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Cidades em Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Poland
Cidade: # Cidade: #
Barciany1 Morąg15
Barczewo5 Mostkowo1
Bartoszyce27 Mrągowo24
Biała Piska3 Mszanowo2
Bielnik Drugi1 Młynary1
Biskupiec10 Naterki2
Bisztynek2 Nidzica5
Braniewo14 Nowe Miasto Lubawskie4
Budry1 Nowinka1
Ciemna Dąbrowa1 Okolice Olsztyna11
Czerwonka1 Olecko21
Dmusy1 Olsztyn418
Dobre Miasto5 Olsztynek9
Dobry1 Orneta33
Dywity6 Orzysz/Kamieńskie1
Działdowo8 Orzysz/Nowe Guty1
Elbląg145 Ostróda23
Ełk76 Pajtuny1
Frombork3 Paslek5
Galdowo (village)1 Pasłęk10
Gasiorowo1 Piecki4
Giżycko46 PISZ8
Gorowo3 Pozezdrze1
Gołdap8 Prostki2
Gronity2 Pupki1
Gronowo Elblaskie1 Reszel8
Gryźliny1 Rodowo1
Harsz1 Różnowo1
Henrykowo1 Rozogi2
Iława28 Ruś2
Jedwabno1 Ruszkowo1
Jeglownik1 Ryn1
Jeziorany4 Sępopol2
Jonkowo2 Stare Jabłonki3
kalinowo1 Stawiguda4
Kąpławka1 Stręgielek1
Karbowo1 Surowe1
Kętrzyn21 Sząbruk2
Kisielice2 Szczytno27
Klebark Mały1 Szwarcenowo1
Kocioł Duży1 Szwałk1
Korsze3 Waplewo1
Kruklanki4 Warkały1
Lidzbark7 Warszawa3
Lidzbark Warmiński8 Wegorzewo13
Lubawa13 Widryny1
Lubomino6 Wieliczki1
Lukta2 Wilkasy3
Mącze1 Wójtowo1
Majewo1 Wola Lipecka1
Markusy1 Wydminy1
Matyty1 Zagony1
Mikołajki2 Zybułtowo1
Milejewo1 Łabapa1
Informação sobre Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Poland
Warmińsko-Mazurskie Guia de Viagens Login to edit Login to view History Help

The Great Masurian Lakes Region

The Great Masurian Lakes Region is one of the most attractive destinations in Poland. Local nature displays the whole splendour of its wealth. Its clear air and crystal lakes tempt Miniatura: 2007-04-25 12:55:38 wizytowka powiatu1 (105)visitors to return here again and again.

Gizycko District lies in the very center of this land with over 110 lakes, including the best-known Water Complexes of Mamry and Niegocin Lakes. The district’s capital is the town of Gizycko, connected by ship routes with Wegorzewo, Mikolajki and Ruciane-Nida.

Great Masurian Lakes region is the home for many species of animals and birds, an ideal place for rest and entertainment. A special charm to the attractiveness of the lands add forests. The largest is Borecka Forest. The most valuable fragment of it is 250 km² stretch of wildness, comprising 4 nature reservations. The forest’s greatest attraction is the European Bison Breeding Station in Wolisko, the present bison herd numbers about 70 animals.

The splendid natural surroundings are the basis for development of all forms of tourism. There are numerous hiking and cycling routes, encouraging tourists for walks, excursions and jogging. A network of equestrian sports facilities offer the amateurs of horse riding their services. Canoe fans will admire the picturesque banks of the local rivers. Tent fields in fabulous forests will be dream shelters to people who prefer tranquility and proximity of nature. The Great Mazurian Lakes region is a paradise not only in spring and summer time. Autumn is the best season for angling and a great challenge for mushroom picking, various edible mushrooms are abundant. For many people autumn brings out a new, unmatched beauty, with a stunning array of colors and the soothing rustle of leaves. In winter the lakes become the scene of numerous ice-sailing events and the best time for the fans of under water angling. Winter is also a chance to take part in skiing and sleigh rides with unforgettable bonfires and festivals. White, fantastic andscape is a source of inspiration for everyone who can see the Beauty. Cycling is particularly noteworthy on the list of various forms of active tourism. There are many traditional cycling routes but the most famous is the Loop around Mamry and Niegocin lakes, the Borecka Forest route and the ancient Prussian Strongholds track. Cycling routes offer wonderful views of the landscape, which you can admire - that’s why we would highly recommend you to take a camera with you in order to make live pictures of flora and fauna.

Sailors will have here excellent conditions for leisure as well as sports. Lakes Mamry and Niegocin are the center of annual most important sailing events:

Polish Sailing Yachts Championship;

Polish Catamaran Championship;

Prime Minister’s Cup;

Polish Sailing Yacht Cup Final.

Edited by: angella on 13.12.2007
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stukpuk wrote:

planetarium, many MANY lakes, parks and squares, theatres, kayaks, castle and other historical monuments.

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