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Cities in Zhytomyr oblast, Ukraine
City: # City: #
Baranivka2 ovrych3
Berdychev13 Pershotravensk1
Chudniv1 Privorottya village1
korosten8 Radomyshl5
Korostyshiv5 Teterivka village2
Malin2 Yagodynka-2 village1
Malyn3 Zhytomyr93
Novograd-Volynskii8 Брусилов1
Info about Zhytomyr oblast, Ukraine
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Administratively the oblast’ is divided into 23 regions, 9 regions in the towns, 4 districts in the towns (Zhitomir, Berdichev, Korosten’, Novograd-Volynskiy), 45 urban villages. There are 1631 settlements in the region in all. Administrative center – Zhitomir City founded in IX century. It is city from 1444 year. Population more then 297,5 thousand people. Territory has developed hydrographic net. On it frame the following rivers are flow: Sluch, Teterev, Ubort’ From the ancient times landscape border between Polissya and black earth forest-steppe was populated by different nations specialized on hunting, fishing, collecting, cattle-breeding and farming. The size and frames of typical village defined by natural conditions: usually the villages are small and placed near watersheds. In the period of neolith (VI-III thousand B.C.) there were over 40 neolitic settlements known. At the beginning of our era Slavic tribes inhabited already the whole territory of the region. The group of Slavic tribes, which was the direct ancestor of the famous from chronicles drevlyan tribe, lived to the north from the Teteriv in the basin of the rivers Uzh and Sluch in IV-VII centuries. Iskorosten (now Korosten) referred to in 946 was the most ancient city and simultaneousely the sit of Princes in the drevlyan land. With the formation of feudal state Kyiv Rus' the drevlyan land was one of the first to join it. In 907 the drevlyans participated in the victorious campaign against Bysantie spearheaded by Kyiv Prince Oleg. At the end of the Xlll-th and the beginning of the XlV-th century the territories of the region were joined to Grand Duchy of Lithuania. According to the Union of Liublin 1569 which made official the union of Lithuanian Principality and Poland into a federative state, the territory of Zhytomyr Region as a part of Right-Bank Ukraine fell under the rule of Poland. After Third division of Poland (1795) a greater part of the territory of the region was included in structure of Volyn province, which centre since 1804 became Zhytomyr. The region was founded in September 22, 1937. It is located in the central part of the East European plain, in the north of Right-Bank Ukraine. The area of the region is 29,9 thousand square kilometers, that makes 4,9 % of the territory of Ukraine. By its sizes the region is one of the largest in Ukraine and yields only to four regions: Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Chernihiv and Kharkiv. Its area is larger than that of Armenia, Albania, Israel, Cyprus, Lebanon. Generally in Ukraine it occupies the 5th place. The length of the region from west to east is 170 km, from north to south – 230 km. It is located in two natural zones. Its northern part is in Polissya zone , southern one is within Forest-steppe zone. In Ukraine oblast’ well known as agricultural and raw materials region. Because oblast’ placed in the northern part of Ukraine the hop, flax, potato are growing very well. The climate define a milky kind of cattle breeding. From industry branches most developed are light industry, porcelain- faience industry, chemical mechanical engineering, woodworking and cellulose-paper industry and food industry. Main sights in Zhitomirskya oblast are: monastery of barefooted Carmelites dated by XVIII century in . Berdichev city, Preobrazhensky cathedral, Roman-Catholic church of Saint Sophia, Mikhalovskaya church in Zhitomir, memorial museum of Lesya Ukrainka in Novograd-Volynskiy

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polisianka wrote:

Went to the Berdichiv(monastry),Verhovnia(the Balzak`s house)

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