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The landscape of the western Georgian region of Guria is dominantly mountainous, and black Sea shore makes it much attractive for tourists. Climate is warm in summer and in winter relatively.Guria is famous for its culinary and good wine. Oranges, kiwi and other sorts of citruses together with nut production are the base of Gurian farming. Gurian polyphonic songs and ancient custom of hospitality are well known too. . Eco-tourism and sightseeing (a)Paliastomi lake and mountain resort of (b)Bakhmaro are the best places to visit in Guria. The coastline of Guria is famous with (c) Ureki village, where visitors and tourists may enjoy a special sort of sand (magnificent, healthcare). The lake of Chinchao on the mount of Gomi and Achi ravine are excellent places for eco-tourists. There are hunting and fishing enclosures in Guria too. . Transportation There is located nearest international airport in Tbilisi (350kms far from Ozurgeti). Other international airport in Batumi is under construction and is planned to be completed for this year. There is seaport in Batumi too and bus and railway station in Ozurgeti. The existence of the tourism potential in Guria was studied by the Canadian consultant Jim Beaty who was invited by the founders of ,,WG-group” last year (2006), who agreed that it is able to develop different kinds of tourism like: 1. Adventure 2. Country 3.Eco. 4. Extreme tourism and etc.. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ........................................................... A REAL EXPERIENCE FOR THOSE WHO WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT:::::: I just spent two weeks in the city of Ozurgeti, in Guria, a region in the West part of Republic of Georgia. It is easily accessible form the port city of Batumi, or from the capital, Tbilisi. Cruise ships are now stopping at Batumi making Guria a good destination for a one day tour from the ship. If you have the time, you could spend a few days or a week exploring Guria. It offers beautiful scenery and lots of history and culture. There are many old Monasteries and churches to visit high in the mountains with beautiful vistas of the valleys far below where the rivers flow out to the Black Sea. There is a rich heritage of music and dance to enjoy and authentic West Georgia cuisine and hospitality to bring you back again. Guria will appeal to experienced travellers looking for something different where few tourists have gone before. This area known for its tea, nuts, and fruit was been hit hard economically when Georgia broke away from the Soviet Union and their main markets disappeared. They are only now starting to recover and rebuild their infrastructure. As a result, tourism is just starting to emerge and amenities are very basic and relatively inexpensive. Finding a Home Stay with a Gurian family is the best bet as you travel in from the coast since hotels are scarce. I know of only one company specializing in Guria and offering tours. West Georgia Group is located in Ozurgeti and operated by three local women who know the area and its amenities very well. Their website is and has some great pictures and interesting details of the region. The company has just started up so you could be one of the first to be dined and entertained as a tourist in Guria. I’ve been in Ozurgeti, Guria three times now in the past two years and look forward to a time when I can return. The region of Guria is worth seeing more than once, but it’s the genuine hospitality of the people that will really bring you back. For more info look up Georgia and Guria in or or write me at::: ::::::Trevor Davies (mamonaman), Canada

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Black Sea, mountains, churches, rivers, nature, natural springs, euro-park, folklore, theatre, and good wine.

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