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Cities in Tokyo, Japan
City: # City: #
empty1 Kunitachi7
adachiku10 Machida Tokyo8
Akishima3 Meguro9
Arakawa-ku11 Meguroku, Tokyo18
Asaka-shi2 Minato-ku30
asakusa1 Mitaka-shi8
Bunkyo-ku28 Musashi-murayama city1
chiba1 Musashikoganei, Tokyo5
Chiba Prefecture7 Musashinoshi3
chofu10 Nakano-ku24
Chuoku5 Nerima-ku20
ciyodaku3 Niijima1
Edogawa-ku13 Nippori1
Fuchu8 Nishitokyo10
Funabashi-Shi, Chiba-Ken2 omiya1
Fussa-shi4 Oota-ku9
Futyu9 otaku7
Hachioji11 Setagaya Ward10
Hachioji -shi7 setagaya-ku19
hachiojishi3 Setagaya-ku, Daisawa4
higashimurayama2 Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to29
HIGASIKURUME3 Shibuya-ku31
Iidabashi2 Shiki1
Itabashi9 Shinjuku-ku37
Katsushika-ku12 shinyokohama1
Kichijoji (Musashino-shi)16 suginami3
Kita-ku10 suginamiku44
kita-ku,akabane2 Sumida-ku5
Kita-ku,Tabata3 Szczecin1
Kiyose4 tachikawa2
Kodaira8 taito-ku14
Koganei2 Tama City3
Koganei-Shi2 Tokyo101
kokubunnji5 Toshima14
Komae1 yokohama2
koto ku20 Yokota AFB1
Info about Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Travel Guide Login to edit Login to view History Help

Really excellent site Another excellent site: 1. FREE guide services! These people can guide you around Tokyo free of charge if you contact beforehand FIVE different places to get information, I strongly recommend you contact them :) ONE * TWO * If you would like to have a tour with our volunteer guide, please contact us at +81-3-3986-1604 or email :  THREE Tokyo Name: Tokyo Metropolitan Area S.G.G Club Guide Area: Sensoji Temple area, Ueno Park area and Tokyo vicinities Our activities include the preset guided tours as follows: a)One-hour walking tour of "Asakusa Kannon Temple and its neighborhood. The tour departs twice every Sunday at 11:00am and 2:00pm. Visit us at Asakusa Cultural & Sightseeing Center, located just across the street from the Kaminarimon Gate of the temple. b)Approx. 90-minute walking tour of "Ueno Park" on every Sunday,Wednesday and Friday. The tour departs twice a day at 10:30am and 1:30pm. Visit us at the Tourist Information Desk in the Ueno Park Green Salon. URL: Name: Tokyo International Student Guide Guide Area: Tokyo We can take you around at your request. Apply at least two weeks in advance to Mr. Takahashi by fax ((03)3235-5713) or e-mail ( Name: Shinagawa SGG Club Guide Area: Tokyo We can accommodate personal requests for shopping or sight seeing. Volunteer hours will be basically 3hours between 10:00am and 5:00pm. Apply at least two weeks in advance to our office by fax ((03)3472-9089) or e-mail ( URL: FOUR FIVE ----------------------------------- Most important shrine in Japan - definitely worth visiting MEIJI SHRINE ----------------------------------- Excellent museum for history of "old Tokyo", note it is closed on Mondays, like most museums: ----------------------------------- Cool NINJA theme restaurant, where all staff dress up as Ninjas: List of things which expats may like: ----------------------------------- Best electronics shop in AKIHABARA: Duty free stuff, the latest stuff! ----------------------------------- Very nice onsen, even one where you can go in wearing a swimsuit if you want a fusion experience. Recommended: ----------------------------------- Best afternoon tea in Tokyo ----------------------------------- Best tea shop in Tokyo (450 kinds - the best and I love this shop) great cakes, great tea (near Ginza subway station, A1 exit, walk out, go forward and turn left along SUZARAN STREET, about 200 metres down on the right side)

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Last postings about Tokyo Japan from other users
wakako wrote:

Visit temples, shrines, skyscrapers & bay area. Enjoy shopping and tasty Japanese food!

tokyo28 wrote:

Temples, shrines, museums, Emperor's Palace, shopping, restaurants, parks etc etc.

task61 wrote:

Tokyo is a big city, you may find a lot of intersting things, which is up to you.

sumiko wrote:

15 minutes walk to nice big parks, access to hiking in a small mountain within 30 min. by train from my apartment, a view of Mt.Fuji(far away, though) if the weather is OK

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