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Cities in Santa Catarina, Brazil
City: # City: #
Alfredo Wagner1 Lages6
Araranguá5 Lontras3
Balneário Camboriú87 Mafra2
Balneário de Penha1 Maravilha3
Balneário Piçarras1 Massaranduba 1
Barra Velha4 Meleiro1
Benedito Novo1 Modelo1
Biguaçu2 Navegantes13
Blumenau89 Nova Trento3
Bombinhas2 Orleans2
Braço do Norte1 Palhoça12
Brusque25 Pomerode3
Caçador3 Porto Belo3
Camboriú2 Porto União2
Canoinhas7 Rancho Queimado1
Chapecó20 Rio do Sul10
Cocal do Sul2 Rio dos Cedros1
Concórdia2 Rio Fortuna1
Criciúma27 Rodeio1
Curitibanos2 Salete1
Descanso1 Santa Rosa de Lima1
dionisio cerqueira1 São Bento do Sul15
Florianópolis760 São Francisco do Sul6
Fraiburgo1 São Joaquim1
Garopaba2 São José39
Governador Ceso Ramos1 São Ludgero1
Guabiruba6 São Miguel do Oeste6
Guaramirim4 SCHROEDER3
Ibirama2 sombrio1
Imbituba6 Tijucas2
Indaial6 Timbó7
Itaiópolis1 Tubarão13
Itajaí42 Urubici1
Itapema5 Urussanga3
Itapoá1 Videira3
Jaraguá do Sul26 Vila da Glória, close to Sao Francisco do Sul1
Joaçaba4 Xanxerê3
Info about Santa Catarina, Brazil
Santa Catarina Travel Guide Login to edit Login to view History Help

Santa Catarina is a state in southern Brazil. Its capital is Florianópolis, which lies on the island named Santa Catarina. Neighboring states are Rio Grande do Sul to the south and Paraná to the north. To the west it also borders Argentina.

Table of contents // 1 Geography
2 History
3 Economics
4 Flag
5 Minority Languages


The Atlantic Ocean coast has many beaches, islands, bays and inlets. The centre of the is covered with groves of Brazilian pines, the southwest has prairies, and the east and west strips of forests.



The state dates from the Spanish settlement of Santa Catarina island in 1542. The Portuguese took control in 1675. The captaincy of Santa Catarina was established in 1738. Large numbers of European immigrants, especially from Germany, began arriving in the early 19th century, and the state remains a center of German culture in Brazil. Immigrants from Italy, Poland, Russia, and other parts of Europe later arrived, with one result being an abundance of small, family held farms in the state's interior.

In late March 2004, the state was hit by the first ever hurricane recorded in the South Atlantic. Because there is no naming system for such an event, Brazilian meteorologists called it Catarina, after the state.



Santa Catarina has one of the highest standards of living in Brazil, and is a major agricultural and industrial center. Cattle breeding and mineral mining are predominant.

Other key cities apart from the captital include Joinville, Blumenau, the site of a major annual Oktoberfest (the 2nd biggest of the world), and the resort town of Balneário Camboriu.



The central shield in the flag shows the coat of arms of the state. It is located on a green lozenge, which itself is located on red-white-red horizontal stripes. The flag was adopted on October 29, 1953 by law no. 975.


Minority Languages

The minority languages of the state of Santa Catarina can be divided into two distinct groups:

The Autoctone Languages or Indigenous Languages: Kaingang; Guaraní; others...

The Extoctone Languages or Immigration Languages: German (Hunsrückisch, Pomeranian/Plattdietsch); Italian (talian or vêneto); others (Polish, etc.)


Edited by: vasel on 23.07.2004 lorisgirl on 08.04.2004
Last postings about Santa Catarina Brazil from other users
tatianalee wrote:

Florianopolis is an island, so there are more than 40 beaches to enjoy. There are also many restaurants and bars.

edugreen wrote:

-Many, many beaches -Conceição Lake (salt water) is 50m from my house. -Many types of trails (beach, forest) near the city -Beautiful Landscapes -Extreme sports (paragliding, windsurfing, cycling, surfing, etc.)

mzmoraes36 wrote:

Florianópolis tem 43 belas praias e uma natureza exuberante. No verão, de dezembro a março a cidade recebe cerca de 1 milhão de turistas.

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