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Public Profile          
Name:Jens Thulin My photo!
Street:Ribegatan 68 
City: Kista 
Region/State: Stockholm 
Postal Code (ZIP): 16445 
Country: Sweden 
Date of Birth:1.1.1977Gender: Male 
Occupation: Economist in labour union
Travels and interests
Languages spoken: Swedish, English, Russian, A bit of German
Hobbies, Interests: Books, Classical music, Opera, Jazz, Food, Slavic culture. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Classical favourites: Shostakovich, Schnittke, Ravel, Debussy, Messiaen __________________________________________________________________________________________ Jazz favourites: John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus __________________________________________________________________________________________ Alt Rock favourites: Robert Wyatt, Kevin Coyne, John Martyn, Soft machine __________________________________________________________________________________________ Любимые Русские группы / артисты: Звуки му, Ганелин - Чекалин - Тасасов, Михаил Алперин __________________________________________________________________________________________ I have a fond interest in different kinds of home-made alcohol, stuff of the kind that is typically produced in villages in Eastern Europe. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Мне очень нравится самогон, сливовица и всякие другие самосделанные напитки. 
Organizations I am a member of: SCI (International volunteering network), The Swedish Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights in Eastern Europe. 
Travel experience: Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia (Moscow, Chuvash rep.), Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia (Kosice), Hungary, Czech republic, Germany , Austria (Vienna), France, Spain, Belgium, Ireland (Kerry), Turkey (Istanbul), USA (NYC), Canada (Toronto), Indonesia (Flores, Bali) and all around Sweden (21 out of 24 provinces). 
Planned trips, where & when (you can also post your plans in the Forum): At the moment I have the following plans: __________________________________________________________________________________________ #1_Belarus, again and again. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #2_Some travelling by train in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #3________________________________________________________________________________________
Anything else about myself: Some basic things: __________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. I expect my guests to contact me themselves, not on behalf of friends or other people. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. I get many HC requests. For this reason it is very important that you confirm that you are coming, after having received received a message saying that you may stay at my place. If I do not get any confirmation within three days I will assume that you are not coming and maybe invite other guests. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. For me planning is important. If your arrival date changes I expect to get informed beforehand. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. I am tired of hearing that "all the hostels are full". For me the essence of HC is alternative traveling, NOT covering up for fully booked hostels. If staying at a hostel was your first option at hand, then write to someone else. __________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Сообщение для членов Госпиталиты из России & стран СНГ: В Швеции все планируют заранее. Если вы собрались ехать в Швецию, будьте добры договариваться с теми, у кого вы остановитесь, до отъезда (или насколько заранее). У нас считается невежливым звонить в тот же день, когда вам нужно спальное место. Без этого шведы не такие гостеприимные. Это правило действует во всех европейских странах. И еще - берите спальники!
Help and advice
I can offer:Accommodation:maybe show around town
Best times for me to help someone:Evenings and weekends.
Nearby public transport: - - GETTING TO THE CITY CENTRE - - __________________________________________________________________________________________ From different city ports: From all ports there are buses going to the city centre. Ticket machines are available at the bus stop. It is not possible to buy tickets on the bus. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Paying for single trips is expensive. You need either to buy a multi-travel coupon (rabatthafte) for 180 SEK (10 trips) or get a card valid for 1, 3 or 7 days. These are sold in SL centre at the central station, Gullmarsplan and a few other central locations. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Once having paid the ticket is always valid for one hour (usually a little more). You need only to show your ticket (with a stamp on it) and continue your travelling by metro, bus or commuter train. __________________________________________________________________________________________ From Skavsta airport: By airport shuttle bus to Stockholm. It is cheaper to buy the bus ticket online beforehand. For more info look at Having arrived you ought to buy a travel card for metro and buses in "SL center". There should also be ticket machines available. __________________________________________________________________________________________ From Arlanda airport: The cheapest way is to go by regular SL bus nr 583 to Marsta (10 min) and from there by commuter train to Centralen (35 min). At Arlanda airport tickets for SL buses can be bought only in Pressbyran kiosks. There is one kiosk in terminal 5 and another one in "Sky city". It is not possible to buy tickets on the bus. Single tickets are expensive so buying a travel card for 1, 3 or 7 days is usually advisable. You can find more info at: __________________________________________________________________________________________ - - GETTING TO MY PLACE - - __________________________________________________________________________________________ From the central station: Catch any commuter train (pendeltag) going south to Arstaberg [Ochtabe:rj] station. It the second stop from the central station and it takes 7 minutes to get there. From Arstaberg catch bus nr 160 to Ottsjovagen [Ottshow-vegen] (2 min). My place is located 100 m from the bus stop. You go right forward, through the arch past a "Coop" store and a small fountain... __________________________________________________________________________________________ From Gullmarsplan: Cath bus nr 160 to Ottsjovagen [Ottshow-vegen] (8 min). Then follow the instructions above. 
Nearby bigger cities, distance: Tallinn 380 km, Gothenburg 400 km, Helsinki 400 km, Oslo 415 km, Riga 440 km, Malmo 510 km, Copenhagen 520 km, Kaliningrad 540 km, Gdansk 560 km, Vilnius 680 km, Rostock 690 km, St Petersburg 690 km, Poznan 770 km, Berlin 810 km, Hamburg 810 km, Warsaw 810 km, Minsk 840 km, Hannover 930 km.
Interesting things to see and do where I live, my tips (please also add this to the- - MY PERSONAL LONELY PLANET GUIDE OF STOCKHOLM, YOUR KEY TO SURVIVAL IN THE CITY - - __________________________________________________________________________________________ In Stockholm there is really a lot to see and do, especially in summer. We have several world class museums, three national heritage sites, good wildlife nearby and on top of it all - the archipelago of Stockholm. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Near the city centre there are some popular beaches. If you arrive in the sales season doing shopping for chothes is a good thing to do. Vintage shopping is also on the rise. Stockholm is not really cheap, prices are at an average European level. Since the city has a unique character it is definitely worth coming here just the same. __________________________________________________________________________________________ An automatised bike rental system, similar to the one in Paris, is under development. More information can be found here: __________________________________________________________________________________________ - - THINGS TO SEE AND DO - - __________________________________________________________________________________________ #1_The old town. Narrow streets and many houses dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. The cathedral "Storkyrkan" is worth a visit. Inside you find an impressive 15th wooden sculpture of St George and the Dragon. In the neighbouring Riddarholmen island lies the "Riddarholmskyrkan" church. It is worth visiting but has irregular opening hours. The Royal castle isn't essential but watching the changing of the guards is always nice. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #2_Sodermalm heights. When you come to Slussen on foot from Gamla stan you may turn either to the left or to the right. On both sides you find well-preserved 17th and 18th century buildings in narrow streets with cobbled stones. This region is usually free from annoying tourist crowds. __________________________________________________________________________________________ If you turn right/west you should walk along the Monteliusvagen walking path, a very scenic route. A bit further on, past some old-time wooden buildings, you get to Skinnarviksberget - the highest point in Stockholm. It is a popular spot for beer-drinking (legal) on Saturday night. It's generally safe and has a friendly atmosphere. __________________________________________________________________________________________ If you turn left/east you will first encounter "La Mano", a sculpture of an outstretched hand. This is a monument dedicated to the Swedish sailors and workers who died while fighting the fascist aggression in Spain in the 1930:s. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Further on you get to Fjallgatan, one of the most scenic streets of the city. At the eastern tip of the island lies the scenic hilltop of Fafangan where there is a café located. On the way there, do not miss Kvastmakarbacken - a narrow street with small houses and old time atmosphere. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #3_Island of Djurgarden, located in the north-eastern part of the inner city. In Djurgarden many attractions are gathered, the most essential being the Vasa museum, Skansen (open air cultural museum) and Junibacken (Astrid Lindgren museum). You get there by ferry from Slussen, bus 47 from Sergels torg or tram from Norrmalmstorg. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #4_Langholmen park. At the western ending of Sodermalm lies Langholmen (Long island). On the island you find the old city prison, now a popular hostel. There are also two good beaches on the island as well as some late 19th century wooden houses. This is good place for a picnic. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #5_Sergels torg and the "City" area. This supposedly fancy world of concrete and steel was built on the site of the historical city centre. Some retarded people believed in the idea of building something "modern". Here you find some ugly sky-scrapers and bank palaces. This is the dwelling place of homeless drug-addicts, fancy financial guys, normal people going shopping as well as members of Mujahedin and other freaky sects on hunger strike protesting against some of the usual stuff going on around the world. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #6_Royal opera & Stockholm concert hall. I am able to get cheap tickets at short notice for selected opera and classical music performances. Please inform me beforehand if you are interested, I regularly visit these venues. Approx price is 10 EUR for concert tickets and 25 EUR for opera. In summertime we have many free performances in parks, I usually attend these as well. You may join if you like. __________________________________________________________________________________________ - - INTERESTING MUSEUMS - - __________________________________________________________________________________________ #1_The Vasa museum, located in Djurgarden island, belongs to the absolute must-sees of Sweden. On display is a preserved 17th century flagship from the Swedish imperial era. In the museum there is also an exhibition with items from the ship and related things. Takes about three hours to see in full. Entrance fee approx 11 EUR (full price). In the afternoon they have guided tours in different languages (no extra charge) __________________________________________________________________________________________ #2_Skansen open-air museum, located in Djurgarden island. Large collection of old-time buildings brought together from all over Sweden. This museum was the first of its kind in the world and it is one of the biggest and most thoroughly developed. In addition to old buildings Skansen also houses a zoo with mostly nordic fauna on display. In summer concerts and major public sing-along events are regularly being held here. Takes about four hours to see in full. Entrance fee approx 11 EUR (full price). __________________________________________________________________________________________ #3_Museum of Modern art, (Moderna muséet) located in Skeppsholmen island. This is the most important art museum in northern Europe. It has the third largest collection of modern art in the world. Entrance fee approx 10 EUR (full price). __________________________________________________________________________________________ #4_Junibacken, museum decicated to the legacy of Astrid Lindgren. The houses of Karlsson and Pippi are displayed in full size. The museum was built for children but many grown-ups like it too. Of the newer museums in Stockholm it is the most popular. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #5_Stockholm city museum, (Stadsmuséet) located at Slussen. This museum covers the history and development of Stockholm through the ages. Takes about two hours to see. Free entrance. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #6_Museum of medieval history (Medeltidsmuséet), located next to the parliament. This museum is built on the location of the first settlement in Stockholm. There are ruins on display together with an exhibition of life in the city in those times. Free entrance. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #7_Museum of dance (Dansmuséet), located in Gustaf Adolfs torg. The only museum of its kind in the world. The Swedish ballet in Paris was an important avantgarde ensemble in the 20-ies. They were competing with the Russian ballet in performing contemporary ballet works with bold creative arrangements. Today the remaining artefacts of both ensembles are on display in this small museum. Takes about one hour to see. Free entrance. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #8_Several museums offer free entrance on weekday evenings. This information is subject to change. At the moment (May 2010) the following is being offered: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Nordic museum - Wednesdays 16-20 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Museum of Technology - Wednesdays 17-20 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Historical museum - Thursdays 16-20 (April - October) __________________________________________________________________________________________ Museum of Architecture - Fridays 16-18 __________________________________________________________________________________________ Army museum - Tuesdays 17-20 __________________________________________________________________________________________ - - GOOD / CHEAP PLACES TO EAT - - __________________________________________________________________________________________ Finding good cheap fast food can, at times, be a problem. This is especially true in the area surrounding Sergel's torg and the Central station. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #1_Jerusalem kebab in Gotgatan, south of Metro station Medborgarplatsen, is a reliable spot. It has an extraordinary quality for money factor. 35 SEK is will provide you a decent meal. Near the central station a few places offer similar prices but with much lower quality. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #2_In Sodermalmstorg, right outside metro station Slussen you find a kiosk offering hearty herring sandwiches. Right nearby is another kiosk selling Sami-style fastfood. Both of these are recommended. They may not be the cheapest but the quality is excellent. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #3_Citykonditoriet café. This café is located near metro station Hotorget. It is located in a former comedy club that is now turned into a non-conformist church. The interior is from the 1920:ies and it gives the place a special atmosphere. This is by far the cheapest café in the inner city and the quality is excellent. There is usually some food offered in addition to bisquits and such. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #4_In case you would want to go for Swedish traditional food both Skansen and the Vasa museum have good restaurants. They may not be the cheapest but they offer good quality. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #5_In Gamla stan you find restaurant Slingerbulten at Stora Nygatan 24. They offer Swedish meatballs prepared in a traditional fashion and at a decent price. If you visit IKEA on a weekday you enjoy this dish at an absolute rockbottom price. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #6_In Sodermalm you find restaurant Chutney offering very nice vegetarian dishes at a rock bottom price. If you are hungry and want to find a cosy place, this is an excellent choice. Their "meal of the night" is always a good deal. The portions are typically big. If it is still not enough they may give you some extra. Coffee, delicious black bread and salad are included with the meal. Katarina bangata 19, near metro station Medborgarplatsen. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #7_Hermans restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful spots of the city. From the veranda you have a perfect view of the Old town and the Riddarfjarden inlet. This is a vegetarian restaurant (and café) offering an extravagant buffe. Booking a table in advance is advisable, especially in summertime. Fjallgatan 23, near metro station Slussen. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #8_In Stockholm you find good sushi. One of the best is SushiZen in Frejgatan 8, near metro station Tekniska hogskolan. You may also take a look at __________________________________________________________________________________________ #9_In Arsta, where I live, we have the most famous kebab restaurant of all Sweden, Palmyra kebab at Arstavagen 57. You get there by bus from metro station Gullmarsplan. The place is typically crowded but they do offer excellent quality. __________________________________________________________________________________________ - - WHERE TO BUY SOUVENIRS - - __________________________________________________________________________________________ #1_Style Council has a wide assortment of tacky stuff such as viking swords (made of plastic) and moose statues. Some quality items are also on offer and the price level is good. They have a good collection of 1 SEK postcards. The staff is arabic and most of the stuff probably made in China. This is however, the best out of several similar shops. Drottninggatan 19, near Sergels torg. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #2_A higher quality assortment can be found at Nordic Souvenir, situated in Sweden house in Hamngatan 27, adjacent to Kungstradgarden park. __________________________________________________________________________________________ - - PLACES TO GO - - __________________________________________________________________________________________ #1_Аrchipelago of Stockholm. (Stockholms skargard) Adjacent to the city we have the archipelago with 24.000 islands. In summer ferries depart early in the morning to many different islands. It is also possible to go "island-hiking" with a special card. The archipelago is mainly accessible between mid-june and mid-august. You need to spend one full day and get up really early to make it out there. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #2_City of Uppsala. Historical city located 70 km to the north of Stockholm. Easy to reach by commuter train or bus. Old Uppsala (Gamla Uppsala) with three big viking mounds and a viking museum located in a northern suburb of present day Uppsala. Not to be missed. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #3_Town of Sigtuna. Important historical town from the viking age. Can be reached by public transport. The palace Skokloster, housing an exclusive collection of antiquities, is located nearby. Many of the items on display were seized by the Swedish army during the many wars during the 17th and 18th centuries. The palace is open only in summer time. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #4_Town of Mariefred. Picturesque small town with old-time wooden houses, a fine museum of graphical arts and a big castle. There are cruise ships going there but bus trips should also be available. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #5_Island of Gotland. Very nice island with special landscape and the medieval town of Visby (with some HC members). Almost 100 medieval stone churches are also dispersed in the neighbourhood. Gotland is a popular place for biking holidays and can be reached by ferry from Stockholm. It is completely different from the rest of the country. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #6_Lapponia and the north. Way up north lies the grand mountain range with several national parks. The scenery up there is fantastic. You go there by night-train from Stockholm. To visit Lapponia you need about 10 days all in all. Bring good trekking equipment and food. __________________________________________________________________________________________ - - GENERAL ADVICE - - __________________________________________________________________________________________ #1_In Sweden it is legal to put up your tent almost anywhere in the nature. There are however certain rules to be observed (The right of common access, "allemansrätten" in Swedish.) Swedes have a a quite serious way of looking at these rules. Be sure to study the rules beforehand, otherwise you may easily get into trouble. Info in different languages is available at __________________________________________________________________________________________ #2_There is no real tradition of hitch-hiking in Sweden. To go hitch-hiking is of course possible anyway but usually requires more time and energy than in many other countries. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #3_The selling of alcohol is a strictly regulated area. Since it is very expensive you had better to bring vodka and such with you rather than to buy it here. Wine and beer are, however, reasonably priced. In order to buy alcohol in the governmental "Systembolaget" shop you need to be 20 years of age and to show your passport. If you have someone under-aged accompanying you it is advisable that you go there alone. Providing alcohol to under-aged individuals is a criminal offense and they will refuse to sell you alcohol if you are member of a group including under-aged individuals. __________________________________________________________________________________________ At you can see exactly what is in store in every Systembolaget shop in the whole country. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #4_Narcotics is something you encounter less frequently here than in other parts of Europe. This is especially true for so-called light drugs. To bring grass to a party may not be popular with other guests. To smoke grass, even in the street or in the balcony, is also considered a completely different matter than using tobacco. Be sure to ask beforehand. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #5_We have a rather messy system of buying train tickets. Prices are not fixed, they get higher closer to departure. To get the lowest possible price you need to buy your ticket two months before the day of departure. Buying tickets at an internet auction is a possibility in case you want to go somewhere at short notice. Tickets to Malmo and Gothenburg typically end up expensive. For other domestic destinations it is easier to find reasonably cheap tickets. To places located near to Stockholm, such as Uppsala, you can travel at a fixed price. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #6_Currency exchange shops are found in the city centre, at the main railway station and at the airports. In other locations you will have no acccess to currency exchange. In banks they may exchange money but the fee is quite high and the lines typically exhausting. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #7_It is considered impolite to walk into someone's home wearing outdoor shoes. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #8_In supermarkets you are supposed to empty your shopping basket yourself and put your goods on the rolling hoop. Putting the entire shopping basket on the hoop is generally not accepted. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #9_Internet cafés are rather scarce, even in the city centre. In the central station, the airport and the park Kungstradgarden (in the centre there) there is free WIFI access. Public libraries often offer free internet access. Due to excessive demand is it, however, limited to 15 to 30 minutes per visitor. Through you can find cafés with WIFI. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #10_The beer you get served in pubs and restaurants is generally of low quality. Beware of beer sold under the label "Stor stark". The brewing tradition in Sweden is however quite strong. To find good beer you need to visit a "Systembolaget" shop. Micro brewery brands such as Jamtlands and Nils Oscar's will surely please even the seasoned beer drinker. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #11_In cafés there is a very nice tradition of offering a free second time fill-up of coffee. The free second cup is called "potore" (patar in Swedish). This offer is usually valid for standard coffee only. Some greedy café owners have started charging extra for this. Such cafés should be avoided. __________________________________________________________________________________________ #12_Luggage lockers can be found in the central station. They are automatic and not suitable for very large bags. Storing baggage there is expensive and not recommended.
I live with:alone
Sleeping place I can offer:mattress - sofa
Please bring: sleeping bag
Maximum number of guests: 3Maximum length of stay: 3 nights
Notification - visitors: should notify 14 days in advance, must notify 7 days in advance, and are asked to call between  and .
Gender of guest:doesn't matterSmoking: outside only
Requirements and Restrictions:no drugs
Pets:No pets 
Profile Summary: I come from Stockholm and know this city quite well. I believe in the idea of alternative traveling and I therefore welcome travelers to my place. Besides that I am interested in books and music. Так как я жил в Минске и там учил Русский я с удовольствием принимаю русскоговорящих гостей, а принимаю и других!
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