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The Hospitality Club is the world's largest hospitality exchange organization. We are thousands of friendly members world wide who offer each other free accommodation when traveling. Membership is free and joining just takes a minute - we would love to have you onboard!

Spammer Hall of Fame
It is a huge challenge to keep the club spam-free. Here we share some of the funniest, most annoying, most common spam messages with you. This is not meant to put blame on anyone, so we removed all names. These are all actual messages people tried to send to our members and which we stopped. Read more about spam on the Stop Spam! page. Please keep in mind that those messages are by no means representative for the club in general - 99% of all messages and requests are ok. But as in the real world, we do have some strange and egoistic people among our members as well. Please do not send spam and find your messages in this Hall of Fame!
Visa Invitation
Hallo! We're couple of Russians who want to travel around Europe during two last weeks of summer. But firstly we need to get Shengen visa! Since Finland is the country which visa is the easiest to get, we want to ask you for a favour. Could you please help us and write us an invitation? It is not very difficult. It should be written in a free form: you only mention your name, address, job, owr names. Then you sign it, scan and send us via e-mail. We will be very glad if you could help us! If you can - let us know as soon as possible and we'll explain you in detail how to write this invitation. ...

Hi dear, Thnax for reply me, i am fine here and hope you are fine over there. well, i have to plan to made a visit to Korea in January 2004 but for this purpose i need an invitation letter by any korean friends like you, so can you help me in this concren. i'll tell you more if you give me a positive reponse. and can you send me you postal address for my onward communication in future? Warm regards *

Hi *, Nice to hear from you,l will be glad and happy,if you can sent the lnvitation letter to me in nigeria,Because first thing to Asking in your Poland Embassy in Nigeria is letter of lnvitation to covered me during trip to you,The Embassy all believe that you will give me Accommodation during my trip to you,if you sent the lnvitation letter,they will ask you that you will provide Accommodate,if you can covered me up on that,so if l arrival poland l will Accommodate my self in Hotel in poland,l will be glad and fully Appreciate to seeing your fully Assistance on this Request information l sent to you,hope to hear from you soonest,so l can sent you my full Detail information to you,wish you will use Add in the lnvitation letter,hear in the lnviattion letter is very lmportant and necessary in any Embassy in Nigeria,please *, let me hear from you soonest,l will be fully appreciate,if you can help me out,Thank you very much,bye for now. yours, *

Hello *, I'm really delighted and excited to mail you.I saw your profile on a site:( and I'm very much interested in visiting Germany.I'm also a member of the hospitality club and I would like to know all about Germany. My name is *,a *-year old male and a bona-fide citizen of Nigeria.My hobbies are:travelling abroad,listening to music,reading,helping people,making friends,playing basketball and soccer,and going out.I'm working full-time. I'm simple,nice,generous,caring,sincere,gentle,jovial,obedient,honest,and straightforward person.I'm a good christian and I travel a lot.I would like to visit germany as soon as possible (february)probably spending 3 weeks and I would want you to help me out.Germany is really a nice country to visit with its lively and lovely cities and friendly people.I also want to experience sights,sounds and cuisine of Germany. Please,I would want you to help me get these 2 documents in Germany and send them to me as soon as possible so as to get the German Visa here in Nigeria.These are the documents I need:(1)Formal German guarantor's form(Verpflichtungserklarung) signed by you and legalised by the local authorities.(2)travellers insurance.Those are the 2 documents i need in getting German visa.PLEASE HELP ME OUT!.Immediately I get the 2 documents from you,I'll apply for the visa and as soon as I get my visa,I'll buy my air ticket and go for the trip.You will really enjoy my stay with you in Germany and when I return to Nigeria,I will invite you to Nigeria and I will be responsible for your air ticket and all other expenses while you are in Nigeria and you will really enjoy your stay with me. My full name is:*,Date of birth:*,My international passport number:* Please help me with those documents immediately.I'll be expecting a positive reply from you.My picture will be sent to you on request.Thanks and God bless! *

Hi. I am glad to see that you too are a member of this great organization. Will you please like me assisting in Tourist Visa so that I will be able to visit your country and see you too. I am male * from India and I am a bank officer. I would like to visit your place if you take some trouble for me and assist me/advise me. Pl email accordingly. I await. Regards.

Dear *, I got your contact through the able club Hospitality and I will like to let you know that I and my Managing Director (my employer) will like to stay in your house for the period of our stay in Russia Federation. The company will like to send us on a vacation tour which happen to be Russia. Can you please help us with Letter of Visa Support for both of us since we are coming for tourist, we don't have any invitation. If you can help us we will incure all the expenses when we get there. Thanks for your cooperation in anticipation. Regards, *
Hiya! I'm writing you an email because I was planing to come to Paris to improve my French. I learnt it for five years in Germany where I live. One week ago I spent a week in Paris looking for a room or a flat to rent but unfortunately I couldn't find one as it was either too expensive or they wouldn't give it to me for three months. Can you maybe help me? I want to spend not more than 400 Euro for the rent. Do you know someone who lets rooms to students or do you have a room to rent yourself? I'm * years old, female and want to join a language school in Paris (Alliance francaise). You can see my profile online if you're interessted. I'd really love to live in Paris for three months and will be delighted to get any helping news from you! My email adress is: *@*.de Thx in advance, Sincerly *

Hola. ... I know this club is not meant to ask for long-term stays, but I thought that wasn't a big deal to ask the question : at first in Barcelona, I'll be staying a couple of days at a friends'flat, while I'll be looking for an accomodation for my all stay. I know they are many dorms or building of flats with other students, and exchange students from all Europe, but as I've known such an experience already, I'm feeling to have another kind of experience. And I thought this site would provide good contacts. That's why I'm asking you if you, or someone you know, would have a room for me to stay the time I'll be in Barcelona. Of course for such a long stay, I'll be happy to pay for accomodation! I'm not looking for something totally free, just something else that the usual exchange student experience. ... The university where I go to is near Tibidabo, so I guess it's better for me to stay at a place with public transportation ... Regards, *, Belgica. ...

... On the beginning of February I am comming to Surrey. I will an intern in Royal Botanic Garden, Kew. I am going to stay in UK till May. What I would like to ask you, is to help me to found an accomodation. I am looking for a room, not expencive and not far away from Kew. If you could send me some addresses or contact with an agency or something like that, it would be grate. Or maby do you know somebody, who is looking for a roommade? I know, what am I asking for is not easy, so If you are bussy I will understand. ...

I'm * from Mannheim, Germany and I'm writing to you with a little problem! I hope you can help me out. This is the deal: my boyfriend * will be studying at the CBS in Copenhagen soon. He'll come to your city in mid-August. Here comes the trouble: the International Office had at first told him that they will look for a room for him but now it's all full!! They said that he will have to look on his own. He's pretty worried because he has already looked for hours on the web and read everywhere that it's really really hard finding something in Copenhagen. And he doesn't speak any Danish, that doesn't help much either. Since I'm his girlfriend I just can't bear seeing him so concerned by that problem all the time, so I'm trying to help him the best I can. So here's my question: Do you have any information for him, or do you know anyone he could go to and ask for a room? Or anyone who's moving out, or a cheap hostel to stay at in the beginning..really any info is appreciated. He has tried some hostels already, but the affordable ones are all booked out already. I'm looking forward to your answer, and I hope you can help! Maybe you could forward this email to some friends? Thank you so much in advance. : )

Hi *! My name is *. I´m a spanish graduate who is * years old. I´m actually finishing Sciences Po. I´m planning to stay in Paris for about three-four months in order to become fluent in french. I´d need to look for accommodation, do you know any economic accommodation in Paris? any economic french courses? Salut, *

hello, i am a * jear old boy from germany and i will study at the gerrit rietveld academie at the beginn of september i try to look for a room in amsterdam, and so i write this letter to you, because maybe you know some people who have heard about a room a flat or something else for rent. my mother is nehterlands like me, but i never was in netherland longer than one month, so i dont write very well, and so i write in english. but maybe we will speak netherland at another time. wiht nice warm greetings *

Hi *! I'm a * year old student from Germany. I will come to Glasgow in september to study there for half a year. I have a rather "strange" question: would you be ready to help me a bit with flathunting?? It's so hard to find a flat when you're not there personally. But I'm afraid that, when I'm coming (by the middle of september), everybody goes flathunting. So, you can contact me on *@*.de. I would be very grateful! Yours *

Can you help me find accommodation with high speed internet access? Or maybe explain how the internet access works down there if I was going to stay temporarily and do not want to get a phone installed / registed under my name? I appreciate any help you can offer, Kindest regards, * from Canada
Dear Sir/Ma/Family, May the blessing of the Almighty God be with the whole of this family. Probably by now you might be wondering who is it that is writing you this letter. Relax and be blessed it is a friend from the Hospitality Club. I joined the Club in * when I was surfing through the net if there is any friendly Organisation that links people of the world together except from all this dating stuffs. Alas, that was when I found and joined the Club and since then I have been trying to view profiles if I can get the ones of families or any person that I can trust and call a friend. You are the very first person or family I'm writing this letter to, therefore, let me start by introducing myself, my name is *, * years and a Nigerian. I have always been a victim of circumstances since I was born, I never knew my father until I was 21 years. Me and my mother were abandoned by my father since I was born. I've never knew how it's like to have a family or be shown a fatherly love. So I've always envied those who does. The main reason why I'm writting this letter is to ask for your help or if there is any other person you can introduce me to who is in the position to help me. I've always have the dream of coming to the United States of America but I just don't have the means or the connection to do so. If you have been opportuned to watch and read foreign news you will know that Africa is a doomed Continent with no hope for the up-coming youths like us. Although Africa is blessed with so many resources, it is only the leaders and few individuals that enjoy the proceeds from these resources leaving millions of people impoverished, poor, helpless, useless and hopeless. Nigeria my Country is not an exception, we are suffering, things are very hard, the whole system is up-side down from education, health, road, water, electricity to anything you can think off. There is no prospect and future for any youth in this country unless you find your way out of the country. Many young men and women who surpose to use their knowledge and talent to develop the Country are frustrated into doing all sorts of dirty things like armed-robbery, drug smuggling, prostitution and so on just for them and their family to survive. Or what would you say or a boy or girl who spends 7-8 years in Higher Institution for a course that is only surposed to last for 4 years because of unneccessary Strike action here and there. Imagine the stress and the drain this will have on the individual. Unfortunately for me I could not further than High shcool, but I went for a proficiency course in Computer Literacy because of my love for Computers. Please I really need a change of enviroment and help. My mother is aging and very sick, at least I want to put a smile on her face for all she has gone through because of me before she dies. So I will be very happy if you can help me travel out of this Country and if you can help in anyway you can. I don't mind if it means paying you back when I get there and begin work. Please help make my dream come true. I'll be expecting your reply. Yours Faithfully, *
(Not to make fun of the terrible situation in Africa, but to demonstrate the kind of letters that would be sent through the club without spam protection. Ah yes, and it is the same guy who sent "dating stuff" before himself!)
hi how r u am * from syria am a chemical engineer i like to come to dubai to work there what can u help me about that and if u want i can send to u my cv i really thank u if u help me about that byeeeeee

hello, i'm * (* years)from germany i like to go to spain in march until august to practise my spanish. do you know something to worke or a practical? i have practice in museum pedagogics, children animation in circus and cooking. also i'm interessted in musik, theatre, literature. maby it helps you. hope you can help me. have a nice weekend. *

(Sent to all members in Spain.)

Hiii!! my name is * i’m from naples,i’m writing you because very probably i’ll came in london this august for work,i don’ know nobody in that city so i ask you if you can help me hosting me at the begin until i find a place or if you can help me to find this place :), now i have contact an agency to find a job, but if you know about some pub ,hotel, restaurant that need someone please say me i’ll really thank you.Maybe i’m asking too to tour patience,i know,so i only hope to meet you in London (and in Naples of course when you came!!) and spend sometime together if you can guide me in the city. SEE YOU CIAOOOO
(Sent to all members in London.)

... I´m from Argentina but I have italian citizenship too. At this moment I´m in Malmoe (Sweden) trying to find a job, but I know that it´s impossible. I was living in Tenerife the last 8 months, but I wanted to try in Sweden, I´m here one week ago. But to get a job here if one doesn´t speak swedish is impossible. My english is an intermediate level, I need to improve it. I thought in travel to London some days ago, but as I don´t know nobody there I was thinking in come back to Tenerife (I have an air-ticket for this sunday) but like I´m close to England, and I discovered this club through a member yesterday, maybe I would go to London if someone can help me some days (staying in your house)until a I get a room where to live. But the most important what I want to know if is easy to get a job (in pub, a restaurant,etc o whatever). Remember that I have italian passport. I will be very grateful if you could answer me. And of course excuse me for this asking Kindest regards *

Hi friend, I am * frm India... currently I am working at Breckenridge ski resort and staying in keystone.. Is it possible to meet u out...I also need a help in 2nd job ..I am searching a job pt/night job...Can u provide me any help.. pLZ PROVIDE ME UR PHONE NO IF possible bye..looks forward to reading from you. *

Ola I am a South African * Years old,I am intending to come to Spain this Year in April untill June and I have already got a place to stay.what i want to ask from You is just a small job I can do to earn some money so that I may be able to live better. Infact I will be moving to Nancy in France after that so I will need some money for that,that is the reason why I want just a small job. Yours *

Hi *, I a 20 year old german guy whos going for three months to Japan. I would like to try to find work over there and recently a friend told me about Fukuoka.. a great place to go. Well Im still afraid to go to japan because of the high living cost. I would have to find a job (teaching or something else) and a place to live. I hope you as a native can give me some tips where to find a job, where to find a flat for three months (commom flat with roommates would be great... shared key money)a how to get around in Fukuoka.... so everything which could be at least usefull. I hope you can help me because Japan would be an experience I would like to have : ) Thanks in advance *
A message to us after we had asked a guy who had sent appartment spam to members to stop.
English Translation: I find all of this pretty much shit. And do not want to have anything to do with a Nazi Organisation in which other's people's mails are being read. Hereby I quit.
Deutsches Original: Ich finde das ganze ziemlich Scheiße. Und möchte nichts weiter mit einer Nazi Organisation haben, in der fremde Mails gelesen werden. Hiermit trete ich aus.

One visa spammer got really agressive to a member and volunteer who had actually tried to help him, but then got suspicious when asked to send something with his company's letterhead. He received this message from the spammer:
* you are the most stupid person i have ever meet on the net,what do you think of me?if i said i want you to help me,and u can't fine, this doesn't mean anything ok,why do you want to turnish me,do you think am like the Nigerians you talking about?am a Ghanaian and am not train that way ok,i never knew you are so stupid and a Gay of course,i don't need your help and i can survive wothout your help.back off and don't ever think like this for anyone good that i ask you and if you can't help to do that why can't you leave me alone,ASSHOLE.

Sent to another member only because he didn't like her profile: hi *! your comment at "hospitality club" made me wanna shout FUCK OFF because i'm a male and smoke pot.
Hello dear miss *, I said I should send you a mail to let you know that there is someone out here who is craving to meet with you and who beleives you are the perfect person for him.Although you don't know me I believe with time we will get to know each other. Well my name is * from Nigeria and I am * years old,you must be wandering the distance between me and you well that doesn't matter to me because I believe that when you are interested in someone you can go miles and miles just to meet with that special person. Dear miss *,I don't know your real name so if you realy want to get to know me better you can just give me a Holla at *@*.com My Dearest miss I send you a thousand kisses and love. Hear from you soon!!
(Sent to about 10 members.)

*, Greetings from Bangladesh! I'm * ~ Scorpio , Average body , 5' 7'' , two kids , smoke regularly , Drinks occasionally , muslim , Post-Graduate , Works Full-time. Although I enjoy going out, my busy schedule has made me decide to give this online thing a try. I have been working in the hotel industry for the past 10 years and have built a successful career. When I am not working I enjoy just about any outdoor activity. I spend much of my social time to countryside. If you enjoy to leisure trip, you'll have my attention right away. I enjoy spontaneous travel within Bangladesh and have been to the Sea beech area on a few dates. There's something exciting to me about the chance to make a new friend or just have a fun date.. . So don't be shy if you're not nearby. Awaiting your reply to: *@*.com Thanks. *

first of all i love iceland as a strange mythical and magical country . second i feel lonely after a separation of a long relation. third i liked you at least virtually(little prince) forth iam a passionate and impulsive man who likes travelling and people who like travelling and new experiences. is it enough?iam happy if you were pleasurably suprised and wait you . million greek kisses,*

Hm, are he and the first date spammer above brothers? One and the same spammer? Using templates for their messages? Hello *, I said I should send you a mail to let you know that there is someone here who is craving to meet you and who believe you are the perfect person for him. It's my pleasure to send you mail. I saw your e-mail on the hospitality club which I developed an interest in mailing you, and that's why you're reading my mail, and I hope you will consider be my friend and even more than a friend. Well, just little about me, and I know you will have to be looking forwards to hear that in this mail that I am sending to you. And if you're ready, here I go about myself.... I am * by name, male, tall, daek in complexion, easy going, straight forward, jovial, but shy at the first meeting. I was born and raised in Nigeria, and now I am staying in Lagos, which is the biggest city in West Africa. My hobbies are listen to music, surf the web, computer, meeting new people, traveling... which I have not done at all but I have it in mind to tour round the world. I like making people laugh, I listen a lot and I like sharing opinion with other people. Like listening to R&B, Rap, Souls, etc. I came from a big family which if I start going in details into my family background, I will not finish the mail today. But I will like you to reply to this mail by you telling me more about yourself... and if possible you can send me your picture if available. Dear miss; I don't know your real name so if you really want to get to know me better you can give me a Holla. Finally, my dearest one, I would want you to tell me more about yourself and also feel free to ask me about myself when you reply this my mail. Nice meeting you!!! Lol from, *.
This spammer's behaviour was especially deceiving. He first signed up as a Country Volunteer, told us he would try to stop the annoying trend of people from Ghana using the HC as a visa agency and then did it himself (after sending tons of seemingly harmless messages to many HC members). Quotes from a message to us: In respond to your mail,i am very grateful that i am considered for this position.I am not going to call myself ghana volunteer without an action to promote the club. ... In the matters of people using this club for visas from Ghana,i will try to act in a sensible way to curb this trend of affairs,and i hope it will gradually fade from Ghana. And then a message to a member: This is *,Ghana volunteer for Hospitality Club.In line with my intended visit,i am sending you this mail to inform you that i will be coming to you in April,2004 during my leave of absence. I went to the german embassy here in Ghana to investigate the possibility of coming to Germany and i was told that the person hosting me should obtain a document by name formal obligation which evidence that food and accommodation will be provided. can you contact the local immigration authority about this?
hello. greetings from cameroon.i am * .i am a cameroonian male aged * and a youth leader.i am a small bussiness man dealing in carving items such as masks, statues, chairs and many other carving items of different seizesand nature.i saw your profile in our hospitality club and wishes to create a long lasting friend ship with you.i also intend to travel to your country before the end of this year and need a friend like you to help me .i will need some papers ranging from an invitation letter to loging and acomotation attestations as proof to present to the embassy before i can be giving a visa.i am sure you can be of help to me as these papers or documents are concern.i will be also grateful if you can find a market for such items that i can contact other people who own such shops on my behalf and let me know.donot be surprise that i am demanding much from is because we need help or favours from one another for our wellbeign to make the world a better place to live in with the advent of globalisation and the world becaming a global village. i willbe hoping to read from you as soon as possible. * your new fried from cameroon.
Send a message Hello Friend, How are you and your business ,I will be noiting Greece for the Athens 2004 Olympic game and I was choosen as a Volunteer I will like you to please help me with accomodation while in your country ,Furthermore I have given your name and number to your embassy in Nigeria for refernce purpose . I look forward to your hospitality host for me in your country Please reply me as soon as posible best Regards *

bonjour, je suis *, je suis Française, je réside en Provence et j'ai une requête un peu particulière car je cherche quelqu'un sur la Belgique qui pourrait m'enregistrer sur K7 video des épisodes de la série Jerry Seinfeld qui passe tous les soirs (sauf Vend et WE) sur Canal + Belgique à 20h10, c'est le seul pays d'Europe où cette série est encore diffusée,et cela fait des années que j'essaye de me procurer cette série qui n'a jamais été enregistrée car impossible de trouver des videos ou DVD. Alors voilà j'essaye de contacter des personnes en Belgique susceptibles de pouvoir m'aider à ce sujet.... d'avance merci pour votre prochaine réponse, positive ou négative (?). cordiales salutations.*

I want you to visit me.
(Sent to lots and lots of members.)

Hi *! I'm a boy from Hungary. I speak also Spanish but now I write in English. I would like to say you, that maybe I will travel next year in summer to Costa Rica to work in a hotel. It's a voluntary job in the Tucan Hotel. I want to request you. So I hope that you could get informations about this hotel. Originally I and my mate get quarters and accomodations, but we don't want that the Hotel misleads us. Maybe you could look at this hotel. And when in summer we travel to Costa Rica, maybe you could help me in other things too. Thank you and best wishes!!!!! Byebye * from Hungary

This one is amazing - you have to understand German to appreciate it. A German father desperatly wanting to get the driver's license for his daughter in Ireland for cheap. And writing to the members there in GERMAN! Hallo ! Brauchte ein paar Informationen. Meine Tochter ist 17 Jahre u. wird bald den Führerschein (PKW) machen . In Deutschland kostet dieser zwischen 800 u. 1500 €. -wieviel kostet er in Irland ? -können sie mir Adresse von einer Fahrschule Dublin mailen ? -wie läuft in Irland die Prüfung ab ? Danke - * !
hallo *!schönen ADWEND ! es wäre nett , wenn sie geantwortet hätten ! ich will nicht aufdringlich sein, wenn sie möchten , suche ich neuen kontakt zu einer dublin-erinn(;-)?! -eventuell rufe ich sie nocheinmal wegen der fragen an. -wie läuft eine fahrprüfung ungefair ab? -wie alt muss man zur prüfung sein ? -was kostet eine vorübergehende anmeldung in der stadt dublin ? -gibt es in der fahrschule deutsche/engl. fragen? viele grüße - * (* ) P.S. Bitte antworten ob die mail angekommen ist !

Hello freiend, I so much love your profile that I decide to inform you of my decision to put up with you.I intend visiting your country on a very important programme,though the actual date has not been fixed but it should be around March/April.Iwould like you to contact me using my e-mail and this is my mail address:*@*.com. Thanks, *
Secretary Tasks
Hi My name's * scuse me but my english is not good will you do me a favour? I want to find my uncle in merlboune I want you take the white pages and find the * family if it's possible? you write the number in the e-mail for me thank you very much
(Sent to tons and tons of members.)

Hi, I live in Pakistan Karachi, I am a dog lover and at this time I am looking to import a Labrador puppy, can you please forward me any contact details of any good breeder in your place. I will appriciate your assistance. *

Hello *, My name is * and I'm a * year old Student of English and Russian. To improve my English skills I'd like to go to Ireland and so I'm trying to find a job in Dublin. In order to get a good job I need a perfect application letter and that's why I would like to ask you if might be so nice and read through (maybe correct)my CV, application and reference letter. If you agree please send me your email address so that I can send you my files. Thanks. Yours, * Email: *@*.at

Prezado Senhor e Senhora, Feliz Natal e Prospero Ano Novo. Fineza enviar via fax o material abaixo: DIARIO DA JUSTIÇA - REPUBLICA FEDERATIVA DO BRASIL - IMPRENSA NACIONAL - SECAO 2 Pagina 278 de 22.12.2003 DIARIO DA JUSTICA - REPUBLICA FEDERATIVA DO BRASIL - IMPRENSA NACIONAL
Dear *, Greetings from Ghana.My name is *,Ghana volunteer for Hospitality club.My student by name * is planning a trip to Italy next year and i am requesting,as a part of my service to the Hopitality club,as to whether you can host him,including meals. If you consider hosting him,please come back to him for visiting schedules.Find below his e-mail address; *@*.com. I hope that you will provide this assistance as a member of the club.

Hello! I am writing to you, because two friends of mine will go to Nigeria. They'll be at Lagos at the 16./17. September. Afterwards they want to go to Abuja. Could you please give me some information about how they could travel from Lagos to Abuja? Or could you give some information about Lagos? What clothes will they need? Perhaps you could welcome them at the airport? My friends (* and *) live in New York ... I would be very happy to hearing from you soon!

*, what about having a guest in late June or July? My daughter is Polish, just two years younger than you and she must improve her French for her planned studies, but I can't afford paying regular school PLUS accommodation. She speaks very good English, but only intermediate French. She likes reading and music, just like you. She could share your rent and pay for food, but needs to stay longer (2+ weeks). How much money would she need for that? And what do you say to the idea? If it's OK, you can contact her at *@*.pl ... (she doesn't know I'm writing to you)

(Plus Appartment Spam:) Hello, A very good friend of mine is going to study sociology in Copenhagen for on semester starting with February. For the time of her stay in Denmark she'll need a room or something like that. So i kindly ask you whether you know an empty room within a flat-sharing community or other posibilities suitable to a student. Thanks very much for your help, *
This one was surely meant as a test for the spam checkers, quite funny actually. But we did catch it...:-)hey * my name is * and i'm very hot black and spicy chick from jamaica. i hope that i can stay for one week in your austrian bed and show you what hot jamaican mammas can do for ya as presant i and i bring ya a big bag of goood jamaican weed and we will smoke and have sex together until da morning. hope i and i can come to ya jahhhhhahhhhahha rastaffari
Comment Abuse
This guy registered twice with different user names and then posted this comment on himself.*: - trusted you, said you were his/her host. * wrote this about how you met/your relationship: << During our xchange programm AFS >> and posted this comment about you: << Nice, friendly guy,he likes to help others in trouble, it was a nice experience >>

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