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Cities in Khénifra, Morocco
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Khénifra15 tighassaline8
marakeche2 wiwan2
Info about Khénifra, Morocco
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Khénifra (in Arabic: خنيفرة ) is a city of the Moyen Atlas with the Morocco, capital of the Zayanes, Berber tribe , located at 160 km of Fès, and at 300 km of Marrakech in the Province of the same name. According to new cutting, the Province of Khénifra belongs to the area Meknès-Tafilalet: Made of the prefectures Meknès-El Menzeh et al. Ismaïlia and four provinces (El Hajeb, Ifrane, Khénifra and Errachidia), the Meknès-Tafilalet area borders the two million inhabitants, rural half and urban half. The economic activity of this area remains dominated by the tertiary sector (43,2%). Rural environment represents there nearly 76%. She is regarded the pearl of the Moroccan mountains to the reddish colors and especially as the capital of the lakes. Toponymy and etymology Khénifra is the derivation of the verb Berbère “ khanfar ” which means “to attack”, because of a historical fact. At a time given the city was taken of force to the tribe of the Has Bouhaddou (Zayane subgroup). To express their hegemony on the city, Zayanis made of Khénifra a control field for non Zayanis. They established a “customs” system for the forwarding agents, who were obliged to pay a tax. According to another anecdotic version, the etymology would come from the history of a strong man who attacked the passers by. Akhanfer wants to say “Catch”. It is a very widespread play with the Average Atlas. The Toponyme indicates the place where the play proceeds. Khénifra also draws its name from its geomorphology because of its enclavement between 4 mountains: “Al Hafra”. Reddish coloring of its ground, another name is allotted to him, Khnifra AlHamra : “Khénifra Red”. Province of Khénifra The province of Khénifra is located Latitude 32° 55 ' 48 NR and Longitude 5° 39 ' 36 W and has a surface of: 12320 km ². It is created in 1973, it concerns the area Meknès-Tafilalet. The provinces bordering are Khémisset, Ifrane, Beni Mellal, Khouribga, Errachidia and Boulmane. The province of Khénifra is divided administratively into 3 municipalities, 3 circles and 12 caïdats. It counts 38 common of which 3 urban (Khénifra, Me rirt and rural Midelt and 35 . Under areas are: Aguelmous (54050), Has Ishak (54100), Boumia (54150), Khenifra-Amalou (54004), Khénifra Principal (54000), Mibladen (54373), Midelt (54350), Me rirt (54450), Taakit (54374), Elkbab (54200), Ouaoumana (54102), Tighassaline (54003). See also the zip codes of the villages of the province Population The population is in majority Berbère, spoken language is the Tamazight, the demography of the province is distributed as follows: Urban population: : 273000. rural Population: : 250000. Total population: : 523000. Geography Located between four large mountains, Bamoussa in the west, Akllal in the east, Bouhayati in north and Jbel Lahdid (or Bouwazal: iron mountain into Berber) in the south. The city is crossed by the river Oum Errabiaa or Oum Erebia. Khénifra is on the main roads 24 (useful road axis for the saving in Khénifra) to 160 km of Fès, and to 300 km of Marrakech. Located at 826 m of Altitude (NR: 32º 56.142 ' - O: 05º 40.465 '). According to new cutting, the province of Khénifra belongs to the area Meknès-Tafilalet: (Meknès, El Hajeb, Ifrane, Errachidia, Blessed Mellal, Khénifra). Climate The Climat of this area is continental what influences the seasonal amplitudes thermal, and even day laborers. A Hiver rigorous succeeds a hot summer. The Pluviométrie varies according to the areas between 400 and 700 mm/an on average. the 43 springs of water, Agelmam lake, the cave of Ifree ndounit, Wiwan, Jnan elmass, Agelmam abkhan, Harsha, Zawya Dilaeyya, besides a lot of mountains and caves around this region too. Khénifra Province belongs to Mekness region, the Province of Beni mellal is one of its neighbours. i live in Tighassaline village and it's placed 25 kms far from Khenifra city so that everybody is welcome at anytime my house is open widely for you whenever you'd like to visit it...just feel free to ask about any infoirmation needed, i am hear to help you as much as possible. my user name is Rachad i hope we can make an HC meeting every sunday descovering this beautiful region of Khenifra.

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Edited by: rachad on 24.03.2009
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