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Cities in Bucureşti, Romania
City: # City: #
Bucharest324 Chiajna1
Bucureşti852 Cismigiu , center of Bucharest11
bucuresti15 Dristor14
Bucuresti - 20 min from city center12 Drumul Taberei11
Bucuresti - Militari2 Gara de Nord5
Bucuresti Pta Muncii 5 Iancului, 10 min from center3
Bucuresti, 15 min by foot from the city center13 Near Politehnica University2
Bucuresti-Brancoveanu,3 metro stops from center3 Otopeni1
Bucuresti-metrou Dimitrie Leonida2 rahova3
Bucuresti-Tineretului Park6 Rm. Valcea3
Bucuresti-Titan3 Tineretului3
bucureti - dorobanti1 Voluntari1
Carol I Park - 20 min by foot from city center2
Info about Bucureşti, Romania
Bucureşti Travel Guide Login to edit Login to view History Help

Facts: Capital of Romania, officially 2.3million inhabitants, (3 mil, unoficially). Before WWI, it used to be called "Le petit Paris" (the small Paris), because of it's avantgarde culture, architecture, and lifestyle.
    Currently not very well taken care of, the historical sights (by that name goes pretty much everything built before WWII, by my standard) are still a marvel, and if you find a good guide you can spends tens of hours just walking the streets and exploring the little gems Bucharest has to offer.
    People are generally warm and hospitable, most speak at least one foreign language so getting around should not be a problem, in lack of a nice HC "guide". Prices are pretty low (beer starts from 0.3euros in bars, a Big Mac menu is about 3.5 euros, international stamps cost 0.5euros, nice pizza = 2-4 euros, nice dinner = 5-10 euros, plus trains are pretty cheap)

Top Things to See and Do
   House of Parliament (1st,2nd and 3rd largest building in the world :P ), the historical center, Herastrau Park, Calea Victoriei, Mitropolia, the Cotroceni area, the Unirii-University-Roman-Vistoriei-Dorobanti Squares, experience the nighlife, the day cafes in the center, the nice tea places in Cotroceni or the center, lots of beautiful parks, etc etc.

Neighbor regions/States:
    Places to see around Bucharest: Brasov (150km to the north), the Peles Castle, Constanta (225km to the east, by the seaside)

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Last postings about Bucureşti Romania from other users
ivori wrote:

everything Bucharest has to offer

angelursuletul wrote:

bucharest is the capital of romania and has a lot of intretsing things to discover. I'll start with the symbol of it, the parliament house ( wich is the biggest building in the world after pentagoon), also the arch of triumph , the ruins of the old court and the voievodal pallace , the old historical center, lots of museums and antique stores, beautifull parc and alleys. The city has a very active night life ( lots of clubs , bars , resturants) and as every capital of the world you can do lots of shooping in here ( we around 8 big malls and a lot of smaller ones )

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