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Hospitality Club найбільша у світі спільнота обміну гостинністю. Ми - це тисячи дружніх членів по всьому світу, хто пропонує один одному безноштовний нічліг під час подорожі. Членство вільне, вступ займає хвилину - приєднуйтесь!

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Ім'я:Veit Kühne Моє фото!
Домашня сторінка:
Дата народження:20.4.1978Стать:чоловік 
Рід занять:Hospitality Club founder and head slave :-)
Подорожі та інтереси
Володію такими мовами:German, English, Spanish, French, very very little Russian
Захоплення, інтереси:I am an active volunteer for AFS (biggest and oldest student exchange organization), I love doing camps and helping students. Built a Hospitality Network within AFS from 1997-2000 before having the idea to open this idea to many more people and starting HC. Of course love traveling ( and hitchhiking ( - have promoted hitchhiking on the net and in the media for a long time) and have a Yahoogroup where I write about both sometimes ( I used to be very involved in politics (liberal), but am not doing so much nowadays because of my studies and travels, and because I have the feeling I can change the world much more with HC. During the Iraq War in 2003 however, did a huge project with my brothers: the Peace Bus ( I also managed to demonstrate against Putin when he visited Dresden in 2006 (just 3 days after Anna Politovskaya was killed) with phenomenal media response. Now this Club has become my biggest hobby - I spend most of my time working on it for all of you. Have fun with it!! :-) 
Організації, членом яких я є:AFS, F.D.P., Junge Liberale, Mensa, Hospitality Club 
Досвід подорожей:Most of Western Europe. Spent one year in Hickory, North Carolina, USA when I was 16 and saw a big part of the country. Went back to Atlanta to study a quarter at Georgia Tech in 1999. In 1996 spent 6 weeks on Crimea, Ukraine. In 1997 3 months Venezuela (chevere!!!), and in 1998 4 months in China and Indonesia, and some time also in Malaysia and Singapore. In 1999 then, 3 months in Australia, 6 weeks in New Zealand, 4 weeks in Thailand and 2 in Laos, before studying a semester in Brussels, Belgium. And then some smaller trips to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Brasil, Egypt and Israel, Syria, Turkey, Morocco and Latvia. From February 2001 to February 2002 hitchhiked one year from Argentina to Mexico. After finishing my studies, I flew to Buenos Aires on February 15 2001, and then hitchhiked around Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and finally Mexico from where I flew back on February 14 2002. It was a wonderful experience, there is not enough room here to tell you much about it - but if you are interested, check out the Travel Group where I shared much of my year with family, friends and other people at Since 2002 I have spent a lot of time in Dresden, working on HC, growing it from 1300 members then to the hundreds of thousands we are now. Trips: one month in Russia, 6 weeks in the US and Canada (hitching Boston-Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-North Carolina-Houston), 6 weeks in Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kirgistan, Uzbekistan. Some shorter trips to Sri Lanka, Barcelona, the Baltic Countries, Italy, Slovenia, the Olympics in Athens and Torino, filipek's wedding in Corleone. And then of course traveling all over my own country Germany during the World Cup 2006 :-).In the last years switched to a lifestyle of spending the summer in wonderful Dresden and the winter in warmer places: winter of 2006/7 in India (mostly Goa). 07/08 Nov/Dez 4 crazy weeks hopping around Europe (mostly the mediterranean islands) with free Ryanair flights and then Portugal for a couple of months. 08/09 back to Hickory, North Carolina for almost three months, a month visiting Kjell and his family in Mexico and a month on the ocean. 09/10 Brazil. And in the last couple of years I've developed a strange fascination with cruises - a wonderful (and often amazingly cheap!) way to get from one continent to another - totally different to hitchhiking - 6 cruises so far, 4 transatlatic ones. The total country count is now 81 of which I've hitchhiked in 63 :-) 
Заплановані поїздки, куди та коли (Ви також можете написати про свої плани на Форумі):Top on the list now are the Balkans (all of Ex-Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania), since I've never been there. Poland and Czech Republic are so close to Dresden and I hardly know anything there so I would like to visit some of you there. Iceland since it's the only country I haven't been to in Western Europe. There are quite a few places that have become close to my heart that I would love to go back to every now and then (Hickory, Anjuna, Portugal, Venezuela, Chile...). And then there are whole worlds in Africa and Asia still waiting to be explored - one life is not enough :-)
Ще про мене:I always love having guests, so please come and visit, if you make it to Germany and Dresden and I am there! And I always love to meet as many Hospitality Club members as possible, whenever, wherever!!
Допомога та поради
Я можу запропонувати:Житло:так інше:hitchhike with you a bit around Germany if I have time or am going your way
Кращий час для мене, коли я можу допомогти:whenever I am in Dresden (most efficient often to just give me a quick call on the same day or day before...because sometimes I forget to answer messages when the email waves are too high)
Найближчий громадський транспорт:I live in Radebeul, 8km or 20 minutes by tram or 10 by car from the city center. To get here you can either take a train to Dresden, and then tram No.4 to stop "Hauptstrasse", 30 min, or take a train to Radebeul-Ost. 
Найближчі більші міста, відстань:Dresden 5 km, Leipzig, 120 km, Berlin, 200 km, Prague 150 km
Що можна побачити і чим зайнятися в окрузі, мої поради:Radebeul: the town itself is pleasant with Europe's northernmost wine hills, and a lot of old villas, one of them turned into the Karl-May-Museum - Germany's most popular travel/adventure writer lived in Radebeul. Dresden is a tram-ride away, it's probably the most interesting tourist destination in East Germany after Berlin, it's a beautiful and lively city. Moritzburg Castle, which you will find in all "Germany's castles" books ;-) is 10 minutes by car. Meissen with a gorgeous old town and the beautiful mountains of "Saxon Switzerland" are also very close. If you have even more energy - Prague, Berlin and Leipzig can all be reached in two hours.
Я мешкаю з:батьками - іншими людьми - один (одна)
Можу запропонувати для ночівлі:сад - місце на підлозі - матрац - диван - ліжко - окрему кімнату
Будь ласка, візьміть з собою:спальний мішок
Максимальна кількість гостей:10+Максимальная тривалість перебування:as long as we enjoy each other
Попередження про візит:необхідно попередити за 2 днів, обов'язково попередити за днів, можна зателефонувати після приїзду і вас просять телефонувати між no і limits.
Стать гостя:не має значенняПаління:тільки не в квартирі
Вимоги та Обмеження:інше:no hard drugs, bring humour and curiosity;
Домашні улубленці:grandparents: cats and turtles, many other animals, but they are kept outside 
Резюме Профілю:Thanks to all of you who are helping me make this dream come true - it is wonderful to see how our world wide web of friendly people is developing! The work is worth it! Personally, I love to meet as many members as possible, at home or on my travels! You are always welcome to visit me in Dresden, just keep in mind that I am traveling sometimes promoting the club and might not be home all the time. Whenever I am in Dresden I would love to host you. Looking forward to your visit or meeting you :-)
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