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I love traveling, but for now feel like i have done enoug...
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Cities in Rīgas, Latvia
City: # City: #
Ādaži30 Mālpils9
Āgenskalns53 Mangaļsala2
Babīte13 Mārupe60
Baldone6 Mežaparks7
Baloži23 Mežciems6
Baltezers5 Olaine37
Bergi4 Pētersala3
Birini1 Piņķi17
Bolderāja11 Plakanciems2
Carnikava22 Pļavnieki15
centrs190 Purvciems41
Čiekurkalns2 R1
Daugmale3 Ragana5
Dreiliņi5 Rīga4318
Dzidriņas3 Rīga (Bišumuiža)1
dzirciems3 Ropaži2
Gaismas1 Salaspils91
Garkalne12 Sarkandaugava11
Iļģuciems37 Saulkalne2
Imanta34 Saulkrasti21
Inčukalns9 Saurieši3
Jāņupe3 Sēja district2
Jaunciems2 Sigulda90
Jaunmarupe12 Skulte3
Jaunolaine1 Spuņciems3
Jaunskulte1 Teika19
Jugla12 Uha1
Jūrmala168 Ulbroka14
Jūrmala Dubulti2 Upesciems8
Katlakalns2 Upeslejas3
Ķekava28 Valdlauči9
Ķengarags35 Vangaži7
Ķengrags10 Vecāķi1
Ķīpsala5 Vecmilgrāvis3
Krasta masivs6 Zaķumuiža3
Krimuldas novads1 Ziedonis2
Langstini1 Ziepniekkalns24
Lici4 Zolitūde14
Lilaste - Via Baltica3 Zvejniekciems4
Info about Rīgas, Latvia
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Miiljie hc Latvija darbonji!

Noteikti esat pamaniijushi, ka Riiga kljuust par Eiropieshu (un ne tikai) iemiiljotu tuurisma pilseetu, par ko man patiess prieks! Arii HospitalityClub kustiiba iet plashumaa un muusu kljuust arvien vairaak un kas nav mazsvariigi - kljuustam arvien draudziigaaki un miiljaaki! ;)

Taa arii naakamaas nedeeljas otrdienaa 23.augustaa plkst 21:00 visiem zinaamajaa "Pulkvedim neviens neraksta" notiks HC biedru tikshanaas! Daliibu pieteikushi daudzi biedri no Itaalijas, ASV, Ukrainas un Lietuvas; laika gaitaa noteikti pievienosies arii citu valstu paarstaavji.
Daudzi no mums jau ir personiigi paziistami, bet mees ljoti gaidiisim arii tos Riigas (un ne tikai) biedrus, kas nav paraadiijushies plashaakai publikai! ;))
Diskusija par mineeto tikshanos atrodama HC forumaa: action=DisplayMessage&StartMessageId=23132 turpat arii luugums iemest kaadu zinju par ierashanos, lai buutu kaada nojausma par aptuveno daliibnieku skaitu.

Njemiet liidzi radus draugus un maajdziivniekus un let`s jump around! ;-)))

Ar prieku atbildeeshu uz jautaajumiem un paliidzeeshu kaa vien speeshu, ja vien man uzzvaniisiet -> +371 9248853! ;-)

Ar dziljaako cienju un uz tikshanos,
Dana / msnice /

Dear guests of Latvia and Riga!

I`m happy to invite you all to the HC member meeting on 23rd August 9pm in club called Pulkvedis (in the old town). More detailed information in the HC Forum action=DisplayMessage&StartMessageId=23132
or you can always write me or call me (all the info in my profile!)
Looking forward to meeting you there,
Dana / msnice /

Riga is huge, diverse and different. its also rather poor and dirty city but you'll see most of freaks are intelligent and emotionally deep people. undeground is also going strong and there's a lot of talent within, as opossite to mainstream "art" which is a lot like everywhere else. and its almost like here the electronic musik is not mainstream yet so you can happen to find yourself at illegal rave in some deserted factory if you come over. Appart from theunderground art, we also enjoy our opera, theathers and calsical music concerts.Here are some nice museums to visit, but the biggest museum is the city itself- with its beautifull Liberty Art arhitecture, mixed with novday "monsters"!

Top Things to See and Do
With Europe approaching fast, Riga is still dirty and open spot inbetween east and west. Our central station is fast growing, important trafic point, used as an entrance from/to East Europe and while traveling around Latvia. Old Riga is being restored and cleaned up as well, as it is filled with nice restourants, crazy pubs, clubs and shops. Still, for an explorer and someone looking for adventures and unusual sights and happenings, this is the place.Go straight out of center, any direction and see how diverse and deep this big smoke, grey sky city can be!

Neighbor regions/States: If you want to find bus/train shedule around Latvi, look under Vilcienu(train) saraksts or Autobusu(bus) saraksts)
Bus shedule at
Train shedule at

Who is coming? Hello I am thundercat (HC nickname) or hector or flaco-skinny (that's my real life nickname) a guy from Mexico interested in bodysurfing, beach volleyball, throwing parties, and fighting with police when drunk (no just kidding) any way it would be cool to hear from some dudes and girls to party, have dinner or just a cup of coffe around and if you are a beach beast well much better.

Want more guests! freaks wanted! try if i'm around

Hospitality Club Meetings
If you would like to invite other members to an activity or meeting, add the info here. You can use the Travel Guide for more detailed info.

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Last postings about Rīgas Latvia from other users
visumnieks wrote:

Motor museum

daiguce wrote:

Old Town is a "must see" in Riga

elviveta wrote:

nightlife old Riga

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