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Cities in Córdoba, Argentina
City: # City: #
Achiras1 Marcos Juárez9
Adelia Maria1 Mendiolaza9
Almafuerte1 Mina Clavero8
Alta Gracia32 Monte Cristo3
Arias2 Monte Maíz1
Arroyito13 Morteros3
Arroyo Cabral2 Nono3
Bell Ville14 Oliva2
bialet masse2 Oncativo5
Canals1 Pascanas1
Capilla del Monte23 Río Ceballos21
capital29 Río Cuarto83
Casa Grande-Punilla1 Rio Primero1
Cerro Azul1 Río Segundo3
Colonia Caroya6 Río Tercero23
Córdoba1525 Sacanta1
Corral de Bustos2 Saldán1
Cosquín6 Salsipuedes3
Cruz Alta3 San Basilio1
Cruz del Eje8 San Francisco35
Dean Funes1 San Marcos Sierra3
Despeñaderos1 Santa María de Punilla1
Embalse3 Santa Rosa de Calamuchita11
General Cabrera6 Saturnino M. Laspiur1
Hernando3 Tanti- Valle de Punilla1
Inriville1 Ucacha2
Jesús Maria13 Unquillo15
Jovita2 Valle Hermoso4
Justiniano Posse2 Villa Allende32
Kiste Bier1 Villa Carlos Paz65
La Calera9 Villa Cura Brochero2
La Cumbre7 villa de las rosas2
La Falda5 Villa del Rosario3
La Laguna1 Villa del Totoral1
La Población3 Villa Dolores5
Laboulaye3 Villa General Belgrano13
Las Varillas6 Villa Giardino8
Leones1 Villa Maria52
Los Cóndores - Calamuchita1 Villa Santa Cruz del Lago2
Los Hornillos1
Info about Córdoba, Argentina
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Well if you are reading it ,i will tell you, my english isn´t very good but i will try to help you...Cordoba is the second biggest city in the country (i think so, maybe the 3rd). situated in the ¨Pampa¨ and close to beautiful hills offering everyone many things to do and cheap!!!!!!!!! sure, you will love it. The city is nice and the people, better, we are considerated funny all around the country. Also the city is known because it has a big university and a place full of students and of course a big night movement!. To the people who like the arts, like me, there are good and cheap cinemas showing alternative´s movies, free art galeries and museums, beautiful colony churchs and a lovely handmade market, nearby are beautiful places, rivers and landscapes. Aso we have an interesting national park call Quebrada del condor, and the biggest mountain in the region; Champaqui. Anyway, i couldn't explain everything because i don´t even know it, i hope it helps you and if you need more, contact me!! good luck!!!! ahhhhhhh if somebody can help me to edit it more complete... HC Lucre

Edited by: arauca on 02.05.2005 lucre on 18.01.2005
Last postings about Córdoba Argentina from other users
elen wrote:

Se pueden hacer varias actividades, segun lo que prefieras

gustavomedina wrote:

Sierras (Hills), Ríos, Lagos, Deportesnáuticos, Treaking, Caminatas,Ciudades Históricas.

susanakandzia wrote:

Iglesias jesuiticas y viejos cascos con iglesias coloniales en las cercanías.Sierras agrestes y naturales con gran cantidad de rios y regiones que se ofrecen para elturismo aventura.

euge wrote:

Córdonba is a big city. there are lots of entertainments and historical building. Besides, it has a beatiful landscape.You ca also go on camping/fishing

demos wrote:


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