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There are no Region Volunteers in Vaud at the moment.
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Cities in Vaud, Switzerland
City: # City: #
Aigle7 Le Sentier2
Apples1 Le Sépey1
Arzier2 Les Bioux1
Assens1 Les Diablerets (Ormont-Dessus)1
Avenches3 Leysin6
Ballaigues1 Lutry4
Bassins5 Maracon1
Belmont-sur-Lausanne2 Mézières1
Bettens1 Mollie-Margot 1
Bex1 mont1
Bière2 Mont-sur-Rolle1
Blonay1 Montagny/Chamard1
Boussens2 Montaubion-Chardonney1
Bussigny-près-Lausanne5 Montherod3
Chardonne1 Montreux38
Château-d’Œx5 Morges22
Chavannes-de-Bogis1 Morrens1
Chavannes-près-Renens11 Moudon6
Chavornay3 Mutrux2
Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne6 Nyon34
Chéserex3 Ollon3
Chexbres5 Orbe6
Clarens9 Payerne4
Commugny4 Penthalaz5
constantine1 Penthaz4
Coppet2 Penthéréaz1
Corbeyrier1 Perroy4
Corseaux2 peyres-possens1
Corsier-sur-Vevey3 Poliez-le-Grand1
Cossonay3 Prangins2
Crans-près-Céligny2 Préverenges4
Crassier1 Prilly8
Crissier6 Pully23
Croy1 Renens24
Cuarnens1 Rivaz1
Daillens1 Rolle6
Denges1 Romainmotier1
donneloye1 Romanel-sur-Lausanne3
Duillier3 Romanel-sur-Morges1
Echallens6 Saint Prex4
Echandens2 Salavaux (Bellerive)2
Ecublens16 Savigny3
Epalinges5 Sédeilles1
Epautheyres1 Sévery1
Etagnières1 St-Cierges2
Etoy3 St-légier4
Forel (Lavaux)3 St-Prex1
Founex2 Ste-Croix3
Froideville1 Sullens1
Genolier1 Tannay1
Gimel1 Tolochenaz1
Gingins2 Trey1
Givrins2 Vallorbe3
Gland16 Vaulion2
Glion (Montreux)3 Vevey45
Grancy1 VEYTAUX2
Grandvaux3 Vich1
Gryon3 villars-burquin1
Hermenches1 Villars-sous-Yens2
Jouxtens Mézery1 Villars-sur-Ollon1
Juriens2 Villars-Tiercelin1
L'Auberson1 Villeneuve3
La Sarraz2 Vufflens-le-Château4
La Tour-de-Peilz9 Yverdon-les-Bains36
Lausanne463 Yvonand3
Le Brassus (Le Chenit)1 Yvorne3
Le Mont-sur-Lausanne2
Info about Vaud, Switzerland
Vaud Travel Guide Login to edit Login to view History Help

With 650 000 inhabitants, Vaud is the 3rd biggest state in Switzerland. It's capital is Lausanne and it covers 3 200 over the 3 geographical regions of Switzerland (Jura, Plateau and Alps) offering visitors very different landscapes (lakeside, mountains and countryside) and people.
Lausanne is also a university city with more than 20 000 students and its institute of technology to which many foreigners come to study or work
Write an intro paragraph about this State/region. Why should members come? What can they expect, travel wise and Hospitality Club wise?

Top Things to See and Do
Still a bit a draft: Old steamers on the Geneva Lake, panoramic trains leaving from Montreux, 2500km of designated bike paths, roman remains in Nyon and the amphitheatre in Avenches, Castles and market towns (Chillon, Prangins, Moudon, Aigle), Lausanne's 12th century cathedral, old abbeys in Payerne and Romainmôtier, more than 50 varied museums among which the Olympic museum, the "Art brut" collection (raw art), both in Lausanne, or the two museums dedicated to music box making in Sainte-Croix and L'Auberson, many ski resorts (skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and hiking) offering 400km of runs (in Les Diablerets and Glacier 3000 where you can also ski during summer).
Main festivals and events: world renowed Montreux Jazz Festival (beg. July), Paleo festival in Nyon (end July), Opera festival in Avenches (end July), Festival de la Cité in Lausanne (beg. July and it's free!), air balloon festival in Château d'Oex (January), Christmas market in Montreux (december).
Local specialities: Vaudois sausage, cabbage-filled sausage, perch and trouts, local cheese (tomme, l'Etivaz,...), wine (Lavaux, La Côte, Chablais, Bonvillars...)
Nature and wildlife: underground caves between Orbe and Vallorbe and the salt mines in Bex, the Grande Cariçaie, near Yverdon-les-Bains, hosting 200 bird species, the marmots at Rocher-de-Naye above Montreux, or the Juraparc reserve (close to Le Chenit).
Please just make a simple list separated by commas here - more info in the Travel Guide.

Neighbor regions/States: Genève, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Valais. Vaud also has borders with France (Ain, Doubs, Jura, Haute-Savoie)

Distance from Lausanne and how to get there
Aigle - 45km - long distance trains (2x/h)
Arzier - 45 km - local train from Nyon (1x/h)
Avenches - 70km - local train through Payerne (1x/h)
Bex - 55km - long distance trains (1x/h)
Chardonne - 20km - local bus from Vevey (1-2x/h)
Chavannes-près-Renens - 6km - local bus/metro (every 10 mn)
Chexbres - 15km - local trains (REV - 2x/h)
Clarens - 28km - local trains (REV - 1x/h) or local bus from Vevey/Montreux (every 10 mn)
Coppet - 50km - semi-direct train (2x/h)
Corcelles-près-Concise - 50km - regional bus from Yverdon (1x/h)
Corseaux - 20km - local bus from Vevey (1-2x/h)
Crans-près-Céligny - 45km - regional bus from Nyon or Coppet (2x/h)
Ecublens - 6km - local bus/metro (every 10 mn)
Epalinges - 6km - local bus (every 10 mn)
Le Lieu - 60km - local trains from Vallorbe (REV - 1x/h)
Founex - 50km - regional bus from Nyon and Coppet (2x/h)
Givrins - 40km - local trains from Nyon (1x/h)
Glion (Montreux) - 30km - local trains from Montreux (1x/h) and cablecar from Territet (4x/h)
Grandson - 45km - regional bus from Yverdon (1x/h)
Grandvaux - 8km - local trains (REV - 1x/h) and regional bus (1x/h)
Gryon - 60km - local trains from Bex (1x/h)
Hermenches - 20km - regional bus from Moudon [train station] or Thierrens (4x/weekday) or bus on demand
Juriens - 45km - regional bus from Croy-Romainmôtier [train station] (11x/weekday) or bus on demand
Le Brassus (Le Chenit) - 50km - local trains from Vallorbe/Le Day (1x/h)
Les Diablerets (Ormont-Dessus) - 65km - local trains from Aigle (1x/h)
Lutry - 5km - local bus (every 7-10mn)
Montreux - 30km - long distance trains (2x/h)
Morges - 8km - long distance trains (3x/h)
Moudon - 25km - local trains (REV - 1x/h) and regional bus (1x/h)
Nyon - 45km - long distance trains (3x/h)
Ollon - 50km - local trains from Aigle (1-2x/h)
Payerne - 65km - local trains from Lausanne, Yverdon and Fribourg (1x/h)
Penthalaz - 20km - local trains (REV - 3x/h) [train station: Cossonay Gare]
Perroy - 25km - regional bus from Allaman and Rolle (1x/h)
Pully - 3km - local bus (every 5mn)
Renens - 5km - local bus/metro (every 5mn), semi-direct trains
Salavaux (Bellerive VD) - 80km - regional bus from Avenches (7x/weekday) or bus on demand
Sainte-Croix - 55km - local trains from Yverdon (1x/h)
Vevey - 22km - long distance trains (3x/h)
Vallorbe - 50km - local trains (REV - 1x/h) Vufflens-le-Château - 17km - local trains from Morges (~1x/h)
Yverdon-les-Bains - 40km - long distance trains (2x/h)

(2x/h) indicates number of public transports services per hour, in average through the day, from mondays to fridays. If not specified, run also on saturdays and sundays.
Just add your user name and basic info (date and places you will visit) about your trip here, maybe other members will invite you or meet up with you on the road. Use your profile to tell more about your plans.

Who is coming? SiberianStranger and iYulka
We are couple of siberian travellers and we want to come in first half of July - wondering to visit Montreux, will be happy to find a new friends and meet a host too =)

Want more guests!
For sure: playschool

Hospitality Club Meetings
Some regular small gettogethers with locals in the Riviera region. No specific meeting planed yet... you can always suggest or even organise one!

Edited by: siberianstranger on 05.02.2008 playschool on 22.06.2006 playschool on 03.05.2006 playschool on 04.11.2005 playschool on 21.08.2005 playschool on 31.07.2005
Last postings about Vaud Switzerland from other users
darkthorn wrote:

Lavaux - THE region of winemaking, pictoresque vinezyards shaped in teraces, gradually stepping down to th eLake Geneva.

jmm wrote:

Olympic Museum, lakeside, mountains!

swissgirl wrote:

Lausanne is a great city. and just about an hour away from ski resorts. In Lausanne the old town is nice, the olympic museum is a must. And night life is interesting.

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