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Cities in Minskaja oblast' - Минская область, Belarus
City: # City: #
Berezino2 Njasvizh5
Borisov34 pos. Yuibilejny2
Borovliany2 pushcha1
Borovlyany1 Radoshkovichi1
Cherven2 Ratomka township2
Chesnoky1 Rudensk1
Deshchenka1 Saligorsk12
Druzhny3 Sloboda, Kurgan Slavy3
Dudichy1 Slutsk19
Dzerzhinsk9 Soligorsk25
Energetikov2 Starobin3
Fanipol1 Starye Dorogi3
Grickevichi1 Stolbtsy4
Kameno1 Svisloch1
Kletsk1 Uzda7
komarovo1 Valeryanovo1
Kopyl1 Vileyka9
krasnoye1 Volozhin - Воложин3
Krupki (Крупки)2 Zaslavl, Заславль10
Lesnoi4 Zhdanovichi (Minsk)2
Luban, village Shipilovichi1 Zhodino24
Lyuban', village Shipilovichi2 д. Ижа1
Maladzechna20 Динаровка1
Marjalivo1 Логойск5
Matshylishi3 Марьина Горка3
Minsk57 пос. Колодищи4
Molodechno10 Смолевичи4
Myadzel1 Фанипаль6
Naroch - Нарочь1
Info about Minskaja oblast' - Минская область, Belarus
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Last postings about Minskaja oblast' - Минская область Belarus from other users
jenya wrote:

Sparsely located and neglected ruins of the glorious past and socialist dread, crumbling to pieces the Lenin statue, clean forests and rivers in abundance

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