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The Hospitality Club is the world's largest hospitality exchange organization. We are thousands of friendly members world wide who offer each other free accommodation when traveling. Membership is free and joining just takes a minute - we would love to have you onboard!

Public Profile          
Name:Sébastien Jeux My photo!
City: Le Havre 
Region/State: Haute-Normandie 
Postal Code (ZIP): 76600 
Country: France 
Date of Birth:10.1.1984Gender: Male 
Occupation: I'm an export area manager and I sell taps :-)
Travels and interests
Languages spoken: French, English, bahasa indonesia
Hobbies, Interests: Photography, movies, watching stars, feeling the cold wind on my chicks, expresso (with no sugar please!), tea (with sugar please!), drinking Sarajevo's tap water, reading my future in a bosnian coffe, eating snow, riding a motocycle, hitcchiking (even if I do that very rarely now), eating with a good wine, drinking good beers with friends, cooking my own special recipes and testing on my friends (hehe!), swimming naked, sleeping on grass, eating cevapi and suho meso (Bosnian dishes), hiking mountains, walking on the beach with a surfboard and sunglasses (coz I can't stand up on a surfboard!), pissing on red ants who bit me, pastis, barbecue and petanque, organising parties, going out with friends and making new friends, real italian pizzas, eating fruits from trees directly, Bali and Sarajevo: my 2 loves (sorry I'm polygam!), singing stupid songs in karaoke, having fun from anything, laughing, being offered a smile, living passionately. Also, I'm fond of the Balkan area and the Balkan cultures and especially Bosnia. Volim Bosnia i volim Sarajevo!! So, if you share this love, feel free to write me!! :D Otherwise, you can come as well! 
Organizations I am a member of: I used to work for 6 months in an Indonesian organization (BEDO = Bali Export Development Organisation) based in Kuta (Bali) which helps Indonesian SMEs to export their handmade products to Europe and the worldwide. If you want to know more about it, check: // I used to do a 4 months internship in the Indonesian NGO WALHI Jawa Barat, in Bandung, and I worked there for development issues and worked for 2 humanitarian emergency helps after the earthquake of Jogjakarta (27.V.2006) and the tsunami on South Java island (17.VII.2006). I am also on Facebook, Couch Surfing and Be Welcome. 
Travel experience: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosna i Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Italy, Spain, England, Wales, Indonesia (1 year in total), Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong-Kong, Macau, French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe and La Reunion island 
Planned trips, where & when (you can also post your plans in the Forum): I'm on trip very often (2 or 3 weeks per month) mostly to the French overseas territories and also Scandinavia and Asia. But I'm also often abroad for holidays! :)
Anything else about myself: If you read comments people wrote me, you can have an idea of me! ;)
Help and advice
I can offer:Accommodation:maybe show around town - have someone over for dinner
Best times for me to help someone:I travell quite often (2 or 3 weeks/month) because of my job and I can't host you during the week. However, if I'm here on week-ends, I'm always glad to meet new people. ### VERY IMPORTANT: ### I'm not a free hotel! If you ask me for accomodation without having taken the time to have a look to my profile, I won't take time to reply neither.
Nearby public transport: I live in Abbeville center. Theres's a trainstation here which is connected to Paris (2h) 
Nearby bigger cities, distance: Rouen (1h by car), Paris (1h30 by car), Lille (2h by car)
Interesting things to see and do where I live, my tips (please also add this to theI don't know yet since I have not taken time to discover it yet! :) but I'll try my best to show you around! At least there's a long beach not far from here and natural parks.
I live with:alone
Sleeping place I can offer:space on the floor - sofa
Please bring: sleeping bag
Maximum number of guests: 2Maximum length of stay: it depends on our connection!
Notification - visitors: should notify 7 days in advance, must notify 0 days in advance, can call on arrival and are asked to call between  and .
Gender of guest:doesn't matterSmoking: outside only
Requirements and Restrictions:no drugs - other:having a smiling face!
Profile Summary: # I'm in Abbeville, not in Le Havre# Hi guys, I was volunteer some years ago for HC. Now I don't have time to work on it anymore but I'm always willing to meet new people. Do not hesitate to contact me but please read my profile before asking for accomodation. Thanks and hope to meet up soon! ;-)
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