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Cities in Tartumaa, Estonia
City: # City: #
Alatskivi vald3 rõngu vald1
Elva28 Soosilla2
Elva/Tartu37 Tähtvere vald4
Haaslava vald1 Tartu1484
Kaagvere, Mäksa vald1 Tartu / Põltsamaa1
Käärdi1 Tartu / Türi2
Kambja vald4 Tartu /Tallinn70
Konguta1 Tartu vald12
Lähte4 Tartu&Rapla1
Luunja vald8 Tartu/Paide3
Meeksi vald1 Tartu/Viljandi4
Melliste1 Tartumaa16
Nõo9 Tõravere4
Nõo vald,Vissi küla2 Tõrvandi4
Nõo, Luke k1 Ülenurme14
Puhja vald4 Ülenurme vald5
Roiu1 Vara vald5
Rõngu2 Võnnu vald2
Info about Tartumaa, Estonia
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Write an intro paragraph about this State/region. Why should members come? What can they expect, travel wise and Hospitality Club wise? Tourist site for Tartu and Tartu County in 9 languages
Last postings about Tartumaa Estonia from other users
meelis wrote:

not exactly google ads --> but table tennis in old pot factory, picnic by riverside, botanical gardens or kissing hill, abandonded meat factory, graffti wall, former soviet military airfield, piusa caves, taevaskoja riverbank, island islandland as a special treat for a special guest, local trash fields, electrostation ogrodnik, 24H snowboarding waterjump, haunted hause in mother river grand swamp's niemandsland, lake peipus and border island ( & so on + i'm ever lookin for da special freaque who'd climb the old TV tower with me..

see wrote:

jebus people, it's Tartu!

tulbisibul wrote:

nice old town, beautiful countryside, wild nature, different festivals

ocku wrote:

museums, nature conservation areas

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