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Cities in Budapest, Hungary
City: # City: #
Adyliget6 Pest side248
Angyalföld72 Pest, East side25
Belváros-Lipótváros29 Pest-Kispest17
buda51 Pesterzsébet19
Buda - Szabadság Hill2 Pesthidegkút1
Buda side360 Pestimre2
Buda-Óbuda112 pestszentimre3
Budafok21 Pestszentlőrinc29
Budakeszi9 Pestújhely3
Budaörs15 Pilis1
Budapest2198 Pilisborosjenő/Weindorf1
Budapest - Sasad2 Piliscsaba5
Budapest-Rákosszentmihály5 rákos2
Centrum46 Rakoshegy2
Csepel2 Rákoskeresztúr5
Csepel island32 Rákoskert5
Diplomatanegyed1 Rakosliget8
Dunakeszi7 Rákospalota-Budapest11
Ecser4 Rákosszentmihály3
Érd3 Rómaifürdő1
Erzsebetvaros70 Rózsadomb7
Farkasrét1 Sashalom5
Ferencváros35 Soroksár8
Ferencváros ( Budapest ix.district )23 Szeged5
Gazdagrét/Richfield2 szekszard1
Gellérthill4 Szentendre8
Halásztelek3 Szigethalom3
Hidegkút4 szigetszentmárton1
Horány1 Szigetszentmiklós3
II/a Máriaremete6 Szodliget1
Józsefváros55 Szokolya1
Kelenföld25 Telki2
Kelenvölgy1 terezvaros27
Kerepes4 tizehét1
Kispest31 tokol2
Kőbánya30 Törökbálint-Budapest3
Lágymányos1 Újbuda29
Maglod1 Ujlipotvaros22
Mátyásföld3 Újpalota4
mende1 Újpest51
miskolc1 Uri1
Mogyoród4 Üröm2
Nagykovácsi4 Vecses3
Óbuda15 Viziváros9
Paty3 Wekerle3
Pécel1 XII.1
Pecs1 Zuglo96
Info about Budapest, Hungary
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WARNING! Experience shows that too many people plan too short a trip to Budapest: three days, or even just two. Well, I have to tell you this time will only be sufficient to make you regret that you didn't stay longer! Do yourself a favour, and plan at least a week-long stay in Budapest. The city is not just about seeing a few tourist sights ad then you are done: it has a huge historical centre, full of houses built between 1890 and 1930, with very peculiar styles. You will have to spend hours with your nose in the air, looking at weird cupolas, mosaics, statues, coloured ceramics ... Even one week will only be enough if you are the Duracell bunny. If you are not, you may want to plan extra days, for example to enjoy one of the famous Turkish baths, or to see some museums.

Why should you come? God, there are sooooo many reasons...I can just give you one, which is closest to my heart: Pszinapszis (Budapest Psychology Days) is being organized for the 11th time in 2007 by the Pszichodiák Alapítvány. Pszinapszis is Europe’s largest scientific-cultural-educational event that is organized exclusively by students. Our main goal is to bring psychology a bit closer to everyone: we would like You to get familiar with psychology, to see how much You have to do with it and maybe show You, how You could use it in your life. The fact that Pszinapszis attracted 4000 visitors last year shows that there is a growing interest in European society for psychology. The motto of this year's Pszinapszis – around which the programme is built – is “Under Development”. Visitors will be invited to take a look at the different kinds of changes a person, a family, a group of people or a society can go through. Topics will be examined from the viewpoint of 21st century psychology by our guest lecturers. The scientific programme consists of lectures, roundtable discussions and self-experience workshops, but Pszinapszis is a lot more, than just a conference. Our cultural programme gives Pszinapszis the certain "ambiente", that is not comparable to others. Exhibitions, concerts, theatre and dance performances, teahouse and a relax-room with free massage will maybe help the visitor to experience "development" from a very different point of view. We warmly invite everyone who is interested to come and join us and see the beautiful Budapest in spring! Interested? Contact me (cokmok) and I will try to answer you questions, give you more info about Pszinapszis and Budapest and even try to find you cheap accomodation (since I can't host everyone :) cheers, Anna some informations for undergound/urban-style-lovers...


Budapest Public Transport:

HC BUDAPEST MEETING, March 31st!! Come, experience true HC spirit while making new friends and having fun with members! For more information take a look at this forum thread and subscribe to it!

Who is coming?
Just add your user name and basic info (date and places you will visit) about your trip here, maybe other members will invite you or meet up with you on the road. Use your profile to tell more about your plans. leonak: Hello! I´m going to visit Budapest supposedly on the end of February or on the beginning of March. If there is someone, who could offer me accomodation for 4 days or only be my guide i will be glad. my e-mail Hello! I'm Vlada from Kyiv (Ukraine). I'm studying economical geography in the Kyiv National university, and I'm also a member of egea (the european geography association). Me and two of my friends geographers are going to travel through Europe to Groningen for the students exchange. we are going to come at the 16th of August and to stay for one night in Budapest. We really do not need much space to sleep. It's my first writing message on this website and I'm a bit puzzled with this, so I could do some mistakes. Plese, write me if you can help us as quick as you can. This is my e-mail: Thank you and good luck! Vlada Moroz

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