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Cities in Uttaranchal, India
City: # City: #
almora1 nainital9
Dehradun43 Pithoragarh1
Haldwani5 ranikhet3
Haridwar16 Rishikesh22
Kashipur3 Roorkee4
kotabagh2 roorkee(near rishikesh,haridwar,dehradoon)7
kotdwara1 Rudrapur5
Maneri, Uttarkashi1 srinagar (garhwal)1
mussoorie1 Tehri Garhwal1
Info about Uttaranchal, India
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Uttaranchal became the 27th state of the Republic of India on November 9, 2000 after a relatively short and peaceful struggle by its people in the 1990s, having previously comprised part of Uttar Pradesh. Uttaranchal borders Tibet in the north-east and Nepal to the south-east, while its neighbour states are Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The provisional capital of Uttaranchal is Dehradun which is also a rail-head and largest city in the region. The small hamlet of Gairsain has been mooted as a future capital owing to its geographic centrality. The High Court of Uttaranchal is situated in the district of Nainital. The region is also known as Uttarakhand, which derives from the Sanskrit for North Country. Uttaranchal has traditionally been divided into two parts, the western half known as Garhwal and the eastern region going by the name of Kumaon. Uttaranchal is a region of outstanding natural beauty. Most of the northern parts of the state are covered by the high Himalayan ranges and glaciers, while the lower reaches are densely forested. The unique Himalayan ecosystem plays host to a large number of animals (including bharal, snow leopards, leopards and tigers), plants and rare herbs. Two of India's mightiest rivers, the Ganga and the Yamuna take birth in the glaciers of Uttaranchal, and are fed by myriad lakes, glacial melts and streams in the region. The tourism industry is a major contributor to the economy of Uttaranchal, with the Raj era hill-stations at Mussoorie, Almora, Ranikhet and Nainital being some of the most frequented destinations. To this region also belong some of the holiest Hindu shrines, and for almost 2000 years now pilgrims have been visiting the temples at Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath and Kedarnath in the hope of salvation and purification from sin. Recent developments in the region include initiatives by the state government to capitalise on the burgeoning tourist trade as well as tax incentives to lure high-tech industry to the state. The state also plays host to some of the worst conceived big-dam projects in India such as the monstrously large Tehri dam on the Bhagirathi-Bhilangana rivers, conceived in 1953 and still incomplete.
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Top Things to See and Do
dehradun; FRI, Musoorie, hill station. Haridwar- evening aarthi on th banks of Ganga, Rishikesh, Gangotri, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Corbet National park,Nainital, White water rafting in Ganga at Rishikesh.
The Retreat is known for its Eco friendly tourism. Situated at a height of 7,500 feet in the Kumaon Himalayas, it is the only accommodation available for hire, in the core zone of the incredibly beautiful Binsar Sanctuary. The Retreat comprises five exquisite luxury tents and modern bathrooms. Able to house a maximum of 15 intrepid holiday seekers, each tent is unique. Set in spacious private gardens, the tents feature polished wood floors and furniture, traditional textiles and furnishings.

The premise of the Retreat was based on the need to conserve the delicate balance between man and nature and show, through example, how tourism can be constructive and when necessary, controlled effectively. Set in core area of the exquisite Rhododendron and Oak forest, ½ an hour's drive from Almora city.

Neighbor regions/States: Uttarpradesh, Himachal pradesh, on north boarders with Nepal.

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