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Cities in Západní Čechy, Czech Republic
City: # City: #
3 Planá u Mariánských Lázní1
Cheb14 Plzeň114
Chodov1 Prádlo1
Chrást2 Přimda1
Dobřany2 Radnice2
Domažlice6 Rokycany12
Františkovy Lázně3 Skalná1
Halže1 Sokolov2
Horní Blatná1 Spálené Poříčí1
Horní Bříza1 Stará Role1
Jáchymov3 Starý Plzenec2
Janovice nad Úhlavou1 Stebnice1
Kakejcov1 Sušice4
Karlovy Vary35 Svárov u Unhoště1
Kašperské Hory1 Tachov3
Klatovy2 Toužim1
Kovářská1 Úterý1
Kunovice1 Vejprnice2
Mariánské Lázně7 Vojkovice1
Ostrov6 Zruč-Senec3
Info about Západní Čechy, Czech Republic
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Western Bohemia offers many attractive places without having to deal with huge crowds: beautiful nature where the southwestern part of the Ore Mountains continues the Šumava mountain range, rich folklore traditions of the Chodsko region, spa lovers are pampered at the most famous Czech spa in Karlovy Vary, and beer fans are invited to tour the world famous Pilsen brewery.

Top Things to See and Do
Karlovy Vary (spa), Becherovka, Loket, Františkovy Lázně (spa), Mariánské Lázně (spa), Domažlice, Klenčí pod Čerchovem, National Park (Národní park) Šumava, Železná Ruda, Kašperské Hory (mountain range), Kašperk, Sušice, Plzeň.

Neighbor regions/States: Please add links here. This way members can quickly surf around. The Czech Republic (CZ) is a relatively small country in terms of area, about 79 000 km2 (similar to the size of e.g. Ireland); it is very rich and diverse in terms of regional landscapes and sights. CZ is divided into Bohemia and Moravia. Bohemia lies in a large basin, enclosed on the north, west and south by a natural border line of mountains, which also allow for ideal conditions for winter and summer recreation. Central Bohemia , where also the capital city of Prague is located, is the natural center of this basin with diverse landscapes, a large number of historical cities, medieval castles and charming chateaux. Picturesque villages with exceptionally well-preserved folk architecture and unique ponds systems can be found in South Bohemia. West Bohemian spas are very famous. North Bohemia is known for its heavy industry, as well as the hills of České stredohoří (Bohemian Middle Mountains) and the sandstones of Českosaské Švýcarsko (Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland). The highest Czech mountain range, Krkonoše (The Giant Mountains), is located in this region, as well as the origin of the largest Czech river, the Elbe (Labe), in East Bohemia.

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Last postings about Západní Čechy Czech Republic from other users
aladin wrote:

Pilsen, brewery, brewery museum, Skoda Works with museum, highest church tower in Middle Europe, Pilsen underground, Jewish Synagogue and number of castles around etc. Prague, about 1 hour trip by car.

janapil wrote:

There is a leaning tower in the square of Domazlice. Domazlice, Klatova, Plzen are very old and beautiful towns with rich history. In Plzen you can find e.g. brew house, Pilsner Urquel Beer World ( , historical underground, zoo, dinopark etc...

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