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Cities in Oaxaca, Mexico
City: # City: #
Asunción Nochixtlan2 Puerto Escondido4
Bahías de Huatulco7 Salina Cruz5
El Refugio,municipio Cosolapa1 san bartolo coyotepec1
Huajuapan de Leon4 SAN PEDRO POCHUTLA1
Juchitan6 San Sebastian Rio Hondo2
Lagunas Estación El Barrio de la Soledad1 Santa María Huatulco.1
Loma Bonita2 Sola de Vega1
Mitla1 Sucixtlahuaca (Mixteca Alta)1
Oaxaca155 Teotitlán de Flores Magón1
Pinotepa Nacional1 tuxtepec2
Info about Oaxaca, Mexico
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Oaxaca and Chiapas have larger Indian populations than the other states in Mexico. These Indians don't just keep to their own little villages; you see them everywhere. Over the centuries, their practices, beliefs, and customs have shaped the local culture, making these two states fascinating places to visit.

In Oaxaca, there is a large population of Zapotec and Mixtec Indians in the central highlands surrounding Oaxaca City. It is a beautiful land of mountains and valleys checkered with cornfields, at its prettiest during the rainy season (June-Oct), when the corn is green. The villages here are famous for their crafts and attract visitors from all over the world. For many families, selling handicrafts now contributes more to their livelihood than growing corn. But growing corn carries much more weight in their ordering of things. It's wrapped up in their identity.

Their ancestors established agriculture and civilization in these valleys centuries ago. They were the ones who built and rebuilt the magnificent ceremonial center of Monte Albán high upon a mountaintop above Oaxaca City. There you'll find an intriguing collection of buildings, ball courts, and plazas whose design is different from those of the Maya to the east and the many cultures of central Mexico to the northwest.

My favorite part of a trip here is visiting the city of Oaxaca, a beautiful colonial city with plazas, courtyards, and pedestrian walkways. With the pleasures of elegant surroundings, good food, and warm, welcoming people, I find myself very much at home here.

In and around Oaxaca-
Monte Alban, Putla, Santo Domingo, and make sure to try some "mole" (typical Oaxacan dish, very delicios) and "chapulines" (grasshoppers) in the market.

The Oaxaca Coast Mazunte/Zipolite/Puerto Escondido
Three of the best beaches in Mexico, all within an hour of each other. Mazunte is a backpackers haven, while Zipolite is known for its laid back atmosphere. Puerto Escondido is one of the best surfing spots in Mexico and an all-around great place to chill. Also, has a great night life scene for those looking to dance and chill. Zicatel is the one of the most popular destionations for backpackers in Oaxaca.

If you want more information about the Mixteca Region, Sierra Norte, or Huatulco, or just want more information, send me an email: Chad Brown:

Top Things to See and Do
GUELAGUETZA 2006. Make sure not to miss this if you are in the area. It is amazingThe dates for 2006 are July 17 and 24.

A great link for exploreing the outdoors in Oaxaca:

Neighbor regions/States: Puebla, Chiapas, Guerrero, Estado de Mexico, DF, and Veracruz

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Edited by: chadfbrown on 05.07.2006
Last postings about Oaxaca Mexico from other users
marthagernandez wrote:

Ruins, colonial buildings and churches, very good gastronomy, nice weather

chuvasqo wrote:

The second oldest city in Mexico, it is probably the one that have the most variarity of attractions, from enourmous archeologic zones to amazing beutiful beaches!

biniza wrote:

paisajes naturales para tomar fotos , gastronomia , artesanias, esta proxima la guelaguetza esta es el 21 y 27 de julio, lugares para ir a caminar para convivir con la naturaleza ,con hermosas vistas para observar alas diversas especies animales y vegetales considero que mi estado en esto es mucho mejor que otros de mi pais...

lidius wrote:

Visitar museos, galerias, tomar fotografias, asistir a conciertos y espectaculos típicos. Salir de excursion y por supuesto saborear la exquisita gastronomia

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