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Cities in Seoul, South Korea
City: # City: #
ansan4 jangan dong2
Anyang6 Jangchungdong2ga1
Bang Hak-dong, Dobong-gu13 Jong-no57
Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu6 Jung-gu28
BongCheondong, Gwanakku14 Junglang gu23
Bulgwang-dong3 Jungrang-gu7
Chang-dong9 Kangbuk-Gu12
Chong-ro-gu, Dong-sung-dong1 kangbukku14
Chungrangku, Sangbongdong1 Kangdong-gu29
dobong gu21 KangNamGu79
Dobong Gu, Chang Dong16 Kangseo Gu, Yeomchang Dong4
Dobongu - Dobondong2 kangseo-gu hwagock-dong6
Dongdaemun-gu64 Kangseo-gu, Deungchon-dong17
Dongjak-Gu71 Kuro-gu, Kuro1-dong4
enpyoung-gu1 Kuro-Shindorim2
Eunpyong-gu1 Kwan-Ak gu49
Eunpyoung-Gu45 Kwangjin-Gu31
GANG DONG GU20 Mapo(Hongik-Univ)13
Gang-nam Gu57 Mapo-gu92
Gang-seo GU, near Airport15 Myeongryundong1
GangBuk Gu3 Nowon-gu76
Gangbuk-gu, Beon-dong3 nowongu19
Gangbuk-gu, Suyu-dong6 pohang1
gangdong-gu21 Pyeongchang-dong2
Gangdong-gu, chunho-dong11 samjeondong-sonpagu1
Gangnam-gu26 Samsung dong2
Gangseo-gu37 sanggye-dong3
Gangseo-gu Naebalsan dong2 Seocho-gu77
Gangseo-gu, Hwagok-dong4 Seocho-Gu, Bangbae-Dong8
Gangseogu7 SeoDaeMoon-Gu60
gil-dong1 Seodaemun gu10
GongReongDong3 Seongbook-gu29
Gum Cheon Gu 1 Seongdonggu38
Gunpo1 Seongsan-dong Mapo-gu2
Guro-gu32 Seoul306
Gwacheon5 sindorim1
Gwan-ak gu2 sinwol-dong1
Gwanak-gu,Sillim-dong18 Song-Pa Gu11
Gwang-myung1 Songpa Gu83
Gwangjin-gu22 songpa-gu11
Heuksuk-dong2 Songpa-ku4
HongJe-Dong5 Yangcheon-gu51
Ichon-dong4 Yangchun-gu8
Ilsan14 yongin1
Itaewon13 Yongsan-gu50
Jamsil27 young-tong dong1
Jamsil SongPagu12 Youngdungpo-ku44
Info about Seoul, South Korea
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Who is coming? User ID - sueanne: I am planning to visit Seoul on the 21st to 23rd of November 2004. Will appreciate if anyone can offer a homestay and/or to be a guide. Sorry, I don't speak Korean and VERY basic Japanese. But I'm good with both English and Cantonese. Cheers!

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Last postings about Seoul South Korea from other users
cjk111 wrote:

Han River night view

danielkorea wrote:

traditional temple

sucker wrote:

temples. islands korean stuff

sijung7 wrote:

Insa-Dong Street. Itawon.

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