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Cities in Veracruz, Mexico
City: # City: #
acayucan4 Minatitlan14
AGUA DULCE4 Misantla1
Altotonga2 Nanchital1
Banderilla2 Naranjos Amatlan1
Boca del Rio43 Orizaba28
Catemaco4 Ozuluama1
Cempoala3 Panuco1
ciudad isla1 Papantla de Olarte2
Coatepec10 Perote1
Coatzacoalcos31 Poza Rica24
Cordoba15 San Andrés Tuxtla3
costa esmeralda1 Soconusco1
cuidad mendoza1 teocelo1
Cuitlahuac (San Juan De La Punta)1 Tlacotalpan1
Fortin2 Tolome1
Huatusco1 tuxpan1
jaltipan1 Tuzamapan, Coatepec2
José Cardel2 Veracruz170
Las Choapas2 Xalapa210
Martinez de la Torre4 Xico3
Info about Veracruz, Mexico
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Veracruz its the third state in pupulation in Mexico after Mexico City and Edo. de MEXICO, its in north, center and south of the country, so has many etnich and cultural diversity. VERACRUZ, has many tgingd to do and to see, in the north , the second most importan archeological area, EL TAJIN, and in center, Veracruz city and Antigua veracruz, first city in continent we have many colonial cities as CORDOBA AND ORIZABA where yuo can see how 2 cultures cohabit(spanich and autoctona) many ecological areas or typical as ALVARADO AND TLACOTALPAN, and of course, THE "PICODE ORIZABA" volcano, the hisgest pick in thsi country

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Who is coming? ¡¿Quiúboles jarochos?! Soy CALAMARDO de la Ciudad de México y quiero ir al próximo Encuentro de Jaraneros de Tlacotalpan, en febrero, si alguien puede darme info (y ofrecer posada...) lo agradeceré con ganas... es que ya me debo ese placercito de escuchar sones y fandanguear hasta reventar. Salud y un abrazo.Just add your user name and basic info (date and places you will visit) about your trip here, maybe other members will invite you or meet up with you on the road. Use your profile to tell more about your plans.

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Last postings about Veracruz Mexico from other users
hure99 wrote:

natural place, mountains, rivers rainforest, HISTORICAL cities, and small arqueological area.

fredi wrote:

Xalapa its a cultural city, it's a secure place where many students come from to study at Universidad Veracruzana. There are museums, parks, discoteques,.. Around the city there are towns (Coatepec, Naolinco, Xico, etc.)

dennisesanchez wrote:

antropology museum, science and technology museum, restaurants, night clubs, parks, beach

metzake wrote:

Here in Xiko theres a lot of ecotourism, nature and places to see,its a full color place, and traditions, the most important celebration its on july 22 the magdalena but starts from july 1st there are a lot of activities here to do, in Xalapa there are a lot of multicultural things because its the capital and its a cultural place, the are a lot a lot to know here...oh ya, and beaches are so close too...

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