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you are welcome to stay at my place in Kaunas- a private ...
Uuuh! You are more than welcome in Kaunas! :)
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Cities in Kaunas, Lithuania
City: # City: #
Akademija17 milano1
Aleksandruvkos km.1 Neveronys9
Aleksotas29 Pajiesys1
Ariogala3 Palemonas4
Babtai5 Panemune3
Balbieriškis1 Paneveziukas1
Birstonas5 Petrasiunai2
Biruliskes1 Prienai19
Čekiškė1 Ramuciai3
Dainava37 Raseiniai15
Domeikava12 Raudondvaris17
Eiguliai23 Ringaudai4
Ezerelis3 Rokai3
Garliava45 Romainiai4
Giraite6 Rumsiskes1
Girionys4 Sakiai1
Guldynai1 Sanciai5
Jieznas2 Sargėnai2
Jonava54 Savanoriu pr2
Kaisiadoriu raj.1 Senamiestis4
Kaisiadoriu raj.,Darsuniskio km1 Šešuvos km.1
Kaisiadorys28 silainiai38
Kalniečiai5 Šlienava1
Karmelava14 Uzliedziai1
Kaunas1712 Vaisvydava7
Kaunas, Senamiestis12 Veiveriai3
Kedainiai53 Veliuona1
Krakės1 Vilijampole16
Kulautuva8 Vilkija4
laisves al, centras10 zaliakalnis28
Liepiai2 Zapyškis2
Linksmakalnis4 Žemieji Šančiai3
Mastaičiai1 Ziezmariai5
Info about Kaunas, Lithuania
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Top Things to See and Do
go to the centre, Laisves avenue; visit club-bar "Pupa", which is in the centre, you can see beautiful panorama of Kaunas from there. Another place to see the panorama ir Džem Pub, which is also in this avenue. Great atmosphere, karaoke nights on tuesdays and acoustic nights on thursdays. You should also visit Old Town with its narrow streets, beautiful buildings and the amazing cathedral. Don't forget to takke a walk on the banks of Nemunas and Neris rivers, which are just off the Old Town. There's a nice park in the small island in Nemunas, very peaceful. Park of Oaks and A. Mickevicius (famous Lithuanian - Polish writer) valley are also worth visiting. Please just make a simple list separated by commas here - more info in the Travel Guide.

Neighbor regions/States: 100km away from the capital, Vilnius, 212km from Klaipeda (the third biggest city in Lithuania), 40km from Kedainiai

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Last postings about Kaunas Lithuania from other users
jupa wrote:

intersting old town, churches, parks, night club

lauryna wrote:

In my town tha most interesting is old town and other places aroud the town

ahc wrote:

pub "B.O."

vytelis wrote:

to see our nature, our historical structures, to learn our history, AND to try our nacional food which you wount disapoint

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