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O Hospitality Club é a maior organização mundial de troca de hospitalidade. Somos milhares de membros amigáveis espalhados pelo mundo inteiro que oferecem alojamento grátis uns aos outros quando viajam. Fazer parte do clube é gratuito e o registo só demora um minuto - gostaríamos muito que te juntasses a nós!

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Cidades em Khozestan, Iran
Cidade: # Cidade: #
abadan9 Izeh2
ahwaz58 Khorramshahr2
andimeshk1 Mahshahr7
behbahan1 SarBandar2
Dezful23 shush8
Informações sobre Khozestan, Iran
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Khozestan is one of the most important provinces of Iran because of its oil. you can visit first oil hole in Masjed Soleyman, Karoon river in Ahwaz, Old architecture and bazzar in Shooshtar and Dezful, Nature of Izeh and most important thing: People. Khozestan has nice people and you can easily find accomondation, specially in Abadan. The weather is nice in last month of winter and first month of spring.

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somerjack wrote:

nice river and ancint bridge(1700)years ago chogha zanbil first mood brick at the word

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