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The Hospitality Club is the world's largest hospitality exchange organization. We are thousands of friendly members world wide who offer each other free accommodation when traveling. Membership is free and joining just takes a minute - we would love to have you onboard!

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Name:Ilya Tarashkevich My photo!
City: Sankt-Peterburg 
Region/State: Sankt-Peterburg - Санкт-Петербург 
Postal Code (ZIP): 192284 
Country: Russian Federation 
Date of Birth:20.6.1982Gender: Male 
Occupation: Desktop support at Univercity
Second address
Street, City:Omsk
State, ZIP:Western Siberia644076
Country, Phone:Russian Federation
About this address:This is my parents' home and place i grew up. I spend there only a week or two in a year. Nevertheless if you want to see "the 3rd capital of Russia", the center of "white" contre-revolution (1918-1919), take part in annual Siberian International Marathon (first Saturday of August), see a lot of theatres, parks, churches, to smell the spirit of typical Siberian town - you're welcome! Maybe i can help you to find accomodation and definitely any useful information about my hometown. Besides our HC members are not coddle by lots of attention and very enthusiastic. :)
Travels and interests
Languages spoken: Russian (native), English (low-intermediate)
Hobbies, Interests: IT, reanimate PCs, Internet,psychology, communications, foreign languagies, trips, excursions, art creation, amateur poetry, student theatre, music, culture, subcultures, hip-hop, rap, break-dance, parcour, aeronautics, humor, cinema, science fiction, postapocalypse, antiutopias, history, WWII, USSR, Russia, Europe, St. Petersburg, Omsk, genealogy, study of local lore, ecology, Greenpeace, politics, socialism, republic, antiglobalism, to world peace 
Organizations I am a member of: Microsoft Certified Professional Program 
Travel experience: Russia\ Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Velikie Luki | Kyrgyzstan\ Bishkek | Poland\ Warsaw, Wroclaw, Zgorzelec, Rzepin | Germany\ Dresden, Berlin | France\ Reims, Paris 
Planned trips, where & when (you can also post your plans in the Forum): Russia, France, UK, Italy, USA, Sweden, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, India, Japan, China, Australia... but we're also interested in other countries. :)
Anything else about myself: Emotional, generally pessimistic & conservative but curious, hope for the better but expect the worst, lazy, like comfort (minimal at least), expect to be treated by other people the same way i treat them.
Help and advice
I can offer:Accommodation:yes show around town - have someone over for dinner
Best times for me to help someone:Evenings, weekends, official holidays. Keep in mind that since the beginning of May till the end of September and during Christmas holidays there are extremally big number of tourists here, so be prepared! Indian summer is the most comfortable time to visit SPb. Also winters are not so frightening as they seems! :)
Nearby public transport: metro and all kinds of surface public transport 
Nearby bigger cities, distance: Moscow - 8 hrs by train
Interesting things to see and do where I live, my tips (please also add this to theSPb was specially built to be a capital of Russian empire. It is the most european city in our country and known as "cultural capital" of Russia. Incredible number of palaces, monuments, fountains, museums, theaters, clubs, concerts etc. Different architectural styles of XVIII-XXI centures. During the "white nights" festival period (since the end of may till the begining of july) you can watch the opening of bridges across Neva river. If you are looking for "pure original Russia" you can visit Velikiy Novgorod, Staraya Russa etc which are about 3-5 hours by bus distant.
I live with:my partner (wife, husband, girl/boyfriend) - siblings
Sleeping place I can offer:space on the floor - mattress - other:shared room
Please bring: sleeping bag
Maximum number of guests: 2Maximum length of stay: 2 nights
Notification - visitors: should notify 30 days in advance, must notify 2-3 days in advance, can call on arrival and are asked to call between 11:00 and 23:00.
Gender of guest:doesn't matterSmoking: not at all
Requirements and Restrictions:no drugs - no alcohol - pay for phone calls - pay for food - other:at least elementary etiquette
Pets:no animals 
Profile Summary: CouchSurfing is the better place to find a place to stay. Find me there See ya!
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