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Cities in Vilnius, Lithuania
City: # City: #
:)7 Riese11
Adutiskis1 Rokantškės2
Antakalnis54 Rudamina13
Aukstadvaris2 Salcininkai8
Aukstuoles1 Salininkai11
Avizieniai12 Santariskes8
Azulauke1 Sariai2
Bajorai12 sauletekio9
Balsiai19 sauletekis32
Baltupiai29 Savanoriu pr5
Bendoriai1 Semeliskes1
Bezdonys8 Senamiestis54
Bukiskės2 Seskine30
Centras67 Sirvintos13
Didzioji Riese11 Sirvintu rajonas3
Dvarcionys6 Skaidiskes6
Elektrenai25 Skirgiškių kaimas1
Ezereliai1 Snipiskes9
Fabijoniskes51 Svencioneliai10
Galgių kaimas1 Svencionys5
Giedraiciai1 Telšiai ( this is my hometown - north part of Lithuania, also beutiful for travelers if you have a g2
Giedraitiskes1 Trakai34
Giedrakalnis1 Traku Voke1
Gineitiskes8 Ukmerge34
Grigiskes12 Užupis25
Jara1 Vaidotai3
Jasiunai4 Valčiūnai2
Jeruzale14 Verksionys1
Juodsiliai1 Vievis2
Justiniskes25 Vilniaus raj. Brinkiškių k.2
Karoliniskes14 vilniaus rajonas6
Kedainainiai1 Vilnius 239
Laiciai2 Vilnius5568
Lazdynai14 Vilnius - Kaunas27
Lazdynėliai7 Vilnius - Kazokiskiu km.1
Lentvaris19 Vilnius and Anyksciai3
Maisiagala3 Vilnius and Pasvalys2
Mickunai2 Vilnius center37
Migunai1 Vilnius, Naujininkai11
Naujamiestis51 Vilnius, Pašilaičiai14
Naujaneriai1 Vilnius, Šnipiškių rajonas9
Naujininkai 9 Vilnius-Kėdainiai1
Naujoji Vilnia22 Vilnius-Kupiškis1
Nemencine13 Vilnius-Lazdynai5
Ozkiniai4 Vilnius-Ukmerge1
Pabradė3 Virsuliskes11
Pagiriai7 visaginas1
Paneriai7 Visoriai8
Pasilaiciai40 Žemieji paneriai2
Pavilnys11 Žirmūnai60
Perkunkiemis5 Zujunai6
Pilaite23 Zverynas20
Info about Vilnius, Lithuania
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Last postings about Vilnius Lithuania from other users
indre wrote:

old-town Vilnius, the Center of Europe Park, etc.

newsistema wrote:

Âåñåëî è êóëüòóðíî ïðîâåñòè ñâîáîäíîå âðåìÿ

marylja wrote:

u can find everything from a touching baroque style oldtown that most lithuanians are very proud about and visitors fall in love with. but u can also find some dodgy living neighborhoods that have a soviet smell :) Close to oldtown there is a neighborhood called Uzupis where you can feel the freedom of arts and artists and where you can have the best views over all Vilnius!! The nature of Lithuania is very beautiful at summertime and is really winterry at winter:)

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