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I´m a simple guy who likes to meet new people and visit ...
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Cities in Paraná, Brazil
City: # City: #
Almirante Tamandaré1 Lupionópolis1
Altônia2 Mamborê2
Ampére1 Marechal Cândido Rondon8
Andirá2 Marialva1
Apucarana8 Maringá108
Arapongas2 Matinhos8
Araucaria3 Medianeira6
Assis Chateaubriand4 não há na lista6
Astorga1 Nova Santa Barbara1
Bela Vista do Paraíso2 Palmas3
Bituruna1 Palmital2
brasil1 Palotina1
campina da lagoa2 Paranagua8
Campina Grande do Sul2 Paranavai4
Campo Largo3 Pato Branco5
Campo Mourão10 Pinhais6
Cascavel49 Pinhão2
Castro3 Piraquara4
Cianorte4 Ponta Grossa38
Colombo5 Pontal do Paraná6
Cornelio Procopio2 Quedas do Iguaçu1
Curitiba987 Realeza1
Dois Vizinhos1 Rio Negro2
Engenheiro Beltrão2 Rolândia5
Entre Rios do Oeste1 Roncador1
Fazenda Rio Grande 3 Santo Antônio da Platina6
Foz do Iguaçu103 São João1
Francisco Beltrão13 São José dos Pinhais19
Goioere2 São Mateus do Sul3
Guaira1 São Miguel do Iguaçu3
Guarapuava24 Tamarana1
guaratuba10 Telemaco Borba3
Ibiporã1 Tibagi1
Ipiranga1 Toledo18
Irati2 Ubiratã3
Ivaiporã2 Umuarama6
Laranjeiras do Sul3 uniao da vitoria2
Loanda1 Wenceslau Braz3
Info about Paraná, Brazil
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Located at the south Region of Brasil, Parana is neighbor of Argentina, Paraguay, The Atlantic Ocean, Sao Paulo State and Santa Catarina State. It has a population of 10.261.856 inhabitants (2004) amd am area of 199.314 Km2

Top Things to See and Do
Curitiba the capital, and the most ecological city in Brazil, with lots of parks, museums and European inmigrants. Isla do Mel a beautiful hot spot to relax and take a sun bath or a cold bath in their lovely beaches. Iguacu FallsThe most famous Brazilian waterfalls are located here, in the boundary with Argentina and Paraguay.

Neighbor regions/States: Located at the south Region of Brasil, Parana is neighbor of Argentina, Paraguay, The Atlantic Ocean, Sao Paulo State and Santa Catarina State.

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Last postings about Paraná Brazil from other users
tatia wrote:

Wonderful tourist points and much diversion. Sleeping bag for strolls in beaches and others.

evelise wrote:

To see the tourist places, to go out at night, to take a tren until the coast, to go to the Honey Island (two hours by bus), and so on.

diuly wrote:

Curitiba is the ecological capital of Brazil. There are many Parks and Gardens to be visited: Bothanical Garden, Barigüi Park and specially for modern architecture fans-Museu Oscar Niemeyer and others.

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