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Cities in Morogoro, Tanzania
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Bwawani1 morogoro municipal7
Morogoro21 Tabora1
Info about Morogoro, Tanzania
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Morogoro is one of the 26 regions in Tanzania and it is located roughly in the centre of the Country. Its geographical position makes it naturally perfect tourist destination. As a starter this is region where the famous Mikumi National Park is situated. Mikumi National Park is one of the leading tourist attractions in the Country. It does have a wide range of wildlife such as Lions, Buffaloes, Zebras, Girrafes, Hippos, Hyenas, Antilopes and many beautiful Birds. So visiting the Mikumi National parks gives a tourists an opportunity to watch the animals in their natural habitat. A visit to Morogoro also gives a chance to tourists whose favourite pastime is making adventure in climbing hills and Mountains. Morogoro has the tropical wheather, the wheather which which is a little bit unfriendly to those whose most of their lives have been in places like Europe and America. So taking time going up the mountains like Uluguru is giving yourself a chance of experiencing the kind of wheather which is slightly like that o Europe. In other words the Uluguru Mountains would make you experience your back home wheather (if you are from Europe and America) when you are actually tropical country. For those whose touring is not complete until they meet and see the native people doing their daily activities, then Morogoro is the right place to be. In Morogoro there are severallocal tribes like Luguru, Pogoro, Ndamba and Other guest tribes from other region. There are Maasai tribe as well. The Maasai tribe which has vastly dominated the Northern part of the Country, it is also largely populated in Morogoro. The Maasai Culture and traditions have always moved people from various parts of the world to visit them, since their ways of living is almost unchanged, though the culture and traditions of other tribes around them have undergone some changes greatly. So even people of other tribes in Tanzania viewed them with an interet look.

Top Things to See and Do
Uluguru traditions,water falls and mountains as well as visiting maasai villages.

Neighbor regions: Dar es salaam, Tanga, Dodoma and Iringa.

TANZANIA GROUP CULTURE CAMP Tanzania Group Culture Camp is an Organisation based in Morogoro Region in Tanzania. The Organisation comprises Ten(10) people whose aim is providing the tourists visiting Morogoro with the servises regarding tourism in General. The group leaders are Arif O. Awadh, Chrisworny C. Msongamwanja, Abubakar Omar and Abubakari Kindemba and Other six members, include four ladies and two mens. The orgaisation provides the tourists with a nice accomodation in our camp situated on the hills in the outskirts of town. While in the camp, the tourists have an opportunity to taste some of the African cuisine. The camp organisation does the job of ensuring the tourists to reach any attractive destination in Morogoro. Tanzania Group Culture Camp arranges the transport to and from any tourist destinations in Morogoro and even to destination outside Morogoro. Some of the best destinations include the Mikumi National Park, Uluguri Mountains and others .

Want more guests! chrisworny and abushariff.

Hospitality Club Meetings
Any member in the world are free to join tanzania group culture camp.

Edited by: abushariff on 28.04.2005
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