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Cities in Goiás, Brazil
City: # City: #
Abadia de goias1 Itumbiara2
Alto Paraíso de Goiás4 Jataí6
Anápolis31 Luziania6
Anicuns2 Mineiros1
Aparecida de Goiânia13 Niquelândia1
apore1 Pirenópolis1
Bela Vista de Goiás1 Pires do Rio1
caldas novas3 Posse1
Catalão5 Quirinópolis3
cezarina1 Rianápolis 1
Cidade Ocidental2 rio verde10
Goianésia1 Santa Bárbara de Goiás1
Goiânia370 São Miguel do Araguaia1
Goianira1 Trindade3
Goiás Velho6 Uruaçu1
inhumas2 Uruana1
Ipameri1 Valparaíso9
Info about Goiás, Brazil
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Goiânia (often abbreviated to Gyn or Go) is the capital of the state of Goiás, located in the central-western region of Brazil. It's a planned city like Brasília and Belo Horizonte, Goiânia was founded on October 24, 1933 by Pedro Ludovico, the governor of the state of Goiás at the time. The city, has a population of 1,201,006 inhabitants (according to a 2005 IBGE projection). It is located on a fertile plain criss-crossed by numerous rivers, the most important being the Meia Ponte River. Goiânia is located at the geographic coordinates of 16°40' S, 49°15' W, located 209 km (130 miles) from Brasília, 1,338 km (830 miles) from Rio de Janeiro, 926 km (575 miles) from São Paulo, and 906 km (560 miles) from Belo Horizonte. The total area of the municipality, as announced on 2002, was 739.5 km².
Places to see: The Zoo, Areião Park, Buritis Park, Vaca Brava Park, Cobra Veiga (center for snake research). links for search:,,

Neighbor regions/States: Brasilia-DF 179km, Pirenópolis-GO 124Km, Cidade de Goiás-GO 149Km, Alto Paraiso-GO (Chapada dos Veadeiros) 423Km.

Edited by: cristianooliveira73 on 23.04.2007
Last postings about Goiás Brazil from other users
uira wrote:

The nature of the central of Brazil (Cerrado), the architeture of Brasília and the brazilian people from my region.

marinamariano wrote:

Visitar cidades históricas no interior do estado.

rhelton wrote:

Many turistics points. Shopping centers, have fun, happy hour

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