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Клуб Гостеприимства - самая большая международная организация обмена гостеприимством. Мы - это тысячи дружелюбных людей по всему миру, готовых поделиться ночлегом с путешественниками. Членство бесплатно, а регистрация займет всего несколько минут - присоединяйтесь!

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Имя:Romuald Bokej Моя фотография!
Индекс:153 95 
Домашняя страница:
Дата рождения:11.12.1980Пол:Мужчина 
Род занятий:massage therapist, social educator
Мои путешествия и увлечения
Я разговариваю на следующих языках:English, русский, deutsch, polski, svenska, lietuvių, un poco español, maličkosť po slovensky
Мои увлечения, хобби, интересы:Survival travel, eco-activism, animal rights, gardening, eco-lifestyle, sustainability, painting/drawing, busking, songwriting (guitar, piano, accordeon) languages, collecting stamps 
Я состою в следующих организациях: 
Опыт путешествий:Lived in Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia; hitch-hiked in 30+ countries (around 100'000 km). 
Я планирую поехать в следующие страны (информацию о своих планах можно также разместить в Форуме):
ДополненияSomehow the fate led me to certain desicions in my life, and these desicions turned everything around and in many ways made me swim against the current. One of those "life decisions" was an agreement (between me and myself) that respect to life should be followed with a respect to all earthlings that are to be born free, live free and die free. This in its turn inevitably led me to accepting veganism as the most humane way of living. Following that I became heavily involved in vegan education and eco- and animal rights activism whereas the accepted view somehow spread further into my family where both of my brothers turned vegans. At the moment I consider myself an animal rights abolitionist (Dr.Gary Francione's views), and am a vegan because I find following reasons to be too strong to ignore: 1. ethical (respect to life, compassion); 2. environmental ("one can't be a meat-eating environmentalist" - probably many of us have heard that), 3. prevention of world starvation and saving limited Earth resources (did you know that to produce 1 kg of meat you need much more land, water and energy than if you produce grains and vegetables?.. that for the production of each kg of meat one needs up to 7 kg of grains which otherwise can be consumed directly by human?; 4. health (every respectful health/dietetic institution will tell you about the benefits of a veg diet). I believe (and I have many arguments for that) that we err by being so selfishly abusive towards the earthlings and our planet in general, - to be a predator is one thing, to be a killing machine is another (although I won't consider human being a natural predator - our nearest relatives - primates - very seldom, if at all, hunt)- animal rights is not some belief like Biblical stories, and not some faith in possibility of something to exist or not (is there God? is there karma and samsara?), animal rights surely can be seen as a clear concept based on reality facts, and furthermore can be considered as a moral and logical statement with a certain level of simple compassion intervened.). THOU SHALL NOT KILL. Sure, humans are the strongest creatures on this planet - but does it give us a right to exploit everything and everyone in order to satisfy our never satisfied wants? Hm, send me a good answer if you know one. ;) Probably one of the number ones for me is a renunciation of all earthly pleasures and letting go of my Ego - in this way I hope to immerse in love and care towards anything around us. Simplicity is the key. :) Well, now you know smth about me.
Чем я могу помочь
Могу предложить:Жилье:может быть пообедать вместе
Когда для меня удобнее всего оказать помощь:If you want to stay with us, please be sure that: - your profile is filled extensively - you have references - you write a personal request where you explain why you choose us to stay with.
Ближайший общественный транспорт:We live in the countryside, about 50 km outside of Stockholm, in an eco-village, to get here one has to take a local train towards Gnesta and get of at Järna where I can meet you. 
Ближайшие большие города, расстояние:Bejing and Tokyo are just across the globe.
Что посмотреть и чем заняться в округе, мои заметки (Пожалуйста, добавьте эту полезную информацию вHiking in the forest, Waldorf architecture, swimming in lakes...
Я живу:моим партнером (женой, мужем, девушкой, парнем) - моим ребенком (детьми)
Могу предложить для ночлега:сад - место на полу - матрас - что-то другое:sub-room
Пожалуйста, возьмите с собой:
максимальное число гостей:3максимальная продолжительность пребывания:depends on behaviour
предупреждение о визите:следует предупредить за few дней, необходимо предупредить за дней, можно позвонить по прибытии просьба звонить между 9.00 и 22.00.
Желательный пол гостя:без разницыкурение:только снаружи
Требования и ограничения:никаких наркотиков - мытье посуды - что-то другое:vegan food only
Домашние животныеpets are welcome! 
Кратко обо мне:love, peace, empathy
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