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Cities in Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
City: # City: #
Aarschot15 Leuven411
Affligem4 Liedekerke4
Asse13 Linkebeek3
Beersel4 Linter3
Begijnendijk8 Londerzeel1
Bekkevoort3 Lubbeek16
Bever2 Meise11
Bierbeek7 Merchtem6
Boortmeerbeek5 Opwijk5
Boutersem6 Oud-Heverlee20
Diest13 Overijse19
Dilbeek31 Roosdaal3
Galmaarden5 Rotselaar11
Glabbeek1 Scherpenheuvel-Zichem5
Gooik4 Sint-Genesius-Rode/Rhode-Saint-Genèse11
Grimbergen20 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw11
Haacht11 Steenokkerzeel10
Halle20 Ternat6
Herent6 Tervuren15
Hoeilaart6 Tienen16
Huldenberg6 Tremelo12
Kampenhout8 Vilvoorde24
Kapelle-op-den-Bos4 Wemmel5
Keerbergen10 Wezembeek-Oppem21
Kortenberg7 Zaventem14
Landen7 Zemst13
Lennik8 Zoutleeuw5
Info about Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
Vlaams-Brabant Travel Guide Login to edit Login to view History Help

If you come to Brussels you obligatory pass through Vlaams-Brabant, Brussels airport is in Vlaams-Brabant and the province entirely surround the region of Brussels. Some really wonderful 'off the beaten track' location can be found in Vlaams-brabant and anybody who is willing to discover some more than simply the center of the country's capital shall spend some moment in the region. Leuven (the capital of the province) is one of the Belgian wonder but still untouch by mass tourism.

The province is divided in three physical area:
-Hageland: Eastern part including Aarschot, Diest, Tienen and Leuven still holding much forest and farms in a hilly area. You can either enjoy the monuments of the wonderful city of the region or have a nature walk in nature along the river Dijle.
-Pajottenland: Western part, rural and beer brewer are common.
-Groene Gordeel (Green Belt): Surrounding Brussels including big forest and many villages, interesting for some hiking.
More info on the travel guide

Top Things to See and Do
-Leuven (Capital and wonder of the Province)
-Aarschot (Quiet charming little town)
-Grimbergen (Charming center and abbey on the periphery of Brussel)
-Tervuren (Castle, Belgian African Museum and Forest on the edge of Brussels)
-Halle (Another charming little town south of Brussels)
-Tienen (Sugar city with a great Market place and church)
More info on the travel guide

Neighbor regions/States:
Vlaams-Brabant entirely surround the region of Brussels, which are strongly interconnected. The other neighbouring belgian provinces includes : (Vlaanderen) Limburg, Antwerpen, Oost-Vlaanderen, (Wallonie) Brabant-Wallon and Liège.

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Last postings about Vlaams-Brabant Belgium from other users
djsirmatthew wrote:

A lot of historical buildings, the largest bar-counter in Europe, nice clubs, nice atmosphere because of student-life

ivanvanlommen wrote:

Historical towns Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges

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