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Города в Aguascalientes, Mexico
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Информация о Aguascalientes, Mexico
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HISTORY The Chichimecas were the first settlers of this territory. They were nomad tribes formed by groups with different names: Caxcanes, Cuachichiles, Tzacatocanos and Tecuexes. The origin of sedentarism comes with the first orchards, which allowed the development of the oldest neighborhoods: Triana, San Marcos, Guadalupe and La Estación. The name "Aguascalientes" was given due to the abundance of thermal waters in the area. The Villa de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de las Aguas Calientes was founded on October 22, 1575 mainly to protect and shelter the travelers who were heading to Mexico from Zacatecas. Today this tradition of hospitality continues with modern facilities in communications, hotels and restaurants. Aguascalientes was declared a "Free and Sovereign State" in the Constitution of 1857. INTERESTING THINGS TO SEE Members should come because it's a city full of interesting things to know like our culture, landscapes, food, etc. They can expect to have peace and a pleasant time in here, the city is very safe, clean a sort of cheap and people is friendly with foreigners as well. There are culture museums, churches, colonial architecture, beautiful sunsets, parks, forests, cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. The best season to come here is the spring and summer (as in almost any other country). Nearby cities: Guadalajara 2 hours, Zacatecas 2 hours, San Luis Potosí 2 or 3 hours, León 2 hours, México D.F. 6 hours. Welcome to Aguascalientes, I hope you can one day come and enjoy the city as much as other people have already done.

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ali7 wrote:

visitar en Abri a la Feria iInternacional de San Marcos, donde encuentras, arte,deporte,vida nocturna,gastronomia de todo el pais, casino, espectaculos de toros,palenque, artistas etc, visitar en Noviembre para el festival de las calaveras, visitar todo el año para conocer la arquitectura,museos,sierra fria,ciudad sean todos bienvenidos

angelic_pau wrote:

Sightseeing, camping, hiking, Nightlife, etc.

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