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Public Profile          
Name:Mary Celeste My photo!
City: Granity 
Region/State: West Coast 
Postal Code (ZIP): 7823 
Country: New Zealand 
Date of Birth:17.8.1952Gender: Female 
Occupation: Conceptual artist who creates installation pieces, language teacher
Travels and interests
Languages spoken: English. I can read French like a good high school student and speak it a little. I speak Japanese quite well and Korean a tiny bit.
Hobbies, Interests: Music: sing early music when I get a chance, sing Japanese folk song, play Japanese drums, play alto sax, love jazz & renaissance and baroque music. Arts: create installation pieces and art clothing, love theatre and performance arts. Politics/activism: involved with the Greens & other left wing, feminist & environmental causes. 
Organizations I am a member of: Green Party, WWOOF 
Travel experience: Lived in Japan 6 years, Korea 1 year and Taiwan a few months. Travelled in Europe in 2004: England (Norwich, Lancaster and Cumbria), France (Paris, Lyon and Chambery), Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), Portugal (Lisbon and the Algarve), Holland (Haarlem and Amsterdam), Denmark (Copenhagen), Germany (Hamburg), and Italy (Verona, Venezia, Milano, Novara, Orta, Genova and Firenze). 
Planned trips, where & when (you can also post your plans in the Forum): Nothing planned at present but I would love to return to Europe to work for a year or two. Or just visit. And I'd love to visit Korea and Japan again.
Anything else about myself: I have a nice guest room with an antique brass double bed. I also have wifi.
Help and advice
I can offer:Accommodation:yes show around town
Best times for me to help someone:Any time if I'm not busy.
Nearby public transport: Bus from Nelson to Westport (either Intercity or Atomic Shuttle); or from Christchurch to Westport (East/West Shuttle). From Westport to Granity, catch the Karamea Express which leaves Westport at 11.30am, or the mail bus which leaves at 2.45pm. Ask at the Information Centre for details or bookings. Or hitch hike from Westport! 
Nearby bigger cities, distance: Granity, where I live, is a small settlement 25 minutes north of Westport on the beautiful West Coast of the South Island. Westport is the nearest town. It has about 3000 people, I think, and is where we do most of our shopping.
Interesting things to see and do where I live, my tips (please also add this to theGranity is on the coast, between forest-covered hills and the sea. Granity and the two small adjacent villages of Ngakawau and Hector have 3 cafes, a very small grocery shop, 2 hostels, 2 pubs, a craft shop, a gallery ... all the essentials!
I live with:alone
Sleeping place I can offer:garden - bed - separate room
Please bring:
Maximum number of guests: 2Maximum length of stay: Three nights or so
Notification - visitors: should notify  days in advance, must notify 7 days in advance, and are asked to call between  and .
Gender of guest:doesn't matterSmoking: outside only
Requirements and Restrictions:no drugs - pay for phone calls - do dishes - other:Bring some food or wine. Sauvignon blanc is my favourite!
Pets:Matisse the starling 
Profile Summary: I'm an environmentalist and feminist, politically left-wing. My pretty wooden house is between rain forest and sea.
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