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The Hospitality Club is the world's largest hospitality exchange organization. We are thousands of friendly members world wide who offer each other free accommodation when traveling. Membership is free and joining just takes a minute - we would love to have you onboard!

Public Profile          
Name:Stefan Bogdan My photo!
City: Bucureşti 
Region/State: Bucureşti 
Postal Code (ZIP): -none- 
Country: Romania 
Date of Birth:17.3.1986Gender: Male 
Occupation: student
Travels and interests
Languages spoken: romanian, english
Hobbies, Interests: punk,folk, anarchism, travelling, photography, animals, arts, bycicles,reading ,dyi, zines,hitchhiking and all kinds of other stuff 
Organizations I am a member of:  
Travel experience: romania, austria, hungaria, czech rep, turkey, a little bit of bulgaria, germany, greece 
Planned trips, where & when (you can also post your plans in the Forum): maybe i will.searching for.hate the map wanna break free from the maze .so ill be here and there where u dont expect ill be there or maybe ill just sleep late and daydream alot
Anything else about myself: i realy realy hate hc parasites:)
Help and advice
I can offer:Accommodation:yes 
Best times for me to help someone:im kinda always available to help ...
Nearby public transport: lots 
Nearby bigger cities, distance: bucharest, 0 km
Interesting things to see and do where I live, my tips (please also add this to theyeah really nice cityes, you could visit the city cultural and historical center where is the old traditional mc donalds, kfc, nike, adidas and other fascinating and meaningfull things.
I live with:other people - alone
Sleeping place I can offer:space on the floor - bed - other:anywhere you fit and feel comf
Please bring:
Maximum number of guests: 3Maximum length of stay: depends
Notification - visitors: should notify 5 days in advance, must notify 1 days in advance, can call on arrival and are asked to call between  and .
Gender of guest:doesn't matterSmoking: no problem
Requirements and Restrictions:pay for phone calls - pay for food - other:no parasytes
Pets:i have a dog 
Profile Summary: dont really know myself so:)changingbut constant guy in the sametime. my way of hosting and traveling might seem chaotic but im reliable and try to do the best at keeping promises. i might talk a little bit to much or i could be very quiet sumtimes.anytways all are welcome just pls no fascist attitudes.except that, my casa is your casa:)oh and i eat children(when im really hungry)
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