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Hospitality Club on maailma suurim külalislahkuse vahetuse organisatsioon. See koosneb tuhandetest sõbralikest liikmetest üle maailma, kes pakuvad üksteisele reisimise ajal tasuta majutust. Liikmeks olemine on tasuta ja ühinemine võtab kõigest minuti - oleks tore sind meie hulgas näha!

Public Profile          
Nimi:varjatud Minu foto!
Linn: Kingston 
Regioon/osariik:Ontario - Ottawa Capital/Eastern Ontario 
Postikood (sihtnumber):K0K 3NO 
Riik: Canada 
Amet:writing, astrology, web design
Teine aadress
Tänav, linn:Kraków
Osariik, sihtnumber:
Riik, telefon:Poland
Selle aadressi kohta:Actually I come from Krakow, Nowa Huta, a year ago I moved to Sulejowek, and recently to Canada, but if someone needs any information about Krakow I can help.
Reisimised ja huvid
Räägitavad keeled:polski, english, francais, castellano (un poco)
Hobid, huvid:history of the culture, languages, travelling, astrology, internet 
Organisatsioonid, mille liige ma olen:besides HC it's: Couch Surfing -(;;and also GlobalFreeLoaders, Warm Showers, JustForTheLoveOfIt 
Reisikogemused:France, Spain (Valencia), Austria, Germany, Italy, UK, few places in Canada 
Planeeritud reisid, kuhu & millal (sa võid ka kirjutada oma plaanidest Foorumis): I have just moved to Canada few months ago and I'm planning to discover the beauty of this country.
Midagi muud minu kohta:My apologies to everyone who hasn't received a reply when they messaged me. I had wrong e-mail settings and I didn't get your messages.
Abi ja nõu
Ma saan pakkuda:Majutus:jah kutsuda keegi õhtusöögile - muu:some information maybe
Parim aeg mul kellegi abistamiseks:summer
Lähedal asuv ühistransport:no public transport in the neighbourhood 
Lähedal asuvad suuremad linnad, kaugus:Beside Kingston itself, it's close also to Ottawa (150 km), and not so far to Montreal and Toronto (both about 300 km)
Huvitavat näha ja teha, kus ma elan, minu soovitused (palun lisage see siia)Beautiful Napanee River just in front of the house, good for canoeing if you go up and with picturesque falls if you go down. Lots of lakes nearby (swimming, canoe, bird-watching). Walking/biking trail few metres from our house. The jungle behind the house (I mean my garden but it DOES look like a jungle ;)) The City of Kingston - old town, Queens University, some museums (Penitentiary Museum), the Rideau Canal and Fort Henry.
Ma elan koos:mu partneriga (naise, mehe, tüdruku/poissõbraga) - oma lapse(laste)ga
Magamiskoht, mida saan pakkuda:koht põrandal - madrats - voodi - eraldi ruum - muu:camper
Võta kaasa:magamiskott
Maksimaalne külaliste arv:6Maksimaalne viibimise pikkus:2 or 3 days
Teade - külalised:peaks teatama 7 päeva ette, peab teatama päeva ette, võib helistada saabumisel ja palutakse helistada vahemikus  ja .
Külastaja sugu:pole olulineSuitsetamine:ainult väljas
Nõuded ja piirangud:muu:relax :)
Koduloomad:a dog (and we plan to have a cat too) 
Profiili kokkuvõte:I always loved traveling, now I rarely have possibility to travel for long distances but still the idea of travel and of open world is living in my heart. I like to host people and everybody is welcome. I live with my husband, my 13 years old daughter and my step-son. (And with our silly friendly dog.)Sometimes I'm travelling with them. Here you can find my husband's profile: We live a little bit out of town, in small village called Yarker. Our house is 160 years old and is under the renovation now. It's a big house and have three spare bedrooms, but we don't use them in the winter, because we heat a part of the house only. In the summer you may also sleep in our camper in the garden if you prefer. In the winter for our guests we have "temporary bedroom" in the hall upstairs and sometimes also my step-son's room when he is not with us. Our place is far from five-star hotel standards, if you know what I mean, but is also quite nice and comfy and our guests say they feel good here. We have bed linen, towels and everything, so you don't have to bring anything. Of course it's more comfortable for me if you bring your sleeping bag with you, because of the washing, but still you don't have to. We share our meals with our guests, I hope you like Polish cuisine ;). I am vegetarian but I don't mind other people eating meat, and I cook it too sometimes. We are open-minded and relaxed people so if you want to stay with us just relax too and don't stress yourself too much with little silly things (like:"maybe I should bring something" or "maybe I should do the dishes"). We often organize or participate in HC and CS parties here and you may easily get into one when you visit us, be aware :).
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