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The Hospitality Club is the world's largest hospitality exchange organization. We are thousands of friendly members world wide who offer each other free accommodation when traveling. Membership is free and joining just takes a minute - we would love to have you onboard!

Public Profile          
Name:hidden My photo!
City: Prüm 
Region/State: Rheinland-Pfalz 
Postal Code (ZIP): 54614 
Country: Germany 
Date of Birth:8.7.1957Gender: Female 
Occupation: living is a full time job
Travels and interests
Languages spoken: fluent english, deutsch als Muttersprache, kai λiγo Eλλiνiká, currently learning Dutch
Hobbies, Interests: The river takes the water back to the sea. I believe in recycling and practise the art of composting and the holy shit. I like to play with words and to drink Chinese teas, do role plays and to wear ladylike hats. I like variety and the freedom of choice. Interested in Chinese Medicine, Meditation 
Organizations I am a member of: Global Resource Bank, we are all in it together..., Facebook, HC, CS, BW 
Travel experience: I made myself at home in different places: Manchester, North of Scotland, Canterbury, small towns and countryside in northern Germany, Frankfurt, squatts in Paris, a village in the South of Crete, Addis Ababa and Berlin, an organic farm in the moor and now a small village in the very West of Germany. That's my favourite way of connecting with the spirit of a region: running a household. 
Planned trips, where & when (you can also post your plans in the Forum): Turkey
Anything else about myself: There is this sweet yearning, to found an international ecocommunity in a Mediterranean village, to take care of a small garden and my own shit, integrate into an ecosystem and, enjoy open telecommunication and financial freedom from my GRB share................ "We will get there - heaven knows how we will get there, but we know we will." (Osibisa)
Help and advice
I can offer:Accommodation:yes show around town - have someone over for dinner
Best times for me to help someone:anytime.
Nearby public transport: Bus 
Nearby bigger cities, distance: Cologne ca. 110 km Brussels ca. 210 km Luxembourg ca. 65 km Amsterdam ca. 360 km
Interesting things to see and do where I live, my tips (please also add this to theme of course, picturesque little towns, a bit of wildlife maybe
I live with:my partner (wife, husband, girl/boyfriend)
Sleeping place I can offer:bed - separate room
Please bring: sleeping bag
Maximum number of guests: 2Maximum length of stay: depends
Notification - visitors: should notify 7 days in advance, must notify 3 days in advance, and are asked to call between 9 Uhr and 21 Uhr.
Gender of guest:doesn't matterSmoking: not at all
Requirements and Restrictions:no drugs - do dishes - other:be happy
Pets:no pets 
Profile Summary: I am a happy person who likes good quality simplicity. I sing and dance and laugh a lot. Since 2004 I lived in Crete, Scotland, Ethiopia, Berlin and a German organic farm for some time. The place I reside now is a small village in the Trier area where I share life with my Flamish partner Lieven. We are working on creating sustainability. I like to experiment with food and create new dishes. I enjoy gathering wild herbs and create delicious food with them. I practice juggling, study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Greek language. I am a well organized woman with a strong need for autonomy. I am happy being on my own, savour discovering new ways of life with Lieven and of course also enjoy to be with friends. Through HC I became close friends with a few people, I love it! Since HC is lacking development I am more active on Couchsurfing.
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