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Public Profile          
Name:ismail Cakolli My photo!
City: Priština 
Region/State: Prishtina/Priština 
Postal Code (ZIP): 38000 
Country: Kosovo 
Date of Birth:24.12.1987Gender: Male 
Travels and interests
Languages spoken: Englesh, and few words German...
Hobbies, Interests: photography, writting, music, festival's, tennis, swim... 
Organizations I am a member of: HC, FACEBOOK.COM, PSYKS.COM, MYSPACE.COM, etc.1 
Travel experience: Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Holland. 
Planned trips, where & when (you can also post your plans in the Forum): Central Balkan trip/ Macedonia-Albania-Montenegro-Croatia-Serbia-Turkey. 10 May-25 May 2010. ----------------------------- West Asia trip/ Turkey-Syria-Israel-Jordan-Saudi Arabia-Yemen-Oman-Qatar... 2011 ....
Anything else about myself: I like to meet people all around the world, learning about them culture and life, also haning around with friends is important for me...
Help and advice
I can offer:Accommodation:yes show around town - have someone over for dinner - other:partying,trip's,and to many other activities/
Best times for me to help someone:
Nearby public transport: Bus/ 
Nearby bigger cities, distance: from Pristina to: Mitrovica-36km, Peje-82km, Skopje-86km(Macedonia), Tetovo-106km(Macedonia), Tirana-330km(Albania), Beograd-360km(Serbia), Podgorica-298km(Montenegro).
Interesting things to see and do where I live, my tips (please also add this to the//Sultan Faith Mosque: the Albanians are the main ethnic group of Kosovo, and are the most part of muslims too (there are Bosniaks and Turks there too)... this mosque has a Tuskish style, since it was made during Ottoman rule... and it was converted to a special symbol during the war of Kosovo.This one is the main mosque of Pristina and Kosovo. //Kosovo Caves near Pristina: A personal guided tour of these wonderful and spectacular caves from the owner or one of his family takes just 45 minutes and costs just Euro 2.50 per person. The caves are a constant 16 Degrees Celcius so warm clothing is not essential. It is reccomended however that you wear appropriate footwear as there are some large puddles of water throughout the caves (Don't wear your Gucci or Manolo Blanak shoes !). //Clock Tower: Just near to the Fatih mosque, 26 meter high, nice old tower. //Unity monument: This monument represent to the unity of all Yugoslavia. But it is nonsense and ironic now... Unfortunately... // Murat Hüdavendigar türbesi : Murat Hudavendigar is the 3. sultan of Ottoman emperor. His mausoleum is a bit out of the city. His body is n Bursa now. //Go to Mirusha Waterfalls in the Spring/Summer!: Mirusha Waterfalls, located on the way to Gjakova (about 1 hour from Pristina, depending on traffic), is a must-go for those visiting Kosovo. The waterfalls are a popular destination for Kosovar families during the spring and summer months because of the swimming in and around the three waterfalls at the site. Getting to the waterfalls isn't incredibly easy, but it is fun. From Pristina, drive towards Peja and take the Peja/Gjakova intersection towards Gjakova. Drive app. 8 kilometers and turn left when you see a small sign (Ujvarat e Mirushes) near the first petrol station on the road. There is no other signage, but the waterfalls are pretty easy to find. Park your car at the restaurant just after the left hand turn near the petrol station. Then follow the trail about thirty minutes directly to the waterfalls. //Shoot Your Friends With Paintballs!: Pristina is surrounded by a number of paintball arenas - including one in Novo Brdo (1 hour drive) and one in Ferizaj (45 minute drive), near Camp Bondsteel. Price range from 5 Euro to 15 Euro with all the protective gear and guns provided. Paintball can be a lot of fun and a good excuse to get out of Pristina for an afternoon! //If you're an avid reader ... Check out Dukagjini Bookstore in Pristina for a good selection of English language books (fiction and non-fiction) and periodicals. Dukagjini is the largest bookstore in Pristina and is certainly worth a visit if you are going to be here a while. They also sell some somewhat bizarre Pristina-related gifts, such as postcards. The bookstore accepts Visa and Mastercard. //Unfinished Serbian Orthodox Church: If you've walked out to the National Library, you can't fail to notice a large and fairly impressive Serbian Orthodox church sitting next to it. Impressive...from a distance. Close up, you notice it is but a shell, and sirrounded by barbed wire and barricades. This huge church was designed to be the largest on Kosovo soil and work began on its construction in the 90s. Not surprisingly, the war of 99 stopped the construction, and it is left half finished as an eerie reminder of the pre '99 situation. --->> Youth ppl are heart of the city. You can find to many bar's and clubs, and the night life start's at 22h and finished in the morning. Pristina is small city but u can find everything what u need.With old mosques, churches and some other old building mixed with modern architecture Pristina is a destination.
I live with:parents
Sleeping place I can offer:bed - separate room
Please bring:
Maximum number of guests: 3Maximum length of stay: 2-3
Notification - visitors: should notify 5 days in advance, must notify 5 days in advance, can call on arrival and are asked to call between  and .
Gender of guest:doesn't matterSmoking: no problem
Requirements and Restrictions:
Profile Summary:
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