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Cities in Coast, Kenya
City: # City: #
Diani Beach2 Mombasa81
kilifi3 Voi1
Info about Coast, Kenya
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Write an intro paragraph about this State/region. Why should members come? What can they expect, travel wise and Hospitality Club wise? The coastal town of Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, with a population of half a million. Located in the South-Eastern part of Kenya, it plays an important role in the country’s economy, not only for its imports and exports through its port-which is the largest in East Africa, but also as a destination for tourists visiting Kenya. Mombasa undoubtedly has one of the best white sandy beaches and coral reefs that Africa has to offer. Coupled with an array of hotels on the beachfront situated along the North and South coasts of the town, it characterizes Mombasa as the ideal place for a vacation. This is why Mombasa is a major tourist destination, and the tourism industry the number one earner of foreign exchange in the country. A stretch of beach on the North Coast. A side view of Fort Jesus Apart from the beautiful beaches, another unique aspect of this wonderful town is its rich history. The “Old Town” is reminiscent of the days when the Portuguese used to rule Mombasa, and you can experience the history even today in the structures that still stand, such as the Fort Jesus. The town is heavily influenced by Arabic culture, and is more observable here than in other parts of the town. Another factor that draws tourists from Mombasa, not only internationally but also from other areas within Kenya such as the capital Nairobi, is the exciting nightlife. There are many nightclubs situated along the North and South Coasts of the town, all of which have different themes that cater to different crowds. Many hotels also have their own entertainment events, which are very appealing to those wishing to have a relatively mellow evening. Tourists bargaining with local vendors The famous "Mombasa tusks" located in the city centre. In the heart of the town is where most hospitals, businesses, banks, shops and markets are situated. Hence almost all services such as health advice, financial services, or any kind of shopping, are all provided for in the city. Being a small town, Mombasa does not have a subway system. However one can easily get around using the local bus service; or for a “truly Kenyan experience” a ride in a “Matatu”- which is quite a unique adventure. The town offers a host of quality restaurants offering a wide range of foods, ranging from British, Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisine, to a variety of local and traditional dishes. Being a colonial country before independence, Mombasa has a kaleidoscope of different cultures and languages. The most common language spoken is Swahili, followed by English. However, being a town that thrives on tourism, finding someone who speaks German, French, Dutch or any other language is not much of a problem Introduction
Write an intro paragraph about this State/region. Why should members come? What can they expect, travel wise and Hospitality Club wise? Kenyans are exceptionally multi-lingual speaking kiswahili, luo, hindi, english, french . . . English maybe their 3rd language! get your mobile phone unlocked/free to roam. sim cards are 100ks, top up cards from 50ks There is no public transport from Mombasa airport, arranging to be picked up would be welcoming otherwise pay 1000ks (expensive) for kenatco taxi to Mombasa town. From Posta, matatus go everywhere else for 20ks. (big difference) scuba diving is glorious at kisite marine park and cheap $35 for recreational dive (5m-7m) can happily snorkel Mombasa weather is hot from sunrise to sunset. Sea temperature very warm. air conditioning is a luxury. Mombasan food is wonderful, loads of variety and cheap. Best value real coffee is mombasa coffee house. Best value foreign exchange is coast forex in town Philip Olero works for kenya airways, and was very helpful. He organised Maxwell Ohiambo to meet me when he couldn't. Neither of them communicated this to me - thus i turned maxwell down as i misunderstood what was going on.

Top Things to See and Do
Please just make a simple list separated by commas here - more info in the Travel Guide. Gorgeous avocado/passionfruit juices Mombasa Coffee House Mombasa & Nyali shopping mall/centres Diani ferry (free if foot passenger) Wasini Island/Kisite Marine Park snorkelling Ali Barbour coral Restaurant Diani Bamburi and Diani Beach (north) Shimba Waterfalls 16 hour train to Nairobi avoids the potholes, 1000ks for 2nd class seat only (bring own sleeping bag and food)

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Last postings about Coast Kenya from other users
maxwellvincent wrote:

Fort jesus ,Bamburi nature trail,national parks such as tsavo natinal park,haller park,Ngomongo village which represents different cultural lifestyles in the country.Also coast beaches(Bamburi beach,Diani beach).

safaris wrote:

Historical town,Exciting night life , excursions and short safari trips to various National parks and marine parks, snorkelling and many more

maamiry wrote:

You can go on a tour to the Game Parks or just visit several historical sights in and around Mombasa.

karibuni wrote:

Historical sites and beaches.

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