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Cities in Jujuy, Argentina
City: # City: #
Abra Pampa1 San Pedro3
Humahuaca5 San Salvador de Jujuy53
Libertador General San Martín8 Tilcara3
Palpalá2 Yala3
Info about Jujuy, Argentina
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Jujuy, the northwestern province
Valleys, Puna, the Gorge and the Yungas.Four regions to know why Jujuy is famous in the whole world. If you want to see incredible colors on the mountains, bike or climb, or go to trekking around, come to Jujuy, there is all for you. You can spect friendship & activities from the local members of Hospitality Club

Bike tours, Trekking, Birdwatching, Hiking, Canopy, night birdwatching, overlanding, regular tours - more info in

Neighbor regions/States: . If you are in San Salvador de Jujuy, visit the Puna region, the Humahuaca gorge, and then take a guide to know the ancient trail between the Gorge and The Yungas, by Humahuaca or Tilcara pass. .

Who is coming? Tuki2006 is a guide to know all the province. Specialist to DE LA QUEBRADA A LAS YUNGAS TOUR.The date to start is: JUNE/2 or 16, JULY/3, 11 or 25, AUGUST 2 or 13, SEPTEMBER 7, 18 or 25, OCTOBER 6 or 28, NOVEMBER 13 or 20, DECEMBER/ 6. Reserves

Want more guests! tuki2006 one friend in the marvelous Jujuy!.

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Edited by: tuki2006 on 25.05.2006
Last postings about Jujuy Argentina from other users
tomas wrote:

natural reserve with unique flora and fauna, hiking, horse riding, biking, hot springs, organic farming and sustainable living

andresariel10 wrote:

se pued e visitar variedad de cosas en especial la majestuosidad de los paisajes y la hospitalidad y las costumbres de mi pueblo.

chamilton wrote:

This City was born from Ingenio Ledesma (Sugar factory with almost 100 years old). This familly company is one of the biggest in argentina, and produces, papper, glucose, sugar, alcohol, starch, frozzen concentrated citric juices, oranges, grapefruit, lemmon, and avocado. In 1978 Ledesma donated to National Government, the land to create the Calilegua National Park. The National Park is 8km from Libertador General San Martín. Other National parks arround are: El Baritú National Park (Salta Province), El Rey National Park (Salta Province), Los cardones National Park (Salta Province), and Monumento Natural Laguna de los Pozuelos (jujuy).

cintiapamelafresco wrote:

El Cerro de 7 colores en Punmamarca, La Quebrada de Humahuaca, Las Selva de las Yungas,La Mina 9 de Octubre,etc.

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