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The Hospitality Club is the world's largest hospitality exchange organization. We are thousands of friendly members world wide who offer each other free accommodation when traveling. Membership is free and joining just takes a minute - we would love to have you onboard!

Public Profile          
Name:Nancy Margaretha My photo!
City: Jakarta 
Region/State: Jakarta 
Postal Code (ZIP): 13260 
Country: Indonesia 
Date of Birth:23.3.1979Gender: Female 
Occupation: Networker
Travels and interests
Languages spoken: English, Malays, Bahasa
Hobbies, Interests: DANCIN! Travel, Hike, dive, outdoors 
Organizations I am a member of:  
Travel experience: Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherland, Spain ,Australia, Malaysia, Srilanka, Kalimantan-Borneo, Cambodia, Hongkong, Macau-China, Vietnam, Thailand,Czech,Hungary,Romania,Bulgaria,Belgium,France. 
Planned trips, where & when (you can also post your plans in the Forum): South America and Africa
Anything else about myself: Im a chain smoker and Cold Freak, i collect small note money from countries [only the small account ;)]
Help and advice
I can offer:Accommodation:yes have someone over for dinner - other:...Travel Arrangement
Best times for me to help someone:(long) Weekends or national holidays, and anytime as im available with early notice ya
Nearby public transport: My house strategically posed between 2 (two) big bus station in Jakarta. Terminal bus RAWAMANGUN and terminal bus PULO-GADUNG. Rawamangun Bus terminal is one of the bus stations which have airport bus. From Airport Jakarta look for the DAMRI Airport SHUTTLE bus SIGN! Dont let cheated by taxi driver said there are no bus left coz the Airport bus will standby at DOMESTIC arrival gate latest till 23.00. Take/Choose the RAWAMANGUN route till you stop there; (cost 15.000 rups). Soon you reach the RAWAMANGUN Bus Station, If u feel want to go alone by yourself, u can do this: @ get Bajaj (tuk-tuk traditional transport) cost about (higest) 15.000 Rups (1,5Eur) do bargain!!, or @ get a taxi (approximately it will cost you not more then 20.000 rups (2Eur). You can show them my address telling them where you want to go. However, yet pay attention, my place from the bus station will only take MAX 20 minutes! So if it been long time for you to reach it then you should watch out, especially taxi driver coz they work on meter, they can take you roam around the city just to get high tariff. From other part of the city, let say from outside Jakarta, you can take any bus which have PULO-GADUNG Route. Most of bus station from outside and within Jakarta area have route to PULO-GADUNG bus station. And soon you reach there you can do the same like if you stop from RAWAMANGUN Bus station, take a taxi or the traditional tuk-tuk transportation; BAJAJ In any problems, please sms or call me so I can direct the driver to my place or even pick you up from both stations. Below is my address: Jalan Kelapa Puan Timur 3 blok ND 3 No.1 Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara. This is a direction in my language :Bahasa Indonesia. Arah Kelapa Gading Mall menuju Boulevard. Belok kea rah La Piazza, ambil rute AL-Azhar, Lihat jalur diseberang AL-AZHAR ada bengkel PUTRA TUNGGAL, masuk ke dalam gang/komplek tepat disamping bengkel tsb. Rumah ada dibelakang warung rokok warna biru. Alamat tertulis. 
Nearby bigger cities, distance: Jogjakarta, Bali , Lombok
Interesting things to see and do where I live, my tips (please also add this to theI luv LOMBOK MOST
I live with:my partner (wife, husband, girl/boyfriend) - my child(ren)
Sleeping place I can offer:space on the floor - mattress - sofa - bed - separate room - other:...Very Cheap Guest House
Please bring: sleeping bag
Maximum number of guests: 4Maximum length of stay: go with the flow
Notification - visitors: should notify whenever days in advance, must notify whatever days in advance, can call on arrival and are asked to call between 00.00 and 24.00.
Gender of guest:doesn't matterSmoking: no problem
Requirements and Restrictions:no drugs - pay for phone calls - pay for food - do dishes - other:smile to my mom ;), she's the queen of the house :P
Pets:I got many dogs 
Profile Summary: Hello fellow traveler… I love networking and hosting is one of the ways. Home without people roaming around is just not homier for me. I was born in a Hosting family. We always have sort tradition to have ‘open house’. My grandfather are spices trader who always let his relatives (and the relative’s relatives ^_^) from the village come and stay at his place. My Father spent his life as a sailor looking for oil, he keep sending whoever he meets on his way to our house. There, the ex-guest sends their kids, nephews, nieces to travel again to our house and they become my HOSTING part. I’m not a spices trader like my grandpa’ neither a sailor like my dad; Thou, I do some traveling for my own favor; I couldn’t meet many people along my trip as much as them. I was in a long time worked as Project Controller in telecom industries by building some computer application programming. But, that’s the best things when the history wheel it turns the internet become just another small way to run the family tradition of receiving guests. I’m a single mom, living with my 3 girls Sometimes parent or sibling come over and my mom visit and cook for us on the weekend (which I wish everyday). We are a common Christian family which lives peacefully in a country of the highest population of Moslem's in the whole world. However, for Moslem's guest, they should consider in our place we drink alcohol and our 3 dogs always roam around the house. The place is 99% available at anytime, we have spare bedrooms also couch-bed, and of course we allow people sleep the floor if they bring own sleeping bag. After you READ MY PROFILE, send me a request email, I will inform u immediately about my schedule in case u probably hit the rest of 1% chance not to have any space available. Arm wide open -Nonesee-
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