for large public works projects, including the upgrading of the East-West Highway and numerous secondary roadways. A recent study by the Accor group revealed that there is a need for at least 36 mid-market hotels to accommodate the number of tourists that are expected to visit Algeria. Already many foreign hotel groups, such as Marriott International, are entering the Algerian market and there is room for more foreign investors to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the country. In addition to the development of tourism, Algerian authorities have plans in place to meet the growing demand for commercial and residential properties. The National Housing Program aims to complete the construction of one million low and middle income housing units by the end of 2009, with ongoing plans to build approximately 130,000 housing units each following year. According to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) – a specialized agency of the United Nations that serves as a global forum for tourism-related issues – Algeria has stepped up their total travel and tourism operating expenditure. It is anticipated that, by the year 2017, 1.1 percent of total government spending in Algeria will be devoted to the development of tourism. This is good news for Algerians for whom increased tourism translates into new job opportunities, as well as for tourists who decide to make Algeria their holiday destination. Features RSS Feeds allow you to stay up to date with the latest news and features from To subscribe to it, you will need a News Reader or other similar device. Use the following URL as your direct feed in your RSS Viewer:



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Other Information

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Algeria (L)

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