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Cities in Siauliai, Lithuania
City: # City: #
Akmene3 Meskuiciai4
Alksniupiai1 Naujoji Akmene12
Aukštelkė1 Pakruojis16
Baisogala3 Radviliskis29
Bubiai, Bluzgalio kaimas4 Raudenai1
Ginkunai1 Sarkiu k.1
Grinkiskis1 Seduva4
Joniskis35 Siauliai314
Kairiai1 Siauliu raj. Voveriskiai1
Kalnelio km Joniskio raj1 Siupyliai2
Kelme20 Tytuvenai7
Kursenai11 Venta3
Kurtuvenai2 Vijoliai1
Info about Siauliai, Lithuania
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· Lithuania is situated on the Baltic coast and borders Latvia in the North, Belarus in the East, Poland and Russia in the South. The major part of Lithuania is flat, but the Eastern part of the country is more hilly. The highest point is Juozapine, 294 m above the sea level. The geographical centre of Europe lies 24 km North of Vilnius.

CLIMATE · The climate is maritime along the coast and continental with cold winters in the eastern part of the country. The highest temperature in Siauliai is +30.1° C in July, but in spite of this don't forget a pullover. The lowest temperature is-22.7°C in January. The average amount of precipitation is 53.8 mm. Meteorological station information tel. 433831

TIME · Local time is standard European time (+1 GTM).

CURRENCY · The Lithuanian currency, 'Litas' is usually abbreviated as 'Lt'. The smaller unit is 'Centas' (ct).

· Lithuanian is the official language. It is an Indo-European, non- Slavic and non-Germanic language and is similar only to Latvian. Lithuanian has retained of the old vocalic system and more morphological features than any other living Indo-European language. · English and Russian are widely spoken. English and German are common among business people.

RELIGION · The majority of the population are Catholics although there are other religious groups like Protestants, Evangelical Lutherans and Baptists, the Russian Orthodox Church, Islamic and Judaic religions.

The Churches in Siauliai St. Petras and Paulius Cathedral Address: Ausros av. 3, tel. 41 430628 St. Ignacas Lojola Church Address: Vilniaus st. 245, tel. 41 437600 St. Jurgis Church Address: Kraziu st. 17, tel. 41 430768 Church of Immaculate Conception of the Most Holly Virgin Marija Address: Aido st. 8, tel. 41 416116 St. Petras and Povilas Ortodox Church Address: Rygos st. 2/2a, tel. 41 432910

CALLS TO LITHUANIA · The country code to Lithuania is (+370).

LOCAL CALLS · When dialing long distance in Lithuania, dial 8 (wait for the dial tone) and then the area code. Some area codes when calling within Lithuania: Siauliai - 8*41, Vilnius - 8*5, Kaunas - 8*37, Klaipeda - 8*46, Panevezys - 8*45

DIRECTORY ENQUIRIES · Fire brigade 01; police 02; ambulance 03; Telephone calls at public phone booths are payable by phone card, which can be obtained at any newspaper stand and in tourism information centre, Vilniaus str. 213, Šiauliai.

Edited by: ceslovas on 14.06.2004
Last postings about Siauliai Lithuania from other users
gurmane wrote:

There is not much here, except railway (it is the oldest railway station in Lithuania). Despite, outside the city there are few outdoors museums and old palaces and windmills. You can also reach Siauliai or Hill of Crosse form here easily.

nemanyte wrote:

Hill of croses

f2s wrote:

I live in Lithuania. It's one of the nices post soviet countries with communicative people

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