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Cities in Emilia-Romagna, Italy
City: # City: #
Albinea3 Marina di Ravenna1
Alfonsine5 Marina Romea1
anzola dell'emilia1 Marzabotto4
argenta2 massa lombarda1
Bagnacavallo8 Medicina2
Bagno di Romagna4 meldola1
Baricella1 mercato saraceno1
Bastiglia1 Mezzani1
bazzano1 Migliaro1
Bellaria - Igea Marina8 Minerbio2
Berceto1 mirandola8
Berra1 Modena162
Bertinoro8 Modigliana3
Bettola (Piacenza)1 Molinella8
bibbiano1 Mondaino1
Bobbio - Coli1 montale1
Bologna954 Monte Colombo2
Bondeno di Ferrara2 Montecchio Emilia4
Borello2 Montechiarugolo2
Borgo val di Taro1 Montefiore Conca1
Borgonovo Val Tidone2 Monteveglio1
Brisighella3 Monzuno5
budrio1 Neviano degli Arduini1
Budrio (Bo)3 nonantola1
Cadelbosco di Sopra1 novellara2
Calderara di Reno - Lippo3 Novi di Modena2
Campagnola Emilia3 Ottone PC1
Campogalliano1 Ozzano dell'Emilia1
camugnano3 Palagano1
Canossa1 Parma124
Carpi27 Pavullo nel Frignano1
Casalecchio di Reno4 Piacenza83
Casalgrande2 Pianoro5
Casinalbo di Formigine MO1 Podenzano1
casola valsenio1 poggio berni1
Castel Maggiore6 Ponte dell'Olio1
Castel san Pietro terme3 Porretta Terme3
Castelfranco Emilia11 Portomaggiore1
Castellarano3 Predappio3
Castello D'Argile1 Quattro Castella7
castello di serravalle1 Rastignano1
Castelnovo ne' Monti3 Ravarino1
Castelnuovo Fogliani1 Ravenna78
Castelnuovo Rangone3 Reggio nell'Emilia104
Castelvetro di Modena3 Reggiolo3
castelvetro piacentino2 Riccione16
Castrocaro Terme1 Rimini115
Cattolica12 Rio Saliceto1
Cavezzo2 Riola di Vergato (B0)1
Cavriago3 Riolo Terme2
Cento7 Ro1
cervia4 Rolo1
Cesena63 Rubiera2
Cesenatico11 Russi2
Codigoro2 Sala Bolognese2
Collecchio1 Salsomaggiore Terme3
Comacchio5 San Cesario sul Panaro1
Concordia sulla Secchia3 san felice sul panaro1
Copparo1 san giorgio di piano1
Coriano3 San Giorgio P.no1
Corniglio1 san giovanni in marignano5
Correggio8 San Giovanni in Persiceto5
Cotignola1 San Lazzaro di Savena1
crevalcore2 San Marino1
Dozza1 San Martino in Rio3
Fabbrico5 San Mauro Pascoli5
Faenza32 San Pietro in Casale3
Fanano1 san pietro in vincoli1
Ferrara94 San Polo d'Enza2
Fidenza8 San Prospero1
finale emilia4 san secondo parmense1
Fiorano Modenese3 San Venanzio di Galliera1
Fiorenzuola d'Arda2 Sant' Ilario d' Enza2
Fiumalbo2 Sant'Agata Bolognese2
Fontanelice1 Sant'Agata sul Santerno2
Fontevivo1 Sant'Agostino1
Forlì100 Sant'Ilario d'Enza3
Forlimpopoli5 santa maria nuova - bertinoro1
Formigine4 Santarcangelo di Romagna7
Fusignano2 Sasso Marconi2
Gambettola2 Sassuolo13
gatteo1 Savarna1
Gossolengo (PC)1 Savignano Sul Panaro1
Granarolo dell'Emilia7 Savignano sul Rubicone7
Guastalla1 Scandiano5
Guiglia4 Soliera1
Imola49 Spilamberto3
LAMA MOCOGNO1 Trecasali1
langhirano2 Vado di Monzuno2
Lesignano de'Bagni1 Valmozzola1
levizzano di basio1 Verano di Podenzano1
lizzano in belvedere1 Vergato4
Loiano2 Vignola5
Lugo12 Vigolzone2
Luzzara1 Voghiera1
Maranello7 Zola Predosa8
Info about Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Emilia-Romagna Travel Guide Login to edit Login to view History Help

Famous for culture and food creations.
The landscape of Emilia-Romagna is shaped by the Po plain in the northern border and centre, by the Apennines in the soth border and by long and sandy beaches of Adriatic Sea on the east border.

Bacchus the godness of wine and food, must have lived here!The Province Emilia-Romagna is in the north of Italy and is the first province after the Alps Mountains with the typical Italian flair. The north of the Emilia is shaped by the plain valley of the Po river. The pork specialities are based here, even the famous Lambrusco wine which is a sweet wine from this region.

Neighbour regions/States (map)
In the north and west the Emilia touches the Lombardia. In southwest Liguria and Piemonte. In the south behind the Appenines Range is the romantic Toscana (Tuscany).In the southeast the Emilia touches the Marche and the east is bordered by the Adriatic Sea, where the famous holiday cities Rimini and Riccione are. This areas seems to be relicts from the germany tourism onslaught from the 50s to the 80s but are still lively, especially for locals. In northeast it borders with the province Veneto. The capital of this province is Bologna, where many countries offers consulates. The embassies are located in Rome. In Modena the famous Masseratti and Ferrari cars are built. The course of Imola is only few minutes away. Here is the home of the "Balsamico di Modena" a vinegar speciality, which has a very large tradition and needs many many years to develop its unique taste. In the area of Bologna and Modena a fried bred is eaten. It's called "Gnocco fritto" and is served with different cheeses like Stracchino, Parmegiano and ham specialities like "Prosciutto di Parma" (Parma ham) or "Cula" (salted pork), which origin is a village named Zibrello. If you order this, you'll get a good overview of Emilian gastronomy. To try every culinary speciality offered here, you must stay a long time or return many times. The Italian kitchen is simple, uncomplicated and the search for extreme tastes.

Top Things to See and Do
The Po-plain became within the last twenty years a very important agricultural and economic region and became rich and very expensive, too.
The most important places to visit are:
Bologna and its monuments (Nettuno fountain), churches (St. Petronio, 7 churches of St. Stefano), museums (Museo Archeologico) and palaces (Palazzo Re Enzo). There are also an interesting (former) jewish quarter and the oldest university of Europe.
Another interesting city ot visit is Ravenna where you can find the most important Byzantium churches and mosaics in the country.
Ferrara has a beautiful centre (Unesco's site) and some important palace to see (Palazzo Schifanoia - great frescoes and Palazzo dei Diamanti - often houses important exhibits). In the hinterland there is the natural park of Po, with typical swamps and passing lake birds.
Who likes the "Don Camillo and Peppone" movies, must visit the village "Brescello" in the north of "Reggio nell´Emilia" close to the river Po, where these movies have been recorded in the 50ies and early 60ies. In Brescello is a museum where the original requisites can be seen. If you don´t know this movies, maybe you should watch them before you visit Italy- to have a more or less realistic impression. In the time this film was made, the Italian folks decided against the Kingdom and the Republic Italy was founded. After that, the political orientation was very unclear. There was a very strong communistic movement, which wanted to found a socialistic Republic. But the the strong catholic church was oriented to western democracy and was able to influent the people to decide for. Many things you can find in Italy is shaped by this time and in Brescello, this spirit is still living.
Rimini, Riccione, Cesenatico, Milano Marittima, Marina di Ravenna ... these are only some of the most known beaches of the Adriatic Sea. Here nightlife is really lively and rich and can be easy-going or snobish according to the place you choose to go.
In the Apennines Range you can skiing in winter and have beautiful trekking in sunny seasons.
Moreover, thanks to its central location, from Emilia-Romagna is easy to reach other regions, being Bologna the most important railway station in the country. From Bologna you can reach Florence in 1 hour, Venice and Milan in less than 2 hours by train or by car.

Who is coming? badi from Poland is coming on 24-th October. I need to get from Milano to Piacenza and maybe staying there for one night. Then I go to Groppovisdomo, south from Piacenza. Maybe you could help me with advice or hospitality accomodation? :)

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* * * Have a look at Bologna and Modena! Contact matteobrit on the italian visitors section! * * *

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Last postings about Emilia-Romagna Italy from other users
sauro wrote:

bologna is a medieval city, one of the best in italy; food is delicious and the people is friendly

jack wrote:

Bologna is an interesting city. There are a lot of students, pubs, monuments, parks. It's a very nice town to stay for a day or two. It' s also not very far from others interesting and more famous cities of Italy

pegasus wrote:

lots of ancient towns, castles, monuments of different ages, beautiful hills landscapes and, why not, some time on the beach

claudiao wrote:

La ciudad de Asunción es muy bella, es chica pero tiene sus encantos. Casas viejas, iglesias, etc. La bahia durante la noche es excelente!. pero lo mas importante aqui (para mi) es salir a la noche a conocer gente, charlar y porque no bailar!.

jema2003cr wrote:

ninguna opinion

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